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  1. Amen. The current "gunfire-button-for-melee" toggle just isn't cutting it, since attempting a Hold/"Tactical" combo will just fire the gun instead. The "quick melee" and "dedicated melee" modes should have separate keybinds, just like the olden days.
  2. As someone pointed out on the first page, Condition Overload now stacks ADDITIVELY WITH BASE DAMAGE (i.e. adds on top of Pressure Point rather than multiplying it). Regarding communication: I have mixed feelings. On one hand: y'all should've told us about this prior to the update. Your wording made it seem as though CO was still going to be multiplicative with other damage boosts, which I'm sure was deliberate. On the other hand: I kinda understand why you didn't tell us about this prior to the update. There would've been an insane amount of backlash considering that nobody had actually tried it out yet. Regarding ingame balance: Still mixed feelings. On one hand: CO builds are objectively much, much weaker than before. Pre-nerf CO was the only thing that made pure-status builds viable, but those are effectively no longer an option. Assuming you've only got Primed Pressure Point equipped and are hitting a target with 4 procs, your effective damage multiplier has gone from 17.4x (base * PPP * 1.64) to 7.45x (base * (PPP + 1.2*4)). That's a bat-crap crazy loss in damage. And if you're running a build that stacks base damage (e.g. rivens, Spoiled Strike, Chroma, etc), then this loss in damage only becomes even more extreme as CO is increasingly subject to diminishing returns. I mean, Chroma mains ought to be on suicide watch right now, yikes. Their melee damage just decreased by about an order of magnitude (again), and their frame doesn't exactly have much utility to make up for it. Ironically, crit builds (the meta for melee) are affected by this change the least, since they tend to have less base damage stacked up (i.e. CO can have more of an effect in comparison)! On the other hand: Pure-status builds got completely shat on, but so many weapons have had their base Crit+Status buffed that hybrid builds are easier to make than ever. Also, more importantly: Prior to the update, CO made some melee builds so powerful that there wasn't much reason to even think about using a gun. The gap between the two has dramatically decreased (which was obviously the intention of the nerf in the first place), and I mean this in a good way. It actually feels like there's a choice between melee and guns now... Pre-U26 meta builds like hybrid polearms are still powerful, but they no longer hopelessly outclass every ranged weapon. Overall... melee is more balanced now, but this came at the cost of build variety (with pure-Status builds being completely nonviable), and an indirect-but-harsh nerf to Chroma (with CO barely having any effect due to the extreme amounts of base damage). I think that CO should still be an overall damage multiplier, rather than a base damage boost. Tweak the numbers so that it's still balanced (e.g. "80% final damage per status, stacking up to 6 times" or something). The current formula makes pure-Status builds and Chroma unviable for melee, which is the opposite of the diversity that this update was striving towards.
  3. "ALIGN MELEE ATTACKS TO CAMERA" SETTING: I've been trying to bring this to your (DE's) attention for a while now, but unfortunately this wasn't addressed in the update. I play with this option disabled (as is standard in any "monster-hunting" type of game, e.g. Dark Souls / Monster Hunter / Dauntless / Vindictus). This worked fine with Melee 2.0 since most weapons/stances didn't have directional combos. However, now that every stance has its own "Forward" / "Forward Technique" attacks, the new melee style unfortunately doesn't support this option very well (i.e. all "forward" combos only activate when holding W, but not A,S,D). Could you give the "align melee attacks to camera" option a very quick review, so that it's properly compatible with Melee 3.0? The only change necessary is to let A,S,D activate the "forward" combos in addition to W when "align melee attacks to camera" is disabled. EDIT: Some general melee feedback: Finishers have been moved to Contextual Use (X) instead of Melee (E). OH MY GOD HOLY CRAP ^ literally me right now THANK YOU DE, AND GOD BLESS YOUR SOULS MAY THE GROUND YOU WALK QUAKE AS YOU PASS Some feedback about stances themselves: Some "Neutral" combos restrict movement too much, and should be switched with the "Forward" combos. When players use Neutral combos, it's often because they want to strafe left/right/backwards while attacking. However, most Neutral combos lock the player's legs, while the Forward combos will more-often let players WASD freely during the animation (despite W needing to be held to activate them). Some examples: - Iron Phoenix (Longsword) - Carving Mantis (dual swords) Simply switching the "Neutral" and "Forward" combos around would make the stances feel much more responsive to the player's inputs. Many "Neutral" combos restrict leg movement, but they often shouldn't have to. I get locking the legs when the character is twirling/flipping/kicking/etc, but there are moves where the legs look like they should be freely controllable, yet the player cannot WASD during the animation. This is especially bad for "Neutral" combos, i.e. the combos where the player is most likely to want to WASD while attacking. The most egregious example I can think of: - Swirling Tiger (dual swords); first attack of "Neutral" combo. (The worst part is, you used to be able to WASD during this move in Melee 2.0!) (potentially difficult to implement, but) Add option to opt-out of certain combos? I know there are players who are going to love most of a stance except for a certain clunky combo that gets in the way. I think it'd be cool if players had stance-specific options to completely disable certain combos, or otherwise tweak the controls of that stance. Perhaps add customization options (saved locally for each individual stance) to the "Melee Combos" window? e.g. If someone loves Iron Phoenix but hates its Neutral Combo (as I do), then allow that combo to be disabled entirely (such that the Forward combo is activated instead). Here's a quick UI mockup: EDIT2: Some feedback about specific stances: Shimmering Blight (Polearms) is AMAZING. For those who haven't used it: It's missing a Forward combo and Tactical combo. Its Neutral combo allows full WASD movement, and both its Neutral and Forward Tactical combos have nice, wide hitboxes. It's simple. It's effective. It's hella fun. I am not being sarcastic when I ask that y'all please do not touch this stance further (aside from maybe a fix for the first Neutral swing stepping to the right for some reason-- same applies for Bleeding Willow). That being said... Bleeding Willow (Polearms) feels like a strict downgrade to Shimmering Blight. Its Neutral combo is identical to Shimmering Blight's... but its Forward-Tactical combo, when compared to Shimmering Blight's, - has roughly the same speed - leaps roughly the same distance - has the same number of forced bleed procs (i.e. one) - does only a single hit on the first swing (albeit with a somewhat higher multiplier that doesn't quite make up for it), versus Shimmering Blight's many hits - has a somewhat narrow hitbox on the first swing (versus Shimmering Blight's 360-degree helicopter twirl) - does not inflict Lifted status, whereas Shimmering Blight does with no other significant advantage to back it up. I think it'd be great if Bleeding Willow's Forward Tactical combo, instead of being "mobile swing + a few stationary swings", was simply the last 3 swings of its pre-U26 "hold E" combo-- that is, three mobile swings in a row. Less power, more mobility-- just like before!
  4. This looks hella dope. Hot dang. The mobility from the Hold combo looks MUCH better than I was anticipating (i.e. much better than what Iron Staff has right now), and that base range looks satisfying to use! BUT: A couple of quick comments on certain topics: ALIGNING MELEE ATTACKS TO CAMERA DIRECTION: This wasn't mentioned at all in this thread. I play with this option disabled (as is standard in any "monster-hunting" type of game, e.g. Dark Souls / Monster Hunter / Dauntless / Vindictus), and it works fine since most weapons/stances don't have directional combos... but the current Iron Staff preview unfortunately doesn't support this style at all (i.e. all "forward" combos only activate when holding W, but not A,S,D). Are there plans to give the "align melee attacks to camera" option a quick review, so that it's properly compatible with Melee 3.0 (i.e. could y'all let A,S,D activate the "forward" combos in addition to W)? Or are players like myself kinda just SOL? BLOOD RUSH AND MAIMING STRIKE: I'm glad that the spin2win meta is being toned down, but I haven't seen any mention of the current multiplicative scaling between these two mods. Maiming Strike's +90% CC bonus is currently multiplied by Blood Rush, and that's why the MS+BR combo is so overpowered in the first place. If I'm interpreting this correctly and Maiming Strike is now multiplicative rather than additive (a la True Steel), then it sounds like Maiming Strike itself is being gutted, even though it's the MS+BR interaction that's the problem. Example: A fake melee weapon with 0% crit chance will currently have >535% crit chance at 3.0x combo if MS+BR are equipped. My solution: Let MS apply after BR, not before. This way, the same weapon will have a flat 90% crit chance, regardless of combo. Current plan: MS is multiplicative, so the same weapon has 0% crit chance, and MS is unusable on weapons with low base crit chance. <-- Not good. (I've been saying this repeatedly in numerous feedback threads for literally years, and I know I'm not the only one. Not seeing any mention of this here is a little bit disheartening, to say the least.)
  5. Me anticipating literally any Melee 3.0 information after more than a month of no devstreams:
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