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  1. Multishot doesn't influence the behaviour of each individual beam. You get bigger DoT numbers when more beams touch, and Multishot simply spawns more beams. The "double dipping" comes from the fact that: Multiple beams hitting at once increases DoT damage accordingly. Multiple beams hitting at once increases Status Chance accordingly; e.g. a Kuva Nukor with exactly 2.0 multishot will have precisely a 100% Status Chance assuming both beams hit. (And when I say precisely, I mean precisely. Each tick of damage will proc exactly once. You will never proc zero times, and you wil
  2. So it has no relation to the "multishot directly increases DoT damage per proc" claim, then. Gotcha. We've been through this (in the page that got deleted). Phage's added beams from +multishot don't overlap. When you're shooting with "a single beam of the phage" and get the same results regardless of multishot, it's because you're literally hitting with one (1) (uno) beam no matter how much multishot you add. Your Phage could have 100 beams, but if 99 of them miss, then of course it's going to behave as if a single beam is dealing damage. Because that's quite literally what's happ
  3. This is an excellent demonstration of procs stacking infinitely versus Warframes, but I don't see how this is relevant to (let alone evidence against) my "Multishot increases DoT damage per proc" claim in any way. I was literally still able to verify my above test (i.e. tapfire vs Tech, with and without multishot) on the Feyarch specters 😂 Oooh, using Gas is a great idea, thanks! I tested it on the Feyarch specter and saw that its tick damage stacks infinitely versus Warframes. Which is hilarious, but still unrelated to my claim. I replicated my tapfire-vs-Tech test (and di
  4. As with our previous pagelong bickering session that got deleted by a moderator-- I literally showed test results verifying this claim of mine. The full methodology is included, and you are free to replicate the test yourself at any time. Genuinely curious: Do you still think that I'm lying about what my testing showed? I'm gonna be totally honest with you: I don't fully understand what you're trying to say here.
  5. - Phantasma w/ Vicious Spread, purely for spreading statuses on a crowd - Tombfinger secondary - Orthos Prime (for most of my actual damage)
  6. I ran a really, really rough test a few hours ago (using a mostly-unmodded Phantasma with some toxin damage and status chance, with and without multishot, and then aggressively spraying a Kyta Raknoid point-blank with it) and got kinda similar results. With Hell's Chamber and Vigilante Armaments, I was getting toxin proc ticks of ~450 damage with ~140 procs active. With the same build minus all of the status mods, I was getting toxin proc ticks of ~85 damage with ~60 procs active. (SOMEWHERE AROUND THERE. I don't remember the actual numbers; this is a very rough ballpark.) In any case, if
  7. I think your calculations might be messing up because having more than 10 DoT procs active at the same time causes additional tick numbers to start to merge. You'll get more consistent results if you keep the number of active DoT procs below 10. holy crap i suck at reading lol Getting multiple perfectly-simultaneous DoT procs with >100% Status Chance will merge their numbers together as well. Like, if an Electric proc deals 20 damage per tick, then scoring three simultaneous Electric procs will produce a single DoT dealing 60 damage per tick. Maybe try tap-firing the weapon and deal
  8. Wukong and Wukong. (Or, should I say, Wukong+Wukong and Wukong+Wukong.) Mostly because I use melee for 99% of my damage. And WuClone can passively cover entire crowds in Heat+Magnetic+Viral+Radiation procs with a status-built Kuva Nukor, while I use melee for 99% of my damage. Absolutely god-tier damage against anything that isn't Status-immune, seemingly regardless of level or Steel Path modifiers Crowd control for days (Kuva Nukor radiation procs) Energy for days (by sheer virtue of hardly using any) Healing for days Bulky enough to take a few hits in Steel
  9. Oooh, I like this explanation! It makes a lot more sense when you think of the Veil as a literal, physical "veil" of thin, wispy gases colliding into each other. And most importantly, as you said-- since it was literally the name for Veil Proxima during the tennocon demo, it's probably canon. For those curious, here's a diagram of the heliosphere from wikipedia, where the Sun's constant outward stream of solar wind is kind of colliding with interstellar gases as we orbit the center of our galaxy: Okay, this quote is hella important-- this Cephalon fragment refe
  10. Oh, I know about the Albrecht lore entries; I mentioned them in a comment above XD Up till I read @TARINunit9's comment, my impression was that Albrecht's experiment was for using void magic to propel humanity through space at incredibly high speeds (where "realspace" and "void space" occupy the same physical space in separate planes of existence). But given what Railjack loading screens look like, yeah, it definitely makes more sense for the Void to be a dimension that humans/sentients use for rapidly "wormholing" across extreme distances, whereas simply flying through space the normal
  11. Oooh, interesting! I thought that interstellar travel had basically been solved at this point in the game's story, but it was only external inconveniences that prevented travel between the two stars. Namely, Sentients (and the lack of a habitable planet) being very hostile to humans, and the Void being very hostile to sentient genitalia.
