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  1. Awesome changes to the Thralls and the Kuva Larvling! That Thralls now can drop the relics or some Kuva is welcome change. Also making Liches opt-in is really good. The increased speed for the Murmurs looks good, but I have to test it ingame to see how much faster it is. I love the addition of fusing two Kuva Weapons, if you manage to get a better elemental value roll. Guessing that applies only to Kuva Weapons that have the same element as a bonus. The change that Live Wire only shocks alerted enemies is nice as well. Almost failed a Spy because of that before this change. Thanks for the hotfix! ♥
  2. I started playing the update and I have some really important feedback. Please remove the ability to buy all the new Requiem Mods with one purchase of a bundle. Even if its >800 Platinum, that is a really bad decision in my opinion. The amount of work you need to get all Requiem mods is immens and a fast-skip for all that grind seems unfair to everyone that doesnt want to pay that price. The relic packs are kinda fine, because its only 4 relics and you still rely on RNG to get the exact mod you want, but if you can buy relic packs over and over that is a bit wrong as well. Requiem mods should feel like a lot of work, because they give you access to powerfull Kuva weapons and the bundle allows to skip that entire aquisition process. Ive been farming for a few hours now and I got only one mod and it might take me at least a week now to complete the entire collection. So please, please remove at least the mods from the bundle as soon as possible!
  3. Hey there! Thanks for this post. Im really happy to talk about Prime Vault Openings, because friends of mine and myself thought about that quite a bit. Here is some data and my thoughts on that topic. If I got anything wrong, please let me know so that I can fix that! - 9 Prime Frames have been vaulted, but never had a Vault Opening. - 8 Prime Frames have been vaulted and had an Opening. - Volt Prime was the latest new Frame that had a Opening on April 30, 2019 with Nova Prime on November 13, 2018 before that. These Frames had their Prime release March 24th, 2015 and December 16th, 2014! - Currently the next Frame on the "into-the-Vault"-list is Mirage, who had her Prime release December 12th, 2017. Which means a Frame stays in the game for ~2 years before being vaulted. - In order to not fall behind even further than ~4 years with new Prime Vault Openings (if they would stay at 3 per year) there has to be a "new old" Prime in every Opening and in one even two. Based on these information what would my ideal scenario look like: - Shorter time to wait and certainty: Reduce the time to wait until you can get what you want and reduce the amount of relics. A Prime Frame stays in the game for only half a year. A year after his Prime Access ended, he will get a Vault Opening. - Scheduled Vault Items: The Prime Vault will contain every item that has its yearly anniversary, but the relics are distributed differently. Every Prime Vault Pack has its own set of rotating mission nodes where you can farm the relics, except the newest pack which has its first anniversary. It will drop normally like Prime Vaults do currently. - "Just for Fun" Vaults: Maybe short seasonal Vault Openings for the start of Summer etc. that last only 2 weeks. These may not contain cosmetics and are tied to certain missions only. This way the maximum time you would need to wait for your favorite Prime/Accessoires to return be one year. Also the Prime Vault would not fall behind even more each year, because it is tied to the release of the Prime Frames. My biggest issue with my idea is that it may look a bit weird to offer multiple Vault Packs at once with increasing in number every year. I would be fine with that, but that is a topic we would need to discuss as a community. Thanks for reading!
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