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  1. DE, this needs to be optional! Not just for the "asset", but for the use of syandanas All the fabrics on the back limits what we can fit to the back of each warframe. (aesthetically)
  2. Could we get an update on the new Melee system? Really want Revenant's Big Katana, but more important: Any news of this BEAST of a circle saw? It's closely taunting to see them with the weapon driving & grinding away on the plains at this point! 😄 Can hardly wait for the dev stream, best regards Kajikuro
  3. I love the new system, wonderful work DE for updating this waiting game to be more futureproof. By changing this system, you can easily implement new sett's of gear without it being hidden behind years of logging inn. Are we loosing prestige? I don't think the current system should be a sign of prestige. People could have done nothing else than logging inn and collecting the reward, that or build a macro to do it, I think our prestige in game should rather come from what we do in the game. Warframe is developing further and further, implementing new content and challenges. Something I see more prestigious than waiting for picking up something when I log inn. This is as fresh wind in our sails, I can’t wait to see what the future brings. :D
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