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  1. Im waiting for the solo content but still need those 2 weapon bps quellor and the other one. But no squads opened so ill have to wait for solo mode when its added in some day
  2. The only thing i would like in warframe is to be abl to fly our actual landing craft or orbiter manually and go to any planet in the star chart to do stuff. You can still do it automatically if you want but be able to fly manually also
  3. I mostly play solo because i mostly dont like to rush missions like 90% of ppl here, i like to enjoy the map, search everyroom for ayatans, open every locker and kill stuff at my style. Playing is groups is just rushing everything takine away everything else just to clear a mission in 1min. I do rush sometimes but other times i just want to go running normally
  4. I havent even touched empyrean yet, Waiting for solo content
  5. Use ivara and a bow, make them fly away with each arrow
  6. I use yokai, noticed it on that skin but on her default skin she has her head
  7. Exactly, his first ability has a counter but not his 2nd and 4th skill.
  8. I would please suggest to add a counter on each icon of vauban's second ability and 4th ability to know the amount of balls you have casted already active. You never know how many you have active on the floor, something like wisp's reservoir that you see a small counter of how many reservoirs you have active on field
  9. The day warframe joins the BR cancer... it will be the day i uninstall it and play something else
  10. Only wish for Orokin catalyst Orokin reactor Happy Tennobaum fellow troopers
  11. Because they are sorties "endgame" missions that require having star chart opened to do them without taxi and because im tired of seeing MR from 2 to 9 joining them and dying 23432 times at the start of the mission.
  12. What i would do is restrict sorties for those lower than MR12 and dont have star chart fully unlocked
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