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  1. If only I could afford to travel to Germany... Congrats any Tenno that get to go, take pictures for me ;_;
  2. Want, so much want. Hopefully it looks good while mature too.
  3. My male sahasa just matured, I was feeling rather uninspired when I named him so... Here's 'YOUR MALE KUBROW' (yeah... I named him YOUR MALE KUBROW)
  4. I mostly agree, but Sanic now looks like he needs a bath. Yep, I named this Moist Nugget in her memory. Their names are what make them special :P
  5. Wow all these color changes Moist Nugget- Was: Is: Stale Nachos- Was: Is: Sanic Hegehog- Was: Is: RecliningWhale(no before pics)- Is:
  6. My newest Kubrow, he will probably get put in stasis and ignored (he is a huras). New update colors
  7. You know, I was almost named Brunhilda... I'm male by the way.
  8. Never forget. My Moist Nugget was part of the 501st, I named another kubrow in her honor.
  9. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/254099-the-kubrow-pics-megathread/page-25#entry3149807
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