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  1. Deathwing980

    DE now has Serious Competition

    On the next episode of WarFighter Z! Destiny tries to defeat Warframe by using it's community to insight trolling and chaos admits the Warframe community... It's subpar and ineffective.
  2. Deathwing980

    Orokin derelict treasure room?

    The treasure (speed run rooms) honestly don't have many good rewards anymore, they used to be great because the old movement mechanic and the lack of other drops made those rooms extremely profitable, now most of the drops and resources can be obtained faster through those.... Now... The Real TREASURE ROOMS ie: the Vaults are where it's at, you need to have 1 of the 4 keys required to open the door, most people would recommend if you are running with a group of 4, one person either carries all the keys or you have 1 person each carry a specific key. The Dragon keys each give you a debuff, be it Speed reduction, Health reduction, Damage Dealt reduction, or Energy Reduction (i think.. i honestly don't remember the energy one). You use the key at the vault room which will be trimmed in gold with a keyhole showing the 4 keys (center will specify the one needed) you put it in, and grab the treasure mod (Corrupted mods) from it, as soon as you finish the mission the mod will be revealed and everyone will obtain it. corrupted mods are one of the best kinds of mods you can get, they are heavily powerful and also great for Minmaxing IE: Heavy boost to Duration, but heavy cost of Efficiency. You can make some great builds out of these for frames, like a Defense Speed nova, you simply go and drop her strength with the Corrupted mods, and boost her duration or Range, the enemies who are affected by her Slow ability will now be incredibly fast and hit the center defense points. The mods will be worth it. Now, you also have LUA mods too which come from the Challenge rooms where you have to solve the puzzles to obtain them (Drift mods) These mods are pure +% mods with no drawbacks, they are useful too when paired with Corrupted mods. And finally, you have just your standard Void Orokin time trial rooms, these rooms usually have several chaches at the end and some crates to open, they contain a standard loot table of drops but sometimes you can obtain some great resources out of them .... or the occasional RARE Loot cache that has a scimitar fusilage in or something, even rare materials + a boost to your Affinity gain for a couple of hours etc. Maroo's bazaar is a great place for practicing, weekly resets but you get ayatan sculpture out of it (and it will show you the way to the time trial rooms so you can know which ones are what.)
  3. Deathwing980

    Fortuna: Limited-Time Twitch Drops!

    Need only just copy and paste the old Drop campaign and have them read through all those posts. Many posts here are almost copy paste of the originals.
  4. Deathwing980

    Fortuna: Limited-Time Twitch Drops!

    Considering you can spend 10 minutes in index and earn 75k easy over twitch drop 1 hour of 7,500 credits. understandable.
  5. Deathwing980

    Warframe Prime Time #227: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    It's a stream that doesn't have to do with Gameplay on Xbox, PC, Playstation, it's mostly just the devs getting together for a pow wow and state of the game comments, also sometimes great when they show off new content in the pipeworks ie: Melee 2.0 and new Corpus tilesets.
  6. Deathwing980

    Warframe Prime Time #227: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Hope we can get some news on Railjack this edition... That TennoCon hype still going strong here!
  7. Deathwing980

    Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]

    There are several free recording software you can use, Bandicam, Fraps, OBS, Xsplit. If your using a Console they also have built in stream to Youtube functions.
  8. Deathwing980

    Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Honestly, I don't know because people have been asking if they can use friends / gear spawns for it too (so far only thing we know is 2 minute limit, no outside editing, and has to all be recorded in Captura)... Khora has a built in ability for Vanari so I wouldn't see why not having companions out would be problematic to the contest, they wanted a battle scene and "Everyone brings their A game to the battle, lest we wish to perish."
  9. Deathwing980

    Hey kiddo turn off option?

    I haven't seen or heard "hey kiddo" in a while... outside of the recent weapon addition but completed that and again, haven't had it pop back up, more than likely it WILL though because we still haven't had "the New war" drop when that was hinted too at Tennocon... so guess we will have to expect more "hey kiddo" events.
  10. Deathwing980

    Hey kiddo turn off option?

    Haven't had that problem since i started taking my meds that Trinity has prescribed to me, all the hallucinations are gone now. -Just complete your main quest lines following Second Dream, Chains of harrow, Sacrifice etc etc. It should resolve the situation (As the month since Fortuna update... Wow Trinity's meds do WONDERS on my psyche)
  11. Deathwing980

    Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]

    So captura is something to learn, i respect the Dev's for everything they put into something that people knew quite little about. [media] [/media] "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ― Anatole France
  12. Deathwing980

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1

    Nah, it's gonna be everyone jumping in the air and ground slamming in the directions they want :P
  13. Deathwing980

    FYI: Update 23.3.0 Tomorrow (probably)!

    Can't wait for all the acolytes to make an appearance, but are they going to be based on percentages of health? or every day the new ones appear?
  14. Deathwing980

    Celebrate Amazon Prime Day with Warframe!

    The color pallet is quite colorful, but that Liset skin is certainly something to look at 😄 @Spartan336 , imagine that a Warframe that calls drones to drop packages at the Grineer and Corpus every 2 days 😛 (loaded with presents) xD
  15. Deathwing980

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Twitch accounts are linked with Warframe, not sure if it's because of the sheer amount of players and viewers on tennocons stream, But we are certainly seeing a lot of posts saying they did not recieve their Ash primes. (myself included). Patience is a thing though, got time to wait because ASH prime won't be going anywhere (more than likely be unvaulted)