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  1. Also seems crazy to me but you can see the Railjack from your orbiter but you will have to go through the mentioned step to get to it .
  2. @(PS4)Tactless_Ninja I tend to forget about the clan aspect since im kinda a solo clan member. Its one big house to me anyway. So i get your point. From what i can tell the Railjack will be your personal craft but you still need the clan access to park it. My thing is that so much underused potential. Orbiter to Landing craft to Archwing ( and then sometimes to on foot in some missions) then Orbiter to Landing craft to Dojo to Railjack to Archwing to on foot back to archwing to Railjack. with the addition to open areas seems like fast paced only applies non openworldish tilesets , but in the new areas being able to use all this equipment seems plausible. I mean you going to have to tune your railjack dynamically for the moment to moment tasks. maybe im just to needy lol
  3. this will probably be incoherent ... be patient with me So Empyrean is coming .. eventually ... bringing a bit of space sim with it. This got me thinking about whats already in the game and how we interact with it and the confusion that it causes. Also, thinking about the new things being added like the dry dock. Why is it that when in a party all other players are in there orbiters but when looking out the front window they see landing craft.. ( this confuses new players) since apparently its not the same thing.. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orbiter https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Landing_Craft So we have archwing for space combat for the frames , which i get, because you need something small for the enemies present in those missions, since you are attacking in tight areas. But now we are getting larger space combat with ships. So instead of using the existing orbiter, landcraft, or archwing we now get a railjack. It seems like a lot of single use equipment with no real purpose except for the Railjack and archwing. So here is my what if.. it would be cool if when let say going to your Dojo , should you have your Dry Dock, Boom you see your orbiter dock instead of you magically appearing in the middle of the place. Would it not also be interesting to see your landing craft dock with your orbiter end of mission. I also kind of understand landing craft ( entering atmospheres and what not) but with the variety of landing craft and visuals.. it would be interesting to weaponize them for railjack missions so that you could use them instead of hijacking enemy ships.. Even it meant having to upgrade them with some tech as task first it would still add to the wealth of things to do in game... (upgrade segment) Even give each landing craft its on special loadout.
  4. Ok update to my situation. I was talking with someone about this at work and he suggested switching from wifi to Lan Line. I did this last night and the glitch was reduced significantly . It seems to be a syncing issue between players possibly. It only froze on round 6 once and i was able to get my final part for gauss . If you already have a physical connection then it might be that either you or the host have some connection issues. DE still needs to work it out but maybe this will help someone. Good luck Ninjas
  5. played for 2 hours last night on Sedna, Kelpie.. its broke AF.... I was trying to get my last Gauss part and it kept freezing on rounds.. one of the runs it locked on round 3... so i stuck with cause sometimes it corrects itself . I counted the number of defenses and when i heard the chime for round 4 reward . i got nothing. we all extracted and when i asked what everyone got , it was the part i needed.. I tried again this time i got stuck on round 1 for at least 5 rounds and when i got pissed enough to leave i couldnt extract . Little duck would say something when i would try but the timer would never start.. I think we need a hotfix quick, since they are dropping this as new content and changing multiple nodes to this game mode.. Its making one of the easiest farms impossible and ps4 isnt the only system seeing this.
  6. Incoherent babbling to follow: Also i too like this game and this is not a personal attack on anyone, i just think understanding how the games economy and how its creators make a profit to keep it going would be negatively affected. I believe that most creators are looking at the game from a new player perspective but they also need them to invest in their vision. So my thinking is this. The most needed and used thing in the game is probably space for equipment. It is also probably the cheapest Plat priced purchase in the game . So if they removed that then they would be required to wait to make profit from the purchase of platinum or cosmetics which apparently would never happen because 12 plat for two weapon slots is too expensive. Giving you all the space you need to build all the weapons and warframes and equipment your heart desires without any reason to spend plat doesnt make sense. It would put the burden of supporting the game on a much smaller group of players . Literally every useable item (not cosmetics, though some cosmetics are farmable) is obtainable through blueprints. i started this game when it was nothing like it is now. New players coming into it fresh, have alot of content to start with. 2 open areas, a crap ton of farmable frames and weapons. there are also alot of ways to earn plat for the clever. now as far the feeling of pay to win... no purchase on your part will help you achieve anything greater than anyone else .. it give you faster access but that is it ... it is primarily PVE.. if you said its pay to look pretty then sure.. its definitely a little of that but, again you could farm and earn plat for that stuff. The only thing that can only be attainable through purchase is the Prime accessories pack. So with that I would say at very least purchase a Prime accessory pack to get you started. First off with 1365 plat you could buy a good bit of space for all your ninja crap and give you a little starting capital to start trading. If you are passionate enough about the game to complain in a forum then you should support it, besides how many AAA titles have you spent your money on recently that didnt deliver the experience you were after. As I briefly go over my statements i dont want to sound like what people are calling White Knights . I do really enjoy this game but i think as a new player, you havent yet hit the true issue of this game is yet, like alot of long time players. ( notice how i didnt say Veteran as i happen to be and actual prior service member and find it to be just wrong to consider yourself a veteran of anything, when there are people who actually put themeselves into harms way and can encounter a situation they wont respawn from .) If you get to the end of all the content that is given freely you will be standing around picking out costumes for your frame because you are waiting for playable content (cooming soon TM) or helping new players get to that waiting room. .... just saying im sure someone will pick apart my ramblings
  7. used a bit of influence from the Grineer and the armor shape/ camo patterns . Then added some subtle horns as the operator is referred to as a demon by Helminth . I did some searching and found someones translation of the Grineer alphabet. I put Fear Us on the mask. I wanted it to be more of a villains mask. It was rushed but hope you all enjoy. For those interested. check this article. http://magicofvenezia.com/history-of-venetian-masks/
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