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  1. The Beam Weapon category has quite a few issues with stats, balance, and glitches. This Topic suggests options for what to do and how the category could be better. Note: Some glitches or issues are not specific to only the Beam weapon category. Ammo Regeneration1 ,depending on the weapon, has often been an issue because they are based on a constant rate and reload speed mods only decrease delay. I propose that Regeneration times shown in the HUD like the 1.0 Reload should mean that as soon as the weapon stops firing, it will begin regenerating the Magazine Capacity over that duration. Currently, the Cycron Regenerates a set 40 ammo over 1 second after a 1 second delay to reload which is in reality 2 seconds total, but if you increase the Magazine Capacity, by double, the reload would take 3 seconds since it is confined to 40 ammo regeneration a second. Chaining Potential2 I think that all forms of Chain potential should be removed from all weapons and be added as Exilus mods. I propose two new mods, the first adds chain targets up +1 to +5 (base length of 2m to chain), and the second mod increases chain lengths by +2m to +8m. These two mods would be Beam weapon Exclusive and with the introduction of beam range increasing mods as Exilus, the player would have to choose between more beam range, more chain length, or more chain targets for the Exilus slot. The total combo would require 3 mod slots and limit options as a balance mechanic of it because there is only 1 Exilus slot. There should also be an equivalent set for Primary Beam weapons. This is the Kuva Nukor compared to Cycron, Atomos, and Nukor. The Kuva Nukor unequipped base damage is 21 without any Lich element bonus and 33 with a 57% Lich bonus. The Cycron special mechanic is Ammo Regeneration1. This is a unique passive and may be a reason for the gun to have weaker stats out of compensation. However, when comparing to the Kuva Nukor, it has significantly worse critical stats, status stats, no Chaining Potential2, and significantly less base damage/DPS. A Unique passive shouldn't make something worse in every single area. I propose the Cycron have its' multishot increased to 2 and status increased to 60% (multishot does not add more status to beam weapons anyways, so it is purely a damage bonus). I think returning it's magazine back to its' original 60 might be too much of a buff unless the unique passive is going to be ignored in relation to stats. The Atomos has Chaining Potential2 of 3 enemies with 7m length and a main beam range of 15m. Once again I think Chaining being mods would solve many disparity issues. However, since the Cycron already does the high status beam weapon type, I think the Atomos should have its' Critical Chance increased to 35% with a 2.7x multiplier, and have Status Chance reduced to 16%. The Regular Nukor does not possess Chaining, and if the Chain mods are decided not to be added, the Kuva Nukor should not gain chaining unless the base Nukor is given, based on theme of weapon. I understand Kuva weapons are supposed to have better stats in most every area, but chaining should not be part of that. Range increasing mods for beam weapons are not considered Exilus compatible, even though Projectile Flight Speed mods are, they have the same effect. This showed to me that Beam weapons were overlooked and I searched for more issues with the category... The Basmu also does not receive any beam weapon type mods, however Panthera does. Panthera has an alt fire, like the Basmu, and is a beam weapon which means it was overlooked. Since I know there is an issue with the category as a whole, I went through the trouble of figuring out issues and have created a list of options to solve the problems. Basmu Alt fire is a beam weapon with 9m of range (this feels terrible and I would suggest it be at least 15-20m). The Kuva Nukor which is the closest in stats to the Basmu alt fire is a great comparison. However, the Basmu has roughly 10-50% less damage (Lich bonus) and the 2 multishot at 30% status chance is similar to 60% vs 50% Status of Kuva Nukor. Though that may be "debatable" if better, its' Critical chance is 2% vs 7% and 4.8x multiplier vs 5.0x. All of that seems fine except that Kuva Nukor as 29m of range and 9m of chain distance to 4 enemies. While the Basmu has 9m of range and 7m of chain distance to 5 enemies. From much testing, I have come to find that 20-25m of initial beam range looks and feels like it should be the general standard. Primary Beam weapons should be roughly 30-50m depending on the shape of the weapon. Quanta being 50m makes sense based on the type of beam and shape of weapon. I think that Ruinous Extension (Secondary Beam Range Mod) should be +10m instead of +8, and Sinister Reach (Primary Beam Range Mod) should be +15 or +20 instead of +12. Combustion Beam should also have an equivalent for Secondary Beam weapons as well. I don't think a single person in all of Warframe would dislike it if Archguns were classed as primary weapons for modding. Two reasons: 1, your atmospheric loadout mirrors your space loadout and causes you to have to change it each time you want to use either or for a mission. 