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  1. I'm pretty sure someone must asked this before, well, here I go... - Do K-Drives give mastery? If yes... - Which 'part' give that points? I mean, board/reactor/nose/jet? (So, I don't have to try every possible combination ;-; ) Thank you for help this noob. 😃
  2. Bird Prime has arrived! Farming Intensifies
  3. Everything nice, but maybe, can Kuva amount earned be increased once a rotation is completed? (Like 50 kuva per tower in 0-20mins, then 100 kuva per tower in 20-40mins) Finally, WHEN VAUBAN DELUXE??? PLZ, I love Vauban. TY DE <3
  4. Good bye Train-Head Prime, my beloved Booben, my 2nd most used wf.
  5. One step closer to the end of Trials D: Anyways, love you DE
  6. Good to see this, but... Be sure what u copy and paste. Anyways, Thank you Tenno!
  7. I really enjoyed the stream, I laughed a lot. Can't wait for tomorrow's DevStream
  8. Thank you DE for all your amazing work, now lets the ghoul hunt begin! :D
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