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  1. Normally I would say it's the epitome of wasted development time and effort but, considering that we get a new decoration on almost every baro visit lately and the overwhelming amount of fluffs and other wasted development and time cosmetic stuff, I will answer with: MEH
  2. Radial Javelin, because it makes me question if getting rid of the super jump and keeping this was an actual good idea
  3. Makes a claim about gender and then "gender is irrelevant". Yeah, i can totally picture "you suck, I'm a boy btw". The amount of nonsense, entitlement and low quality baits is strong in this one I see your bait and I cast mine TL; DR
  4. Are you asking something Tenno? If you want an opinion, I'll be as candid as I can: Nice weapon, decent build but not optimal, partially to non "god tier"riven (an that is not your fault since we all know RNG is what is) and situationally better/worse because of hunter munitions...not everyone likes it due to %proc. Laser sight is a nice addition but it is more suited for ideal scenarios as I doubt you'll be landing head shots left and right in normal gameplay, let alone railjack enemies where you need to basically finish a ship in a handful of seconds. If you are confident in your marksman skills to land head shots every 12 seconds, keep the build as it is Personally I would re roll the riven for a good dual stats, ideally any couple of: damage, crit chance, crit damage, multishot. You don't need that corpus damage bonus and that recoil is only there to prevent higher stats. With crit chance and damage you could reach (if not exceed) 100% crit chance meaning that your weapon will essentially have a 5.8 multiplier that will go nicely with the damage buff. Either that or crit chance and damage to keep it at 7.4 I reserve the kind of build you use for the last tab in the weapon menu. Not useless by any mean but I don't like to rely on "do x to have y for z seconds", not on warframe at least. I prefer to have some steady damage output always at the ready *edit* R8 primed ravage only gives you a 90% bonus crit damage, I assume you are still working on your build?
  5. Yes, it's Wipeout in mach speed mode, the game keeps speeding you up infinitely until it is no longer possible for any person in the world to keep up. Just a fun "did you know?"
  6. A buggy, unbalanced mess with every mission being a photocopy of the previous one but with stronger enemies. I was spot on
  7. This ^^ We are pretty much like batman but with actual powers, only a plot weapon can take us down and a lost war means death to the Tenno. I don't see how DE could even introduce some sort of exile/running away from sentients and good freaking luck harmonizing that with the normal gameplay where we visit all the planets like always and go to Cetus/Fortuna buying groceries as nothing happened. No, it is more likely the war will not finish or end up in a stale mate or even a cliffhanger for Planes of Duviri. Even the whole system coming together seem like a pretty far fetched idea as we are used to factions hating each other, it would look like a bad Star Wars movie with a plot barely holding only to lead to an hasty and poorly thought finale. I think Ballas could play a major role in the new war as he finally came to actually hate the sentients. This time we don't have an empire as our backup but we also don't have an empire holding us back. Wally could still chime in and allow us a one time only full devil trigger to wipe the floor with everything that comes our way in a new cinematic only to give us the new "rage mode" we were shown some time ago. there are many possibilities but a lost war seems very unlikely to me. PS: It's been years since we got stuck with holographic Lotus, how long till DE would actually code a quest where we get our payback? It would pretty much mean spending the next 4/5 years in a "defeated" state. Yeah...don't think it's going to happen any time soon.
  8. TFW when what keeps you playing warframw is RNG
  9. 5) Play the Cetus Roulette and get destroyed by the lich despite the fact you won 6) Pay the affinity tax for whatever exp you got up to that point in the mission (and once you finished cursing at the idiotic insta death mechanic this is the funniest part, guaranteed) Whoever got to work on the old blood update had the chance to choose between long, senseless grind in the exact same way we did HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of times and something new, maybe some ultra hard mission to present you something that could actually adapt to your fighting style with each defeat and they decided "you know what? Let's make em grind some more". Literally every single update in warframe translates in running the same mother freaking mission over and over again. Literal years of development to come up with a steaming pile of fecal matter like the kuva lich is disappointing beyond any possible way words can convey. They pretty much had to chose between putting some effort to make an enemy unit that could "learn" and counter the cheesy tactics we've been using for years or let us keep using the same cheesy tactics for years to come. Now we all know what is the priority for DE, whoever expected any better of them is a fool. I'm not talking about development time but creativity, whatever well they drew creativity from has been drained and they are just reskinning stuff as they go. "BUT Empyrean is the connective tissue that will link everything and it's so beautiful and magnificent because Steve told me so!". Yup, go grind in arsewing 2.0 advanced edition.
  10. A game is successful when looking for items and upgrades comes somewhat naturally WHILE you are having fun. If players are rushing full on to get maxed items they don't care about the experience because, SHOKING, IT'S NOT FUN And while we're at it a couple of quick things You an expert right? I mean...we all remember your thesis on warframe core essence that got you the nobel prize and world wide recognition..wait it didn't happen? Who are you to telle people they are not playing the way warframe is intended to? If they are not having fun with the game anymore we'd better sit for 5 minutes and think: "Did I change or the game did?" The game just did and not in the fun way (literally) OR, they could since you are not the admin of the game and you don't have any right to tell other players what to do....just sayin Players conquered the hardest zone of the new expansion without using upgraded ship components...hell, without even using the ship itself. DE must have put a great deal if thought and effort in balancing this...Clearly, it's the player's fault. The strategy of blaming the passenger when the car crashes is always successful. Good job
  11. Exactly and that is what I consider to be the problem. It's like DE is testing by introducing clearly redonkulous amount of grind just to see how much people will complain and, despite the fact that it has some sense to it to tune the "long term" engagement, I find it quite devious to shoot so high and piss off people on purpose, like...nobody thought that 50 thralls would have been an overkill? Hopefully it will happen sooner than later.
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