2, there are more primary mods for more customization, and they are better. Also... many warframe buffs do not apply to archguns because they only apply to weapons in your loadout. Take Volt's 1 augment of 100% added electric damage... it does absolutely nothing to archguns. There are many other warframe abilities that have that issue as well, not just the elemental augments. The Panthera Prime Alt fire should also have Fire Rate base increased to at least 10 as a beam weapon (remember old quanta) and reduce the damage to 30, a 50% increase in dps that will make it at least an option compared to the primary fire which is just better in every way. Fan Concept side note: Though I do not have any pictures for such a thing, I would like to propose a concept for a Beam Primary weapon(not an archgun). I just thought this would be an interesting concept. Passive: While held, movement speed reduced by 30%(Heavy weapon, lacking an antigrav mag). Infinite Ammo Max. Magazine controls Critical Chance, Status Chance, and Critical Multiplier. Will Regenerate Magazine while firing. Creates Twin Beams that lightly lock onto two enemies near the aim location similar to Larkspur's lock-on, or both on one if only a single enemy is present (would make it impossible to hit weakpoints on bosses). Without modding Fire Rate, the weapon would regenerate 5 Ammo a second while Firing 10 Ammo a second, creating a 5 ammo/second drain to the passive. Accuracy: 100.0 Critical Chance: 0-100% Critical Multiplier: 1.0-3.0x Fire Rate: 10.0 Magazine: 100 Ammo Max: INFINITE Multishot: 2.0 Noise: ALARMING Reload: 20.0 Status: 0-100% Trigger: HELD Beam Range: 40 Damage: 15 Total: 30
  2. Hydroid lost his finisher damage for true damage (and if you played with both versions), you would notice that nothing changed because they're the same thing. Hydroid replacing his trash 1 with anything is going to be fantastic.
  3. I'm scared of the limbo potential.... Ps: all of volt is signature, so if they don't know what to do, it goes to the worst ability according to meta. have you considered what to do about grendel?
  4. what pablo leaks and what actually makes it into the game are two different things friend
  5. "List of abilities that shouldn't be available." Khora's whipclaw, everything gara is glass..., smoke screen, landslide, sonar, elude, spectral scream (means either of his buff abilities are on the table), immolation, equinox?, snow globe, dread mirror, mach rush, feast?, thurible, balefire and haven (cost too much shields for normal frames), undertow, Inaros abilities are trash but probably whirlwind, quiver, limbo?, invisibility, shatter shield, hall of mirrors, fire walker, nidus can't give his 2,3,4 anyways - virulence, wormhole, mind control, hallowed ground, mallet, blaze turret (not artillery), enthrall, charge or iron skin, spores, offering, energy vampire, (example of how bad valkyr is, nothing but her 4 is special to her) but I guess swing line is out, vauban?, wisp motes and wil o wisp, celestial twin, tail wind. All of these are abilities that are class specific and wouldn't be able to be transferred. Equinox, Grendel, Limbo, Gara, and Khora are questionable due to being entirely specific to their class. With Equinox, I would think that her 3 of (a or both) forms would be likely. With Grendel, he would either need a rework, or to allow Feast on other frames as that is his only way to use said other abilities. With Limbo, I hate to say this with how cancer this could be, but the only option is his Banish (and I REALLY don't want to see any of limbo on other frames). With Gara, I have no clue because it's all glass, the only real thing it could actually be is shattered lash to give to other frames. With Khora, (I used her lash right when she came out because it scaled with rivens and combo and was purely busted) her 2 couldn't happen, her 1 couldn't happen because of it being the entirety of what Khora is about, and it would have to be Venari (Though having Venari on other frames seems nice and it doesn't make me think Khora as much as a Whipclaw buffing frame would destroy any semblance of balance).
