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  1. You can find some arts at DEs media site: https://www.warframe.com/media or in the fan kit (concept art/ key art/image folder): https://digitalextremesltd.app.box.com/s/vh2u41yhdlgp3girffucbynadoi33173 or you take a look in the forums fan zone (fan arts): https://forums.warframe.com/forum/17-fan-zone/ or take a look at the fan creators content: https://www.warframe.com/community/creators/list or you can do something yourself via captura:
  2. Tank you very much for RJ fixes. But please take a look into the corrupted spawns in RJ as well as the tactical map. The UI elements are often blocked by loot pop ups and enemy transmissions.
  3. Lyrics: As non native speaker I understood it as: She and her crew are heading into the Void and won't return until their job is done (/or till they are dead?) Refrain: They are now bound to this life Their life on the ship isn't easy and only for the tough but otherwise they'll have to pay their dept (Corpus is all about the money and many have depts to them) Refrain This part is most likely about Parvos Granum (Corpus founding member, with the golden glove) and his power to either help you or make your life miserable Refrain She trusts her crew even in the fear of d
  4. They said this month and this month still has a few days left... - https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/mquwct/we_are_digital_extremes_developers_of_warframe_ama/guijt2q/
  5. Thank you very much, but no fix for the low corrupted spawns and low void reactant drops in void storm missions?
  6. Yes, it's quite common in the void storm loading screen. But as someone else alread said, you can also se it in the Deimos Vault void mirrors. (difficult to make a proper screenshot, since it's kinda fast) But it might be more relevant and important to the divuri paradox update.
  7. Spontan fällt mir dazu nur der Warframe Khora ein. Dank ihrer passiven Fähigkeit hait sie neben dem normalen Begleiter noch eine zusätzliche Begleitkatze namens Venari. Und mit Hilfe ihrer 3.ten Fähigkeit kann man dann zwischen den 3 verschieden Verhaltenweisen von Venari wechseln. Ansonsten haben Phantome (Specter)/ Geiseln und andere KI Begleiter nur die Einstellung folgen oder Position halten (und greifen dabei alles in Reichweite an).
  8. Thanks, can you please take a look into the void fissure spawns (reactant drops)? They are often so low that you can't even open a relic, making them not worth compared to "normal fissure missions" except for the Epitaph and Sevagoth parts. (Usually I only get between 5-8, but I also had runs with 0 due to no corrupted enemies spawning) We're going where the winds don't blow Yes we're all bound down To the deep and we'll be Sleeping in the cold below, below Sleeping in the cold below
  9. Thank you <3 And congratulations to the audio/music team for yet another banger song:
  10. That's not right. She get's a bonus up till her 20th burst shot and this bonus as well as the visual circle are reset once you exit/recast the ability. It's more like Ivara/Hildryn are the odd ones with their excalted weapons only draining while you fire it. (While Excal, Mesa, Wubob, Valkyr, Titania all drain over time. Maybe due to the slower fire rate of Ivara/Hildryns weapons?) I see it like a clock: If I power it (energy drain) it moves, if I remove the batteries (turning the ability of) it stops working. And once I put them back (recast the ability) I have to set the time
  11. I don't see the issue here. You are deactivating the ability it's imo logical to reset the combo counter as well and you have no energy drain. Since it's a new ability cast once you activate it again, you start with the normal low energy cost and no combo counter since it's a new ability. If you are just swapping to another weapon like your primary you keep your combo counter, but it also still drains your energy. This is just a "swap" and not an ability cast. Same goes for Excalibur (that's the one I just tested). The only "normal" melee weapon losing it's co
  12. Got hold back and is most likely put on hold for an indefinite period of time. Most people giving a feedback were not amused and worried about it maybe being to gamebreaking/ allowing afk farming, requiring to much farm or being to time-limited to be usefull.
  13. There you have it. And don't worry you'll most likely notice once they are aviable on console. But as long as DE doesn't say anything it's as soon as the return of the "temporarily put to rest" trials or the Dark Sector Armistice.
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