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  1. Same, tried combinations such as: LIBERATE Hong Kong [no censorship] LIBERATE MOON [no censorship] liberate Hong Kong [no censorship] And it seems like it's ok but the screenshot I took before says other wise as it clearly prompted me to avoid the thing altogether without even mentioning the caps lock. Don't know what to say except that it is better to be wrong in these circumstances.
  2. https://imgur.com/bDtuKfX Yeah, I totally made that up because reasons Still, I might be wrong so I'm going to try again later.
  3. I know, searched warframe in wikipedia and the company that owns it a few days ago and I thought it was very safe to say it in game. All the more reason to point this out, you can't say a thing because the bully in turn is threatening you and you oblige? Leyou can bend the knee, I don't have nor need to. Can anyone else please test in game? Chat bot blocked me instantly but someone else managed to type? it only blocks in caps lock?
  4. Yes all in caps but the game censored me with "That is not an appropriate topic for our space-ninja game" (took screenshot) I don't think that appropriate topic has anything to do with caps lock.
  5. Cannot believe. Even warframe censor the message "LIBERATE HONG KONG" True to my word I retire from the game immediately, bye bye Empyrean Going to miss some of you guys, take care and be happy
  6. Like comparing cancer to metastasis or death by lethal injection to electrical chair. just friggin kill me. I assume we are all smart people who noticed the poor condition the gaming industry is in right now and it is no secret how morally perverted have some companies become in order to milk their customers. EA "Don't like it, Don't buy it", Blizzard "Yes master Xi, we will protect China' honor" and Bethesda "Why develop a game when we have players doing it for us and even fixing bugs and paying to do so? LOLOLOL" are just 3 of many disgusting companies that sold their souls for money. If Warframe goes the same way it will take me a second to leave forever. This is something I think (and even hope to a certain extent) many players would do. Absolutely false as someone already mentioned. Go look for the actual translation of Blizzard response for China
  7. Dig it but it would make some people cry so much that climate change activists would instantly put melting ice-bergs on second place and the amount of salt would inflate the market and destabilize entire economies. Jokes aside, I like the idea but with the current idea of balance that DE has I think it's safe to assume what you propose will never happen.
  8. I think it's more "I'm way too powerful to be affected by this weak sauce". Infestation works differently from sentients and, as we all know by now, the void is a place where normal laws of physics (and most likely time) don't mean jack. Sentients have a difficult time adapting to something that is illogical such as the void so, it stands to reason that infestation cannot overcome the boundaries that separate "mortals" from "void touched". Simply put, we are out of their league. This is all speculation obviously and will remain so until the game clearly state "Tenno are immune because....."
  9. Honestly I think you're both right. DE has simply misunderstood the problem or deciding to go in a new direction because of something they only know. Power creep is going to grow even more as some additions that would have limited the build are now removed. You want a silent weapon but don't want to lose your /damage/reload/status/critical chance? Say no more, we got you. I like to take a pragmatic approach to things and this is basically one more slot for utility clearing one for the build that will be used to increase the efficiency of the weapon even more. The frightening thing is [DE]Rebecca going on an interview to admit that, yes, there is a problem with difficulty in warframe as we are able to oneshot anything at a certain level (her words). What's the solution to this? Let's increase our overall damage even more, YAY! Another problem with this is the obvious meta that comes with weapons classes. Now that we're able to silence everything what roles do stealthy weapons have? Why bring a bow when you can have a battacor/rubico/tigris that can hit like a train and now be silent as a side? Now they don't even need to sacrifice anything and be mechanically better while the bows (and other stealthy weapons) will never be able to approach the damage of the meta using an exilus slot. I'm strongly disappointed by this decision. edit here's the link with Rebecca's words (14:55)
