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  1. I went on a mission and came back and now it's working again? Don't know what caused the glitch but it was weird?
  2. I don't use steam and I was in the middle of playing the game when it started?
  3. It tells me "slected item has not yet been loaded. Please wait a moment and try again. But it never changes. The rest of the game and menus and options in the arsenal work fine with the exception of that one. And my kubrow is not in stasis or anything like that? Well I take that back I just tried to pet my kubrow through the incubator and it just shows a blue circle like it's waiting or loading the image but no animation showing me pet my kubrow?? WTF?? But the incubator says it's happy to see me and all that crap??? Anyone else have an issue like this?? Please help?
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