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  1. Deathwing980

    Can you sort riven rolls per tiers?

    Riven's are price set by the community, what the current "Meta" is for weapons and frames for Eidolon hunting, Tri hunting, Index running, ESO farming... it's all based on the community, and they set the price. the reason you see a Vectis Riven go for nearly 5k plat is because it's either 1. got 4 Major beneficial buffs on it and 1 negative ie: mag size, so you can then take advantage of the Primed shot card or other cards that play with it. or 2. it's just got such a low Roll count that people can just reroll it with kuva till they get what they want. This applies for all Eidolon hunting weapons ie: Opticors, Rubico's etc etc (warframe builder usually has the Meta's listed and that is what people go by) Prices are always set by the community, If DE set the prices themselves then what would be the point in trading? people would just buy the rivens for 300-400 plat as a bundle package.
  2. Deathwing980

    microsoft account on pc?

    They said they will allow "Copying" of data for PC to Nintendo account, so maybe in the future it will be possible at some point to copy from console to PC... but it's all based on Console providers servers... They are the biggest problem in them all (even when people want Cross platform play you still have to go through Certification of the patches so PC has updates almost on a daily basis while consoles they get it maybe once every two weeks) but for now.. it's a fresh account, if you want you can contact Support and see if they can do something about it, if you are a founder of some sort maybe they can get those back to you.
  3. Deathwing980

    Titania: Razorwing ability

    So, we had a discussion about Titania in our Clan... People were asking why Titania is such an underrated frame, I thought well may as well give it a shot and see what the fuss is all about. Titania uses #4 Razorwing as an Archwing, while she is in archwing mode she is so small (shrinks to size of a small butterfly) in the mission that you'd think she would be able to fly through the lasergrids undetected and interact with objects in the environment right? This would make her a rather good frame for stealth missions, apparently she does not have that capability and people just master her out and just drop her like a bad habbit for frames that have better uses. She cannot even revive allies downed while in Razorwing mode. Hell, if she also counted for Archwing missions itself in her form maybe she would be played more as well? I know probably something already mentioned or talked about... but thoughts are encourages in this discussion. Edit: yes i know it would be a hell of an overhaul for her and to archwing itself for this to apply... so it's probably Never going to happen.
  4. Upgrading mods does tell you if the Weapon will not be able to handle it. It specifies the exact weapon and the exact Loadout slot that will be affected, example "Braton Prime B" or "Hek C" etc etc So long as you have enough mod capacity for it, it will not be affected... a workaround for this is to increase capacity with a catalyst.
  5. Deathwing980

    Excalibur "knight skin" concept

    No you can't but you can change the helmet... so we can still have that (though may fit the Harrow more in theme)
  6. Deathwing980

    Fortuna Release Info

    Have to remember for consoles the updates have to go through certification testing before it launches to the Stores (Xbox and Playstation... now Nintendo). So you will probably see it closer to winter time but they did say overall it would launch within the 2018 time frame, so expect sometime mid fall hell.. maybe Halloween? PC clients get it first and are basically the guinea pigs for you guys, what we break / gets broken they hotfix and when they feel confident enough it's all ready for console it gets launched to you guys.
  7. Deathwing980

    Ideas for a potential Rhino (Prime) rework! Does the same thing as "DiveStomp" suggestion. No lie, i use it for fun and it gets the job done. edit- Also, Leapcharge, Excalibur had an ability a long time ago in beta days where he could literally LEAP into the air, it was later removed due to Mobility 2.0 (bullet jumping).
  8. Deathwing980

    Adding Native Mouse & Keyboard support to consoles

    -Five months ago the same question was asked and became archived, i believe more or less it's something on the table but not really a priority- one of the comments makes more sense, it turns into a lot of extra work and additional time for certification by the major companies ie: Sony,Microsoft, and now Nintendo. if PS4 get's the PC controller update, then Xbox would want it as well, and by proxy... Nintendo at some point as well.
  9. Deathwing980

    Operators, 2.5 years later

    Speaks volumes about how well a Focus'd and Amp'd Operator can be when you reach late game... and probably going to be the key thing in the newest story arc for The New War.
  10. Deathwing980

    Restorable Umbra Is a needed Feature

    Or... They could have Umbra Forma's specifically for the umbra frames, yeah bad idea i know but if people could create umbra mod slots on their normal frames... then what is the point of an UMBRA frame at all? just use the mods with their bonuses grouped and cut out the middle frame. -=Edit=- This is just my two cents, since i know people do mod all frames for different polarities, umbra should be restorable to its umbra slots yes but not other frames.
  11. Deathwing980


    You are missing the point, you contact them about not having any Warlords, they will fix this. [DE]Community send a message there as well
  12. Deathwing980


    If a Clan founder is inactive for several months there is a function.
  13. Deathwing980

    Will Sniper rifles still be 'meta' in Fortuna ?

    Use a riven mod that removes zoom then, you'd be surprised how many good rolls come out that benefit sniper rifles Yes i know you have them but they are there for that reason. edit: also before you say something in regards to the RNG rolls, it's grind related or whatever... This is basically the same as a relic you don't know what's inside till you crack it open (complete its requirements). then you either trade it off, or Reroll it to benefit yourself at cost of kuva.
  14. Deathwing980

    negative syndicate standing

    You can also run a few missions with people in the syndicate without the sigil and still get points (though it will affect your syndicate standings for those who are your allies/neutral) Best way to work around this is to max out the two your on very good terms, when maxed swap to their partial rivals and raise up the standing. before you get close to degrading down on the faction you like most, swap back gain the rep fast (what i do is just keep a bunch of Faction icons to turn back in for extra points... that doesn't seem to affect the standing of other factions to my knowledge). hope this helps a little bit.
  15. Deathwing980

    Will Sniper rifles still be 'meta' in Fortuna ?

    Don't see why not, it is an open environment and sniper rifles and opticor seem to be king for taking targets without any real problems. However, seeing some of the encampments in the video, it may be a mixture between close and long ranges similar to how the caves were in Plains of Eidolon (sadly the caves don't really have any reason short of mining gems... hope theres more purpose for them later.) ===== As for the Lanka riven... if you want to cash out.. cash out... it's your choice, personally I would keep it because you never know when you may need it and not have it then to need it and not use it.