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  1. Yeah, i know the difference between wf slots n' loadout slots, i said i'm dumb missing things but not extremely dumb haha thx tho
  2. Sorry for my english in advance.. Well, i did the mastery rank 30 test some days ago, then logged off for a couple of days. Today logged back, and went to check the rewards, font blessing: yup, 3x umbra forma: yup, riven slots: yup, orbiter decoration: yup, emote: yup, :truemaster: yup, but wait, where my +15 loadout slots? Nop, nowhere. I'm sometimes kinda dumb n' miss some things, and wanna know if this is the case, or any other fellow mr30 had this issue.. I hope at least anyone can reply lol
  3. There's a survival dark sector node on Ceres (Gabbi? iirc), u just can do 5 mins, extract and repeat, end mission creds are quite generous.
  4. It's not about misinformation, many of us already know that is more than obvious Plague Star is not coming back (as Acolytes, Raids, etc), we have learned to not trust blindly DE's word bc usually they do not end up doing what they said.
  5. Makes sense, u r right, bc I'm pretty sure DE doesn't intend to bring back Plague Star and the forma farming that was available barely once a year.. and bc this isn't an event it's just a shop.
  6. What I did, literally.. log in -> buy everything bc i already have lot of mother tokens -> log out
  7. I think the problem is that this is not an event, they just moved Plague Star rewards from a vendor to another and added some skins, that's all. While I agree it's nice that the shop is more accessible for newer/low lvl players, bc doesn't require 'decent' gear in order to complete asap a bounty (the Plague Star bounty i mean, compared to any Deimos bounties (despite some Deimos bounties that take a hell lot of time, like the 'recolect samples with a corpus tech' one)), this so called 'event' offers nothing to more advanced/vet players. Sadly I must say it's not an event, they just a
  8. Idk tbh, maybe u can check the wiki, there could be better info about how ore gaze works
  9. U are doing it the right way, probably the additional loot is so little that is barely noticeable.
  10. Ur companion only benefits from leeching affinity from other players kill, or any 'objective completed' affinity earned, as completing a vaults in a spy mission. That said, u can join a leveling squad with a nuke frame(fastest way imo), or do lvl30+ spy runs that takes about 6 runs(w/booster)
  11. I have reported this before and it wasn't fixed, so here I'm again. Mastery breakdown does not show mastery xp earned from regular and steel path missions for other players, unless they are in the same squad with us. I don't know about pc, but this bug has been around here on ps4 since Steel Path release and not fix yet.
  12. I don't know if u DE even read this threads bc i've already reported other bug and it hasn't been fixed, but in case u do, there's a bug that cause a total lost of functionality when casting Hall of Mirrors in Grendel Locator Parts missions. As I'm a console player that has not a PC and is reporting this from a phone, I cannot submit a video, but it's easy to replicate. Hope u read this DE.
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