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  1. I just rewatched his video and you're right he may not be the best example compared to the other two youtubers. I'll remove him as an example in the post, thx.
  2. Hello fellow Tenno, First let me summaries the situation: Warframe content creators (like: iFlynn or The Reaper Hunter) are leaving the game, because they either have no content to make videos about or no interest in the content that is being released. They need this content, because they need to make videos to keep their channel running. DE can't provide this content which is logical because you can cover and play content faster than DE can develop new content. So how do we solve this problem? Well, I found that comparing DE with these content creators may provide a solution: Both DE and the content creators have been working on the same thing for almost 7 years, that thing being making warframe content. Both of them need to make money from the content they put out. Because of the first point listed above it isn't weird that both DE and the content creators sometimes need a break. For the content creators this means playing other games. For DE this means trying new, different stuff to keep themselves interested in developing the game (think: Shawzin, FrameFighter or conservation). The difference however is that DE have had some success with these distractions for themselves. For example conservation/floofs or even fishing have been a success for warframe, with a bunch of people finding it enjoyable content. Warframe content creators however have not had this luxury (with their distraction being covering other games), because when they try making content for other games people will generally not watch it because they are only there for warframe content. So content creators want to avoid getting burned out on warframe by covering other games, but they can't because they can't sustain themselves if they do. And that brings me to a conclusion: If we want to keep waframe content creators to cover warframe we need to support them covering other games on their channels.
  3. Will we see nightwave season 2 before tennocon?
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