  6. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Reflection That also doesn't work at all. Basmu doesn't have beam weapon mods to increase the horrendous 9m range. Beam weapon range increasing mods are not exilus like projectile flight speed mods. Melee does not possess exilus slots for mods like Reach and such. (personally I think Reach should be removed, Primed Reach should be changed into Primed Elemental
  7. However, the most balanced system is a combo per enemy for combo related things and combo related interactions would only apply based on unique enemy combo hits. Give every enemy combo for all weapons to multiply effects and damage against them. Universalize combo and whala.
  8. Yes, I was implying only heavy attacks "powerful strikes" would kill, this is the idea with removing any heavy attacking delay. Melee is and will always be slower, and that high damage over guns with melee, is because it has those multipliers after all. Though being able to cc and make enemies stunned and irrelevent for long periods of time is just more options with regular attacks. Heavy attacks could even be made to oneshot enemies over a certain combo tier, it wouldnt change very much except boss fights. Combo imo should be a constant degrade and how much it degrades increases the longer without increasing you go. Then combo duration would increase how long that takes to ramp up, and efficiency would change how much is lost, based on that, and removing losing combo on heavy attack and rely on those factors.
  9. I agree, all weapons should have combo counters. Snipers and melee only doesnt make any sense from a balance perspective. Melee scaling heavy attack damage makes sense, bloodrush and weeping should also only work on heavy attack and remove the secondary charge delay of heavy attacks. This makes heavy do the damage and normal hits apply all the status but not really to kill. Snipers only gaining combo on hit and losing on miss makes sense, but snipers have bad unaimed accuracy and shouldnt be disallowed to build combo unaimed. That system should apply to all other guns. However, all weapons could maintain the same combo that stacks up to 5x and just increase the melee stats accordingly. Of note to how melees work, all melee attacks should knockdown, lift, or move enemies around staggered. Melee should completely CC enemies on basic attacks since the damage wouldnt be that high. Then real damage would come from heavy attacks that consume the combo and are change based on stance for different effects. Removing charge time from heavy attacks and not making them slow is essential, but in tune with the combos would ensure hitting enemies around the place and killing them with powerful strikes. Side note: I havent played the steel path yet and am saying this now instead of around the melee update because what better time to make massive balance changes than after releasing a harder mode? I do wave 100 arbitration defense to level 1700 enemies often. I want variety and a reason to use things that dont have combo, snipers and melee... Or give everything combo.
  10. No plans to add endgame, despite the childish cries, means more content. No player that ever reaches the end is glad they got there because it means the game is done. Stop complaining like children that you didnt get the content you wanted. DE was kind enough to reassure the adult part of the community that the steel path isnt endgame. The devs arent stupid like this topic suggests they are. A better question is why does this thread exist? Also because of the shaming policy, I have not listed names. This topic would be better locked...
  11. You physically have to lose towers to get enough reactant before the rotation completes in a Lith void fissure.
  12. Flex glue solving our enemies problems for us, how rude of them. -ps, sorry for farting on you Iron.
  13. In my opinion, tiered isn't such a bad idea. Having 100% resource drop chance, 100% resource booster (or else I don't see a reason to play half the mission types), 100% mod drop chance, and a 100% credit booster(the only booster that shouldn't be given to the steel path is the affinity booster because of level increases), and start the lowest level mission at that added the 45 of Mot. Then if the tier is decided to be even harder, have 100%x2 of each and do it again, but instead of based on the previous 45, the 90 of Mot t2 would make the next 180. I think a rotating sortie modifier system for each planet, each day, as a start, would be good as well on the 91-180 one. Also, adding a multiplier to any current awards to award it 2x or 4x wouldn't be horrible since I think it is well agreed that a 1,000 credit reward turning into 4,000 is pretty lackluster for a level 110 rotation reward.
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