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  1. Orphix Venom, wow shocker... almost like I knew this would happen because I can predict how the devs think more reliably than their capacity to organize and decide on future content. This was the first operation in all of warframe I didn't participate in. I am likewise frustrated with DE not understanding how they are killing their own game regardless of how many times the community informs them of poor decisions. My "opinion" isn't just an opinion, I weigh facts, data, and experience as a developer (primarily from common sense) what is good or bad for the game in the future. "Good now" rarely
  2. I will clarify now why the beginning of it seems so opposite of where it ends from an argument perspective. I wanted this post to help the devs get a community perspective, which explains why I seemed so two-sided in the post. It was two arguments, for and against, merged to sound like one. I went and listed content that takes away from the core game because they are alternative content to the core. I didn't explicitly say any of it was bad (excluding archwing) for what it was. I even later said I enjoyed all the content in the game. The point was that majority of the content in the game
  3. I play Warframe to play Warframe. I don't play Operators. I don't play Nechamechs. I don't play Railjack. I don't play Archwing. I don't play Kdrives. I have used them for their purposes extensively and do appreciate the existance of some, but they are all islands that are not what I, or realistically, anyone gets on Warframe to play. Operators are... DE forcing you to not play Warframe and use operators because they are the only things that deal damage for content they created called Eidolons. <-- not warframe. Nechamechs are... DE soon to force you into using them for content th
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