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  1. I finally got my Octavia but I'm not very good at making songs with her yet Could you consider doing the first 12 seconds of this? Feels like it could be a fun one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUA8OzQxGxE Then if you want to give this a whirl, I know you did Neo Tokyo at some point, but I feel this version would work a fair bit better in game because of the Metronome section being so much busier. Would highly appreciate it! https://youtu.be/MkgR0SxmMKo?t=95
  2. "IIRC DE did it to make the Quills' grind less tedious." I found that the Quills were basically "get carried through 2 or 3 Tridolons and you're good"
  3. Is the Mesmer Skin vs Nullifier problem at least known by DE? We understand Revenant is already being worked on but it's not going to do him an awful lot if the user is scared to put him up against two factions. Examples of major partners knowing what I am talking about here https://youtu.be/-eSmrL5bqAQ?t=4m37s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4gxA3av9PU&feature=youtu.be&t=3m1s
  4. Could someone backspace off the last 7 words if you don't intend to give Radiants their own description? The text was copied directly from Brilliants, Radiants don't have that functionality https://imgur.com/a/TqJrRtu
  5. Posting the explanation of the Mesmer Skin glitch again to make sure it's seen
  6. These are good but at the same time, can we get conformation if someone knows about how Nullifiers can shoot straight through Mesmer Skin?
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