  12. Maybe it's both? idk XD I don't remember how much the game explains about it, but I was under the impression that the Veil was a physical location that the Sentients had to pass through to travel between the two star systems. But I'm sure the void also exists "within" the solar system as a separate dimension, since the moon was hidden inside it and all. And since Albrecht Entrati was already able to enter the void before long-distance space travel had been invented by humans. Like, if our plane of existence (i.e. our regular world + our regular laws of physics) were called Dim
  13. If the Void surrounds the solar system (i.e. you can't travel between the solar system and any surrounding stars without passing through the void), then I'm assuming that Veil Proxima is just the region surrounding the solar system before one reaches the void. Like, maybe it's called Veil Proxima because it's in close proximity with the void (the "veil" that surrounds us). Crappy diagram of my thinking: I very, VERY strongly doubt that it has anything to do with the Veil Nebula. The Veil Nebula is 2400 lightyears away from us. On the other hand, the Tau system in rea
  14. Yeah, you're definitely misunderstanding. Please read what I'm saying. I didn't say that multishot affects individual beam damage. I'm saying that it affects both the chances of procs happening, and the damage of each proc if applicable (hence, double-dipping). The fact that most beam shotguns get to tick 12 times per second on top of their already-broken status mechanics is another topic entirely 😂 Oh thank you, never would've known. But seriously, all beam weapons function identically when multishot gets involved. The only difference is that Phage/Phantasma/Convectrix/
  15. I feel like there's a misunderstanding-- I was saying that the damage of damaging procs effectively double-dips on multishot. Like, let's consider a hypothetical beam shotgun with pure Toxin damage: Multishot: 5.0 Beam damage: 10 per tick (50 per tick when all five beams touch) Status chance: 20%/beam Toxic proc damage for 1 beam: 4 per tick and a statistically identical pellet shotgun: Multishot: 5.0 Pellet damage: 10 per tick (5 ticks of 10 damage when all five pellets hit) Status chance: 20%/pellet Toxic proc damage for 1 pellet: 4 per tick
  16. So I just tested in the simulacrum, and... holy crap. You're right. It seems that the damage per tick still "merges" into a single number when multiple beams deal damage, BUT the status chance for this tick is simply increased by the number of beams touching. So any damage-based status proc (Slash, Toxin, etc) effectively double-dips into multishot in terms of effectiveness-- because not only is it proccing way more often, but its damage per proc directly scales from multishot as well. I have absolutely no bloody clue how this slipped under my radar. Do you happen to have a li
  17. That's not really saying much. For comparison, the Convectrix (45% SC per tick, 12 ticks per second) has an effective status/second of 540%. Phage has a dreadful status proc rate (and kinda crappy stats in general) compared to many other beam weapons. The reason it's so powerful is because Corrosive+Viral is just that insane of a combo, which most weapons don't have access to. Wee bit of an exaggeration, no? With every single Status mod equipped (including a perfect riven), the Phantasma can get a ~139% SC per tick, with 22 ticks (11 ammo) in the magazine. So, about 31 procs
  18. As someone who subsumed Xata's Whisper and uses it unironically in like 90% of my gameplay these days... thank you for this. This is a godsend. Minor nitpick: Any chance that Void Status bubbles can be affected by the weapon's energy colour, similar to other status effects?
  19. I just popped into the simulacrum again, and yeah, the combo multipliers were getting completely neutralized this time, matching what your screenshots show. No idea what the hell was going on last time I tested this 😂 But yeah, interestingly: vs Jugulus: The "Lasting Purity" mod (x1.6 final damage to all shots while zoomed in) was applying its full bonus. (But I recall it being reduced when I tested it against Jugulus last week.) vs Demolisher Thrasher: Lasting Purity's bonus was reduced. vs Jugulus: Casting Roar (x1.5 final damage with my build) increases the final damage
  20. According to the wiki (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Deimos_Jugulus), the DPS that a single weapon can do to them isn't capped per se, but it's more that they have a final-damage-reduction multiplier that scales based on the theoretical DPS of the weapon that's hitting them (before crits, but apparently including crits on DoT damage). It shows this formula... ... but unfortunately doesn't link any kind of source, so I can't tell whether it's perfectly accurate or not. From a bit of testing ingame, though, it certainly feels like a good approximation at least. This isn't
  21. The riven rerolling UI shows what the stats will look like at max rank. Make sure you've actually maxed out the riven mod, like you would with any other mod.
  22. https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/ has always been a godsend for me when trying to keep the same sensitivity between different games.
  23. He just copy-pasted it from the wiki. Someone listed a few weapons that TR doesn't work with, but the list definitely doesn't explain why TR is incompatible with certain guns in the first place (i.e. whether it's a bug or an intentional design choice by the devs). The list is neither complete nor official in any way. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Tactical_Reload I agree with the OP. Whether the current system is intentional or not, Tactical Reload should work with every primary weapon available, at least in PVE.
  24. Yeah, I've been playing solo pretty much exclusively. I have no idea how it behaves for clients XD By the way, DE apparently made some progress towards fixing the issue during yesterday's hotfix 29.0.5: I haven't had a chance to test out the changes, though, since I'm away from my computer for the next couple days. Hopefully it's better now 😄 EDIT: Upon actually testing ingame for a few hours, I have had precisely zero issues with Void Dash perma-breaking! The bug seems to be fixed. Thanks DE! ❤️❤️❤️
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