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  1. Olphalarepth

    Warframe with Dark Souls ideas

    Read my post again. How do you justify Tenno attacking Tenno out of conclave? You are simply recalling a past that has NOTHING in common with what is being proposed i did not call the proposal a dream but if I had to make a metaphor I would use the word nightmare. OP is not suggesting anything of the sort you mentioned but pvp system a la dark souls. I completed all dark souls + demon souls and if there is one thing I know for sure is that pvp souls should never cross with warframe. If you never played the souls series go check a wikia and see how invasions work. Since we started the argument let's also take into account how pvp work in this game and the sad state of conclave. PVP is already bleeding in this game and I'd rather not seeing wasted efforts to copy a terrible mode from another game.
  2. Olphalarepth

    Warframe with Dark Souls ideas

    Agree with difficult bosses but if your idea of such things is dark souls....makes my skin crawl. How do you even justify player invasions and covenant requiring defense of invaded players? A Tenno would never take a "contract" to kill another Tenno. You dream of something that has absolutely nothing to do with warframe . I really don't want to sound like a jerk but if you are looking for this kind of things why don't you simply play dark souls?
  3. Fishing for easy upvotes by any chance? People have been asking to fix enemy armor scaling for YEARS and who is asking for damage buffs exactly? I don't read the forum as much as I used to so I assume you can link a few recent threads?
  4. Olphalarepth


    It shouldn't. Considering it is a requirement for pretty much an expansion itself (since it is so big it couldn't have been fitted into fortuna) I expect it to be something like this: many common resources (1000? 2000? 5000? 100000?) average number of uncommon ones (4 or 5 formas maybe? tellurium and nitain?) a few new resources or pieces acquired during quest for the introduction. Being the owner of a solo clan I drool at the thought of having my own interceptor ship. WTS ghost clan, all researches done with all laboratories and rooms minus docking bay. Take care, I'm living in the rail jack now
  5. Olphalarepth

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    EA stock market and very poor BFV sales strongly disagree with you. I don't want to derail the topic but EA has basically committed a suicide pr campaign for reasons I will not explain here and the players really punished them HARD. They doubled down several times proving they learned nothing and now they are treated as of consequence since they proved quality games and player satisfaction are NOT their objectives. Bioware is appreciated for some of the games they developed but EA has already been pushing for an early release despite the bugs and a not so bright demo that felt more like a beta, couple it with fierce competition of other games (and I'm not even counting warframe since it's a free to play) and their very well known greed and predatory practices..... Simply put, if I had a 60 bucks to spend on a game of my choice I would not even consider anthem right now. There are better games around (IMHO) EDIT OH yeah, EA and Bioware are two different entities but it's EA that is in charge. They don't hesitate in slightest closing studios they bought if they don't earn millions. They have done it multiple times without regards for player base of that game. Bioware is owned by EA and they have the saying in how the game is shaped.
  6. When some of those toys trivialize some content (and I'd rather not make names to avoid turning the thread into a flame) despite of enemy level it's only fair to ask questions. I agree that would be a low hit and also unfair to nerf some frames but we should at least admit when someone highlight a problem we pretend not to see. Some frames have it waaaay too easy despite enemy levels, others are one trick pony, others are fairly balanced, others scrap by and we have those frames that really can't keep up. Again, I don't want to nerf frames but we practically had a balancing pass that solved very little and did nothing for the actual strugglers. Nobody is asking to take away toys, if anything they're asking to give some toys to everyone. Fully agree with you on this but it is a problem that DE is supposed to fix, not us. Asking themselves questions such as "is this too OP?" or, heavens forbid, actually testing the frame instead of simply checking if powers work would have been really awesome. Now the eggs are broken and I fear there may not be a solution to this mess
  7. Olphalarepth

    Would you like to have a gunlance in this game?

    Call me when we get hunting horns
  8. Olphalarepth

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    1. We hardly need any more damage creep. Pay attention to the meta and see how NOTHING can stand against us 2. Meh, don't care 3. Hell no. I'd rather the game focus on it own identity and not let devs waste time and resources on something completely useless. Not very helpful, not marginally helpful, useless EDIT: to be clear about point 1. It's better to revamp status effect all together instead of another flashy system copied from another game and adapted to wrframe.
  9. Olphalarepth

    Possible lore from second dream scrapped? Spoilers

    Another possible explanation is that the "normal frame" that removed the sword from its own chest was not showing any sign of sentience at all but simply acting on reflexes for survival. basically it was awaiting operator response and, not getting any, it expelled the foreign matter to preserve structural integrity. Could have been a safety protocol coded by the orokin in case of temporary loss of control. Now, I'm not going for petty details but, if I were the operator, after all the weird events of the game I would have asked Ordis a gazillion of question and investigated things on my own. The warframe moves on its own and after that "hey, let's not discuss this. What's for dinner Ordis?". This happens waaaaaaaaay too often in the game (like really WAY too often) and is one of the lore parts I really don't like. What kind of idiot acts like the operator? I wasn't that freaking clueless when I was 14. Edit: by safety protocol coded by the orokin I mean something akin the "dummy system" from evangelion if you watched it. Nowhere as efficient but just something that would assist you or replace you for very simple tasks and nothing more
  10. Many won't believe me, it doens't matter. Got the fabled mod with first take down. Want to know my total orb taker kill? 1, yes 1 and only 1kill and got the mod. Best part is I'm not even playing anymore
  11. Olphalarepth

    blocking is useless

    It also resists the pulling effect of ancients/scorpions. Those two things combined make the block decent imho. Being knocked around/pulled is on my top 10 of things I despise the most in warframe so...no, definitely not useless. Blocking also deflects a percentage of incoming bullet damage. we may argue that scaling obscene damage makes it less efficient in high levels but the anti smack thing is still there
  12. Olphalarepth

    Standing in Solidarity with space mom

    Quick question, is it possible to know how many of you will stand with lotus? Need to know how much punch trough I'm gonna need for new war or simply bring an ignis/lenz, bye
  13. Olphalarepth


    Railjack is obviously getting pvp, stop harassing other players with common sense or I'm going to report you
  14. Olphalarepth

    Planes of Duviri Speculation

    Breaking down the obvious details first. Elongated long arm like Ballas, cannot be a coincidence. Assuming the name is actually planes (and I see no reason to doubt it since it's scheduled for 2019 and I doubt they would go for plains again and make another open world without hyping a little bit more) it heavily implies trans-dimensional travel/existence/interaction. For those of you that are into D&D there are a "race" descending from extremely powerful and wealthy humans mages that lived in the Anauroch area and, because of a cataclysm that sank their floating cities, they were pushed on the brink of extinction and took refuge in the shadow realm where they became shadovars, heirs of the empire of Netheril. This might be something like it where a few orokin survivors took refuge in an alternate plane and, because of the effect of such plane, evolved in a different way while still maintaining part of the original culture and grandiose dreams. Right arm - check Slave like being or race made to serve them - check God like demeanor expressed through the elevated sitting position - check If not Orokin or derivates from them they sure share a lot.
  15. Olphalarepth

    Scared kiddo(Maybe spoilers)

    Wally harasses me very, very often and I'm not sure what I did to deserve it. How frequently you might ask? I haven't been playing much in the last week (not even 2 hours in seven days I think) but I can safely say I get visited at least once per week if it ghosts me. An average of twice per week usually. Wally visits are completely random and not affected by anything else than RNG, kinda like getting crappy rivens almost every time while some people got the third godly lanka. I'd gladly trade position.