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    What's this? Scared me when I wasn't looking

    Looks to be Grineer design in origin, but much of Fortuna's lore is currently unknown, the updates been out for only a few days and people are still grinding away at the reputation and missions to see what's going on here on the planet surface, plus the Major battles have yet to fully be implimented. This may have to do with one of those things, or it's just a probe of some sort that crashed into the water... You know how much the Corpus and Grineer fight one another up there in the stars hiring us Tenno to fight their battles for them (before the Fleets are built and we destroy their fleets 😛 )
  2. Deathwing980

    [Suggestion/Idea] Swimming and underwater exploration!

    We technically have underwater exploration persay... Neptune with Arcwings you can go underwater and explore the caverns in the missions, sometimes required to go through them to get to the next area. Though, swimming? eh, give it time they may look into it. Right now in Fortuna update we can fly over the water with K-Drives now and not be affected by the Magnetic debuff like we used to have when we touched water with our frames.
  3. Deathwing980

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1

    Nah, it's gonna be everyone jumping in the air and ground slamming in the directions they want :P
  4. Deathwing980

    FYI: Update 23.3.0 Tomorrow (probably)!

    Can't wait for all the acolytes to make an appearance, but are they going to be based on percentages of health? or every day the new ones appear?
  5. Deathwing980

    Celebrate Amazon Prime Day with Warframe!

    The color pallet is quite colorful, but that Liset skin is certainly something to look at 😄 @Spartan336 , imagine that a Warframe that calls drones to drop packages at the Grineer and Corpus every 2 days 😛 (loaded with presents) xD
  6. Deathwing980

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Twitch accounts are linked with Warframe, not sure if it's because of the sheer amount of players and viewers on tennocons stream, But we are certainly seeing a lot of posts saying they did not recieve their Ash primes. (myself included). Patience is a thing though, got time to wait because ASH prime won't be going anywhere (more than likely be unvaulted)
  7. Deathwing980

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #212!

    Stream was excellent, loved the content drop it certainly was a great hour.