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  1. Everything looking great! Hope it does not take so much time for console players 💜
  2. Vidar carcinox is the favorite for many. Some people say they use cryophon bc side gunners are meant to shot the fighters that are more close to the ship. Personally i use vidar carcinox, decent dmg output, no need of zekti polar coil, a very nice weapon imo.
  3. My post was before they announced it will go live first on pc... so i know.. shame.
  4. Status chance has changed in general, the SC u see in the arsenal stats are showin the status chance per very little projectile the shotgun fires. And about the corrosive, it has been kinda nerfed, so now u cannot easily strip armor from units
  5. We knew since the very beginning when they said 'early March' they really meant like 'end of March', but with all this thing of the covid19 i think they prob be launchin Scarlet Spear next month.
  6. So true, and I think that's a big problem for newer players, the lack of energy sources, while we only need to void dash, drop a pizza or wait for energize to proc, they prob only rely on energy siphon and its poor energy regen rate
  7. yea i know, anything is choosing indeed man, i know i know, something that for someone can be a choose, for other is a must, it's different for every person don't need ur overknowledge m8
  8. U can try a full squad w/ 4 Loot Detector, also have u tried all nodes? If yes, then i could be bugged.
  9. u have to if u want the mastery, u choose to not if u don't care about it.
  10. As other fellow players have already said, Mastery Test are meant to test ur skills about everything. The fact that u hate stealth mechanics doesn't mean the whole community does it as well. Personally I find stealth mechanics pretty useful bc of the sweet stealth kill bonus, that help to lvl up way more faster. I would say, watch some vids, get some gear, improve ur skills, practice it in Simaris sanctuary, git gud, and eventually it will get done. Good luck Tenno!
  11. Haha, first time i saw switch players in the forums, i had to read Twice their names bc i thought it was '(NSFW)PlayerName' lmao and i was like wait wut?
  12. Oh boi, here comes the 'Thank you' crew. Now only have to wait for that sweet double affinity weekend. Thx DE tho
  13. idk i'm not coder, but for example, before self-dmg removal, i remember DE said they couldn't make Cautious Shot compatible with all primaries bc it would break the code and was way too hard. It sounds similar for me.. idk why
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