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  1. Maybe it's both? idk XD I don't remember how much the game explains about it, but I was under the impression that the Veil was a physical location that the Sentients had to pass through to travel between the two star systems. But I'm sure the void also exists "within" the solar system as a separate dimension, since the moon was hidden inside it and all. And since Albrecht Entrati was already able to enter the void before long-distance space travel had been invented by humans. Like, if our plane of existence (i.e. our regular world + our regular laws of physics) were called Dim
  2. If the Void surrounds the solar system (i.e. you can't travel between the solar system and any surrounding stars without passing through the void), then I'm assuming that Veil Proxima is just the region surrounding the solar system before one reaches the void. Like, maybe it's called Veil Proxima because it's in close proximity with the void (the "veil" that surrounds us). Crappy diagram of my thinking: I very, VERY strongly doubt that it has anything to do with the Veil Nebula. The Veil Nebula is 2400 lightyears away from us. On the other hand, the Tau system in rea
  3. Yeah, you're definitely misunderstanding. Please read what I'm saying. I didn't say that multishot affects individual beam damage. I'm saying that it affects both the chances of procs happening, and the damage of each proc if applicable (hence, double-dipping). The fact that most beam shotguns get to tick 12 times per second on top of their already-broken status mechanics is another topic entirely 😂 Oh thank you, never would've known. But seriously, all beam weapons function identically when multishot gets involved. The only difference is that Phage/Phantasma/Convectrix/
  4. I feel like there's a misunderstanding-- I was saying that the damage of damaging procs effectively double-dips on multishot. Like, let's consider a hypothetical beam shotgun with pure Toxin damage: Multishot: 5.0 Beam damage: 10 per tick (50 per tick when all five beams touch) Status chance: 20%/beam Toxic proc damage for 1 beam: 4 per tick and a statistically identical pellet shotgun: Multishot: 5.0 Pellet damage: 10 per tick (5 ticks of 10 damage when all five pellets hit) Status chance: 20%/pellet Toxic proc damage for 1 pellet: 4 per tick
  5. So I just tested in the simulacrum, and... holy crap. You're right. It seems that the damage per tick still "merges" into a single number when multiple beams deal damage, BUT the status chance for this tick is simply increased by the number of beams touching. So any damage-based status proc (Slash, Toxin, etc) effectively double-dips into multishot in terms of effectiveness-- because not only is it proccing way more often, but its damage per proc directly scales from multishot as well. I have absolutely no bloody clue how this slipped under my radar. Do you happen to have a li
  6. That's not really saying much. For comparison, the Convectrix (45% SC per tick, 12 ticks per second) has an effective status/second of 540%. Phage has a dreadful status proc rate (and kinda crappy stats in general) compared to many other beam weapons. The reason it's so powerful is because Corrosive+Viral is just that insane of a combo, which most weapons don't have access to. Wee bit of an exaggeration, no? With every single Status mod equipped (including a perfect riven), the Phantasma can get a ~139% SC per tick, with 22 ticks (11 ammo) in the magazine. So, about 31 procs
  7. As someone who subsumed Xata's Whisper and uses it unironically in like 90% of my gameplay these days... thank you for this. This is a godsend. Minor nitpick: Any chance that Void Status bubbles can be affected by the weapon's energy colour, similar to other status effects?
  8. While I'm in the Cambion Drift, Void Dashing with the Operator will suddenly break, and become permanently unusable until the player returns to base. (Attempting to VD will cause the operator to simply jump with reduced Void Mode gravity instead.) This seems to happen completely randomly and inconsistently-- if there's a telegraph, I'm apparently blind to it. Sometimes it breaks after five minutes in the Cambion Drift, and sometimes it doesn't break for an entire ~hour-long session. Additional behaviours with unknown causes that are somehow even more inconsistent: Shortly after VD b
  9. Whoa, this sounds amazing! Cataclysm's damage is now practically perfe--
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