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  1. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    (PC) Toggle Alternate Fire

    Buy another mouse? maybe..?
  2. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Missions of Judgment

    Like u, i really hope Trials get back soon. I dont feel theres a true challenging content in the game.
  3. I'll say no, once i did the same to a really toxic player, but some days later i found him in a pub mission. So, I guess nop.
  4. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Current Riven system is awful.

    Absolutely agree, but some ideas should be fine
  5. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Arca Plasmor Riven - roll or keep?

    Keep that roll, once u have farmed more kuva, try roll it again and maybe u can get better stats Idk if +punch through is worth in Plasmor, but hey, +dmg, +ms, +cc/cd would be better
  6. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Vampire anyone?

    And what happens if she's under sunlight?
  7. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Limbo Abilities

    Limbo isn't an all-purposes frame. He's more like CC. Not many players really enjoy him bc of that, bc Limbo is limited to mobile/defenses, rescue missions, maybe excavations. Maybe I would say only vet players main Limbo in every type missions, bc they can deal with all his set and mechanics.
  8. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Another.. New idea of a warframe

    DB fan?
  9. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Equipment Forma Count: Profile

    Why not just use filter 'Forma Count' in arsenal menu?
  10. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon


    Bird Prime has arrived! Farming Intensifies
  11. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Pvp conclave revival my experience and ideas

    Imo, Conclave should be retired, no rework, no rebalance, no nothing, just retired, it has a very low players base (just like Trials). (My beloved Raids ;-;)
  12. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Devstream 108 Overview

    Everything nice, but maybe, can Kuva amount earned be increased once a rotation is completed? (Like 50 kuva per tower in 0-20mins, then 100 kuva per tower in 20-40mins) Finally, WHEN VAUBAN DELUXE??? PLZ, I love Vauban. TY DE <3
  13. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon


    Good bye Train-Head Prime, my beloved Booben, my 2nd most used wf.
  14. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (+ Hotfixes)

    One step closer to the end of Trials D: Anyways, love you DE
  15. (PS4)p4p1Ch4lon

    Lanka riven for eidolons

    Riven 2 sounds better imo