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  1. Jesus Christ.... Please for the love of god.... https://xplainthegame.com/dropchance-calculator/ Go back to middle school or what ever the hell its called in your country. My patience with your stupidity has run it's course
  2. Very well said, I'd be fine if it was a 2.% drop across 3 rotations...
  3. 1st off, calling someone sir in my culture is a sign of respect. I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. So I'm sorry if it did. 2nd, "in my opinion doing math on "expected results" from RNG is meaningless." I am agreeing with you, just not to the same extent. You and a few of the people on this thread have excepted that this is just the way DE is now... I can't. They were not like this is the past, and I'm sure as hell going to call them out on it.
  4. From a business point of view this is probably what its all about...
  5. That's not a discussion or a fact sir, that's at most your opinion or viewpoint. Just because that's the way you think and feel doesn't make it objectively correct. Recheck your facts please. As far as I can tell your argument is that I should shut up and just grind, cause that's how the game is... Well then if thats the case, you are reinforcing my point. A developer that forces repetitive actions on its player base will lose them eventually.
  6. This should probably become my state of mind I guess. This thread broke my spirit to be honest. Didn't know what I was hoping for
  7. But this is my point, took me 3 years to get Dispair, we all have S#&$ RNG at some point in the game, but I mean for an active farm (not a random boss like stalker or g3) would you farm 35+hours ?
  8. I followed your advice, unfortunately nowhere in the thread did I see you pointing out "average user understanding on RNG". That's why I said that you may have miss understood probability. RNG (random number generator/ing) isn't completely random sir. The base code the game uses is based in % values. It means that every time you run a survival mission in warframe you have an 8.33% or 8.33/100 chance to get a part for an ambassador part. Meaning that if you are really unlucky you have to spend the x amount of time I stipulated, nothing more nothing less, I am not a ass dude, I love the game, just frustrated that people can't see why I am upset. I dont have 80+ hours in my live extra to spend on useless farms. If you do, good for you, if you are going to resent me for my opinion, screw you.
  9. Love how at least someone got it... Thank you
  10. Your understanding of probability seems flawed sir...
  11. I hear you, but this was never about me complaining about 1000+ hours. I liked those 100+ hours, those hours I spent in game were times I needed to escape my sometimes mundane and hectic life. What I am saying is that locking content behind a game mode for 40+hours is a silly design choice. If your opinion is different and the "I stopped giving a crap" route is your way of doing things, then all power to you friend.
  12. *Note: So happy for the new Sisters update, having a ball farming and testing new stuff! So before I get to the meat of this tread, thanks DE for the hard work you are putting in through the difficult Rona times. However, I've done some MATH for your consideration... (and the rest of yall as well) So for those of you who don't know, the Ambassador is a new Corpus assault rifle with decent stats that came with the Sisters of Parvos update. To acquire said weapon, you will need to farm railjack survival missions in the veil proxima (BP), Venus proxima (barrel), Neptune proxima (Stock) and lastly Pluto proxima (receiver). All parts drop in rotation C (20min) from survival missions with a 8.33% drop chance. Yeah... *******Math time!!!!!!!!!! On a 8.33% chance you are looking at running an expected 26 missions with 53 runs nearly guaranteed a drop of said part you are looking for. That is an expected 26 x 23min(Avr mission length)= 7.66 hours per part for a total of 7.66 x 4(parts)= 30.6 hours With a guaranteed 53 x 23min= 20.32 hours per part for a total of 81.28 hours. That's a little insane in my opinion. Obviously if you are lucky you can get all 4 parts in a minimum of 80 mins if you roll a nat 20 with RNGeesus but realistically you are looking at between 25 and 45 hours. ******* That kind of grind is probably one of the worst I've seen in Warframe to date (subjectively, put away the pitchforks), and we've seen some bad one's (looking at you Hema). This is further compounded by the fact that Ash parts are also lucked behind a rotation C defense farm in railjack. This is coming from someone who has spent 2105 hours on this game. So clearly DE has been doing something right to some degree. But it is red flags like these that are starting to irk me. It is obvious to everyone with more than a few brain cells that DE has been racking their brain about how to get people playing railjack. But locking parts behind literal in-game days of grind isn't the way to do it. Burnout is a real thing. Do design teams actually think that shipping things like this is ok? My intention with this thread is to try to understand and hear other feedback as this is something that I am concerned about. DE used to have a great track record in my book when it came to creating this game, open communication, transparency and pure balls to do what they wanted in pursuit of the vision they had for the game. It makes me sad when I say that I no longer think that DE has the same drive they once had and I don't know when it changed... I'll be honest when I say the dubious design choices are getting to me now...
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