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  1. Many persons will say 'it depends on ur playstyle', but trust me, Lesion is far better than pathocyst. Tried both, Pathocyst even with a nice build feels kinda slow (at least for me), and the maggots are meh. Lesion in the other hand, can melt lvl100+ enemies pretty quick, (using a 100% SC+Condition Overload build). That's my opinion 😄
  2. I think the easier way to scan the vapos dropships is in def (Jupiter, of course), I think it appear Once or Twice each 5 waves.
  3. Maybe u can use the rakta dark dagger, if I'm not wrong, its passive reduce the range of detection of enemies or something like it. It can help a little.
  4. how are we supposed to level up conclave standing if it is literally a dead game mode ??. I cannot find a single match. That's not fair. smh
  5. I mean, while HM was live in PC, there was players that used 'exploits' in order to get high scores, but as I readed in social media, some few of them didn't know it. Later DE cleared the leaderboard and temporary banned those players. The matter is, DE just mentioned 1 exploit, the Switch Loki one afaik, but there are more. That's why I'm asking if they can post a list of 'Things you CAN'T do' (as I said, I don't want to be banned for something I didn't know was wrong), or if they already did one, plz, link it. Thx.
  6. When Hostile Mergers goes live, can you guys post a list naming wich actions are legit and which ones aren't? plz. I wouldn't like be banned for doing something I didn't knew was wrong or not allowed to do. Thx
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