  10. Ohhh, a joke thread? Let's see..... Myself when using Loki's first and third ability in a public group, like...who the hell do I think I am? (I know I'm the main character of the game but you get the gist). What am I trying to accomplish placing a clone? and swapping around some enemies? Heresy and dumb play style taken to the 11th. What else, what else, what else? Oh.. High MR players joining Hieracon and quitting after a single excavator A dude whose name I can't remember that kept using a Banshee sonarquake build without shield and vitality mods in a LV 50 survival fissure IN THE FREAKING VOID and died so many times that the team got the resurrection trophy out of him. (not making this up, he/she spent more time in bleed-out state than actually doing anything else). Banshee sonarquake against corrupted enemies in the void..at level 50. Other people trying to interact with me and even expecting an answer, What blasphemy, what lunacy! People belonging to G.M.R.L (Greedy Mafia Riven Lot) when they try to scam other people or asking for thousands of platinum for a riven, including the ones that reported a certain user's website made to keep track of sales and other data so people could spend their money with some criteria. This is heresy and another word that would get me a warning point, it begins with F and ends with Y. Let me know what you can come up with 😁 This is the short list. It's heresy to think I would spend too much time entertaining the lot of you. I hate you, except for you DEMonkey, I hate you more (not true, you know I love you gurl)
  11. By the time you're able to do that to any kind of armor, the living being wearing it has long been disintegrated. Look, if fire procs need to be updated let them do something new and unique. Why not debuff enemy precision by, like 75%? Try shooting something while you're catching fire and see if you can even hold a gun in the first place. The logic behind elemental damage in warframe is already moronic beyond any possible explanation with toxic damage affecting mechanical beings just to make an example, let's not over-complicate it.
  12. Lore wise that cannot possibly happen. Frames are already infested units as even in the game it is explained that under the exterior bio armor, only an "infested puppet" can be found and the infestation cannot "convert" them as they have nothing to work with. Frames are infested of a special variant under our control that cannot contaminate. Only a partial success was achieved by Alad V and we took care of that. Unless the infestation has beyond genius type intellect to replicate what Alad chan has done, we're safe. Deviousness and treachery alone won't be nearly enough to snatch our frames from us. Tenno are supposed to be the "beyond" every wildest power trip you can come up with. They literally use powers that makes a mockery of the laws of the universe (frames powers come from Tenno iirc and they provide the juice to use them despite the fact that, in game, frames have their own energy pool) and even the infestation on the ship clearly states they "fear nothing but the demons of the void". In terms of mechanic and balance we cannot vaporize everything but the Tenno beam alone should be more than enough to tear apart everyone stupid enough to mean harm. That being said I would welcome a story arc similar to the plains or fortuna dedicated to the infested coming up with a new devastating way to infect everything and create something so powerful that would be a challenge even for Tenno and warframes. Just hope for it not to be an open world. Enough of that thank you.
  13. Of course it does.....sometimes. Regardless of trash stats some riven go for a high price for their potential only. Let's try the reverse: Take a lanka/rubico riven (or any other meta if you like) with horrible stats and try the same thing with a stug or a skana. The rivens for meta weapons will go for a MUCH higher price and that is a fact carved on an adamantium tablet. Period. The trash stats can make a big difference that can range from several hundreds to thousands of plat so, it surprises nobody that someone would try to go for the lowest possible amount, especially if the seller is not well versed in the meta. As a matter of fact I think there MIGHT be a whole bunch of people who fall for this cheap trick (pun intended) with every new weapon or we wouldn't see a dozen or so sellers who already got a riven for themselves and a spare one ready on the trading chat. As you noticed it happens with the "hot new weapon" where "hot" implies that the weapon has potential. This should hardly come as a surprise as this is exactly the beast that DE has created, they may have coded the system but they count literally nothing in the balance and the wild free market is just a consequence of a lack of rules. Someone will make deal and someone will get ripped off. Enjoy
  14. It was a pretty much mandatory move and I commend them for doing so. If they decided to keep the aura and update the power Ember would have returned the afk farmer that people have complained about but, in case they did not buff the aura, ember would have remained a weakling in terms of ultimate. I like the new move set and the heat meter to give them a reason to use your head while playing. You could argue that it's a bit odd to summon meteors in a closed space and they could simply replace them with mid air explosions but whatever, I care about the result and the new ember seems promising. I'm glad I have already forma'ed a few times so she will be almost set for her new rise (of the phoenix).
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