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  1. As long as it´s not playing for you aka afk farming resources etc. you should be fine. But it´s always a case to case decision, so I would still be carefull. Maybe ask the support first.
  2. Momentan schätze ich, dass er nur die Rüstungsteile nutzen kann und evtl den Speargun, wenn er denn eine Waffe der Speargun Klasse hat, Den Charakter Skin wird er erst nutzen können wenn er sich den Warframe "Harrow" erspielt hat (den kann er sich umsonst nach der Quest "Die Ketten der Harrow" erspielen (das würde ich empfehlen)) oder er kauft sich auch den Warframe für die Echtgeldwährung "Platin"
  3. Er braucht den Harrow Warframe um den Skin auszurüsten. Skins sind nicht universal und immer nur für einen Warframe und Jeder Warframe hat andere Skins. Waffen Skins hingegen sind meisten Klassenbezogen, wie z.B. der Speargun Skin der dabei ist, der kann dann auf unteschiedlichen Waffen wie der Ferrox, Javlok etc. genutzt werden.. Die Rüstungsteile für die Schulter, Brust und Beine hingegen können auch wieder auf allen Warframes genutzt werden.
  4. Ja, direkt Bilder hochladen geht nicht. Sowas wie Imgur würde sich anbieten, aber davor am besten persönliche Infos schwärzen (E-Mail Adresse etc.). https://imgur.com/upload
  5. yes, saryn and equinox should be still ok. But melee got a big nerf with the last mainline update (U26).
  6. Kuva liches can ragdoll you through glass/thin walls he threw me out of the window
  7. Another patch another problem with the Eidolons.... Unlike the current hitbox/projectile problems this there since multiple patches. Eidolons are spawning in the "montains" or they run into the water, making it nearly impossible to hit them with some amps and the lures have problems to connect:
  8. If you catch a fish you´ll bug the spear into the other hand and it wont show correctly, even if you aim:
  9. WIth the current U26 the waypoint are very often broken and aren't at the doors but on the targets/locations. This has been a problem for quite while now, especially if you are using fast frames, that barely touch the floor, like Nova, Volt or Wukong. The last info I have about this is from january: But U26 opened up this problem to the "slower" warframes, too. Now 1/3 of my missions are missing a propper waypoint.... (If you are playing for a while you know where the right way might be, but as a new player this must be a very unpleasant experience) That´s clearly not the exit: So can we finally get a decent rework of the waypoint system, not just fixing this but also the tilesets where the waypoint is somewhere on the ground and not the doors (looking at you lua....)
  10. With the new U26 many rooms are now suffering from a harsh lighting transition, especially if they have small differences in the colours/tones that are used on that tile: between rooms: or even doors:
  11. Since U26 the energy bar is missing the blue background, thus making it really hard to notice your current energy. Starting the mission it´s fine, but once you drain your energy to 0 it will lose the blue aura, even if you replenish your energy. Now: How it should look like:
  12. On multiple different amps the scaffold is clipping through the palm of your operators:
  13. Redtext: dont mind me, i just post my usual list as reminder ^^
  14. - https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/ So, it´s very unlikely to get crossplay, but they looking into cross-save: Recently the programming team gave a 20 page doc to Steve about the feasibility of cross-save/progress: at 1:12:21 if the timestamp isn´t working And the PC version it the one where DE can change things very easy, that´s why we are beta-beta-testing for console. If DE wants to change the console version they have to send it in for cert. So it´s easier to release it for PC, get the feedback/bugreports, fix the bugs and errors and then port the finished version over to the consoles with one update which only needs one cert.
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