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  1. I play Warframe to play Warframe. I don't play Operators. I don't play Nechamechs. I don't play Railjack. I don't play Archwing. I don't play Kdrives. Operators are... DE forcing you to not play Warframe and use operators because they are the only things that deal damage for content they created called Eidolons. <-- not warframe. Nechamechs are... DE soon to force you into using them for content that will require them, and when available in every normal mission, will most likely be made stronger and irrelevant to ever use Warframes if they are available. Railjacks are... DE f
  2. The Ocucor latching tendrils cannot get headshots or proc heatshot buffs anymore, which was the only reason that the dps could get within 1/3 of a Kuva Nukor. The Kuva Nukor chains still hit heads which means it has 6x the damage of the Ocucor now. I like the quality of the Ocucor better, even if it isn't the best, it would be nice if this was fixed. Alternatively prevent Nukor chains from getting headshots and give Ocucor the latching headshots back and they would be similar in dps. The reason it is an issue is that you cannot activate arcane precision or pistoleer with la
  3. I also tested this and am pretty sure you were just using volt and his passive was getting in the way, as what was claimed, is not correct.
  4. It was ticking for around 200 damage (against shields) every second, I believe, and staggered you whenever in radius of about 4m. It also stagged below in the door beneath the waypoint. If you weren't careful it would stunlock kill you, which was actually funny to watch as 2 of the players disbelieved me and died lol. None of us had explosive or AoE weapons of any kind and I am pretty sure it was related to the Hyekka Master's fire patch breaking (though I did not see it happen there, that is the only possibility I can think of by process of elimination). I do not know how common this cou
  5. Anyways, for that last part, I don't care to explain the issues as an essay for every single frame in the game. Nobody has the attention span for that at DE, and frankly, neither do I, even if I wrote it. I suggested the most easy to do fixes for each frame that would fit them better into balance with other frames. I haven't even gotten to most of the frames that need nerfs yet.
  6. Hi again Scruffel. Anyways, Damage gate, Health gate, I meant them as the same thing. You seem to be an Atlas main and do pose some good points. Wouldn't it be nice though if he has invincible defense walls that could block pathing though? There are more obnoxious frames like Limbo, this buff would greatly help this frame stand out was my intention. I suppose the amount of walls could be reduced to 2 or 1 but that wasn't really the focal point. Petrify is expensive I will say that, but I half expected a universal loot ability (with augment through Helminth) to be expensive. It could be reduced
  7. Yea a conversation. The things I said were in irritation to people's common responses being unhelpful to the devs. It was more as a way to get people to consider options. I doubt you had bad intentions. Putting words in your mouth wasn't meant as a negative towards you, it was an exaggeration to explain why developers needs options and solutions as opposed to straight disagreement. That often results in the worst events because it gives devs the excuse to do nothing, (which btw is their favorite courses of action... I know because I am one lol). If they unify the mod system to abilities a
  8. just add an appearance toggle option that persists into the mission to prevent the ability visually changing the frame... Would be nice if you could do that with Mirage and Equinox as well, (with a fun bonus of letting Mirage choose sides and ignore light level, heh)
  9. Exponential or not, it increases and that concept is bad for any frame. Arcane Energize is a passive, you work for warframes, you work for arcanes. I Heavily Disagree. Great idea! Arcanes Energize is "meant to be a nice little bonus" that grant increased jump height after picking up energy orbs. Fantastic solution, you really have great ideas. Once again, I Heavily Disagree that you know how to balance this game. If you ever become a developer, you will know why making everything an exalted weapon is a solution. Saying something "isn't a real solution" is you taking the lazy way ou
  10. It is not nothing to have even a rank 0. Energize gives over a hundred energy plus the energy orb. Try playing without it and you'll see what he means. Trash is the consideration when something is better than another and there is no reason to use that thing, it may be good, but it is trash by comparison. I consider anything that requires Energize to be trash because frames that don't require energize are just better designed.
  11. Yep, Xaku requires energize to be good. Any frame that requires Energize to not be trash is a bad frame in my opinion. I don't really like Arcane Energize existing either. I would prefer if it did what the tooltip said and gave all allies 25 energy from energy orbs and you got nothing.
  12. If they expressed they are going to fix that, why does this matter? I personally don't like the 360 degree targeting angle and would prefer if it was only a frontal cone of 150 (not quite 180).
  13. Note: Passives should be the most important part of every Warframe as this is what makes them unique to who they are compared with other frames in nullifying scenario's. "EDIT -----------" before a section will signify where to scroll down to as this is continued. I would consider this Revision Update to be called "The Exalted Weapons" update. I am MR 29 and have played every warframe extensively except Inaros (because he doesn't do anything). Something to note first of all: If a Warframe is not good without Energize... it is bad. I believe to go along with the balance of improv
  14. Swap the 1 and 3 and buff the 1 to be a relevant damage buff, problem solved. Xata's Whisper has a decent enough duration that 75 cost wouldn't be an issue, where as The Lost need to be cheap for utility usage.
  15. Raids got dumped. Not a single bit of content in the game allowed CC after that, Eidolons just require damage, as they are stun immune. Bloodrush existing. Invention of frames with mass AoE damage began it though.
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