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  1. Yeah maybe once i get to the veil it will level out.. Im on PS4 so the grind is still real for me. Also to be fair ive had alot of good experiences but yesterday was probably just a bad day. I totally like being crew and gunner over pilot but when i have to pilot and i turn around and find myself alone to do it all its kind a rough.
  2. yeah is could be update. but as for unplayable lol imo disruption grind for Gauss when the rounds would freeze is the king of problems for me ever in this game
  3. lol Im asking them to stay INSIDE lol and making stocking up first is exactly what i mean. also i never find the second entrance but thats cause im left to keep the Railjack alive most times. I hope we get shared drops soon.
  4. So im just going to say this while not trying to sound like an a$$. So far I like the RailJack gameplay, but people need to understand the tactics and play style.. For the most part on the early missions i can solo no problem, but as i go through the star chart i become a bit outgunned cause i need to get the different house upgrades MK2 and 3 . I also realize that balancing and 5th instrinsic tree will be coming hopefully to help with my lack of support. For now however if your are new to warframe and or RailJack please take these tips as a basis for play in the new mode. 1. If you hear Cephalon Cy asking for repairs every 5 seconds then maybe not all of you need to leave the damn ship. It has guns on it and can generally do more damage. (No one wanted to use archwing, now everybody is Maverick) 2. If while you are skipping down the hallways and find yourself in the the Forge .. DO NOT REFINE THE DANG MATERIALS IN THE MIDDLE OF COMBAT.. we will need those for repairs and munitions. 3. Also if the SHIP dies the mission FAILS.. not much to explain there. See tip 1 4. If you find yourself on a mission that has a grineer ship with an ememy to take out, Maybe you should see if others would like to join you so they can get the BP for the new weapon. You know cause the door locks after you kill him. Then we have to stare at the BP you marked 8000 meters away while we try to repel enemies by ourselves or myself. Thanks. A$$hats see tip 1 Those are just the ones that chap me pretty hard. Also a friendly tip .. if you leave the squad after the objectives but before a new mission or the dock is selected you lose out on your progress from what is see. just ask them to dock or wait til they start a mission then leave.
  5. now i just need a clever name for my RailJack that isnt on the nose overly offensive. 😂
  6. Sweet .. Railjack finished building this morning now i get to fly it somewhere. Thank You DE team.. Merry Christmas
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