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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone is now aware of the new infested enemy types introduced at the end of The Emissary. Personally, I found these new enemy types to be quite neat and I find it a shame they are limited to one boss fight and cannot be encountered in regular infested missions, it feels like such a wasted resource. Would anyone like to seem them added to the regular infested lineup? Have any suggestions or balancing concerns about them? For me I think the Thrasher needs more armor or health to sell it as the Infested heavy hitter, and I understand some people find the flyer annoying with it's regeneration gimmick, but I think it's just fine. I hope they get added, as I feel the infested are far too easy of an enemy to fight, despite how dangerous they are supposed to be in the story, a system wide hive-mind hellbent on destruction shouldn't feel like the easiest of the factions to deal with. Their issue is that they are limited to melee, aren't that mobile, and are way too fragile without high level ancients or eximus units backing them up. Being limited to melee I think is their biggest issue, especially since they are far too slow compared to warframes, meaning they can't easily close the gap and be an actual threat, it's too simple to simply stay at range, or use simple crowd control abilities to completely shut them down or keep them away. I think on top of the Thrashers and Flyers, there could be one or two ranged units that used some of the infested weapons we researched. It seems strange we have a bio lab to research Infested weapons, but very few, in any of the infested themselves use them, seems like another missed opportunity. Maybe a unit that uses the Phage to attack from a distance, an infested crewman with the multalist Quanta, or firing an Embolist, Hema, or synapse. Have any thoughts? are the infested just fine they way they are or does anyone else have any thoughts on improving the infested?
  2. Do we have any updates on upcoming deluxe skins like Khora or Garuda?
  3. Will Atlas Prime relics ever be added to bounties again or are they reserved for prime vault relics now?
  4. Will there be Corpus or Infested equivalents of the Kuva Lich System? Maybe you could call them Kingpin and Nemesis respectively. Also since the Prime vault will be open more often, could we have the bounties between the two open worlds split between Vaulted Relics and new Relics? Maybe have Plains bounties give vaulted Relics and Fortuna gives new ones?
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