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  1. Yes it does, if your reason is that I play a game just to "waste time" think again, I do it as a trade off. My time for fun. I invest my time, I do not waste it and if that is how you see the game please speak for yourself I have already polarized what I need/want and not going to bother with a time sink I don't like. The "challenges" are already what they are and that kind of chore is more alienating than anything else for vets. There is stuff to earn, I get it and I'm not backing off but I'm not going to become a no life grinder only because DE can't come up with decent ways to engage my attention. It was fun to gild everything there was to gild, it was fun polarizing stuff 10, 100, 1000 times for stuff I wanted. The game has very few things that can keep me interested right now and the brand new nightwave is the worst thing I have ever experienced in it. Obviously I don't want to force my opinion but the reasons i have already listed (and many other people have already shared similar feelings) should be take as feedback by DE. Hopefully they learned from it but I have no problem deserting next NW too until something engaging pops up. I really hope next NW will be better but I'm not going to hold my breath
  2. My hopes for nightwave? That it DIAF while Scott watches and sips beer finally commenting "yup, it's for the better", then he turns around and pats me on the shoulder admitting people who disliked NW were right all along. And Clem On a serious note, I hope they remove the "use 3 forma" and "gild something" challenge. That is not challenge, it's asking players to waste time and resources.
  3. No, I share your feelings Tenno and this is something I thought about over a year ago. As I already stated in the past I'm the leader of my solo clan and this means that with every event I get faced with the fact that unless I'm willing to put hearth and soul in it I won't be able to get the gold trophy because I'm considered to be in the same "range" of clans with up to 10 people. Obviously the score is based on a clan of that size so, no matter the skills, it is not a walk in the park as you also have to take time into account. Now, I have gold stuff to display but as I first built the display room I realized I was actually losing the game as I was simply farming for a decoration meant to celebrate and remember the effort of a group of people. I was alone. Despite the fact that I was somewhat happy I had something to show up I realized I wanted to play the game to do what I wanted and not to brag because "I was there" as the sheer amount of time invested in the event and farming the resources needed to build it (looking at you hemocytothing) and the number of times I had to repeat it, really worn me out to the point I said to myself "this is not fun, never again". And so I did, I no longer compete in clan events as I really cannot put up with the time and effort necessary to get the shiniest of shinies. I'm good with fact that is an event meant for a group of players and I will never b**** about it but as a solo clan it leaves me with 2 choices: 1 - Accept the fact that I am the problem and I don't want to repeat a boring event for gazillions of times, plus I have to pay for my own trophy (a very expensive one at that since I have to pay for 10 people). This is what I chose 2 - Ask for solo clan tier. What is the point in this? Who do I have to impress in my solo clan since people who come by to trade are not interested (and rightly so) in peeking around? TL;DR The event are fine the way they are but if you feel you are losing the game, well, I think you are. I play by the rule that I do what I want to have fun and do not let an event dictate how much time and effort I have to invest for a "gold" trophy EDIT For the sake of the argument, mine is a PoV from a strictly solo clan leader but I do think that actual clans should be proud of what they achieve together even when I do not agree on the time and resource required to get the trophy. GG, BB
  4. Both me and DeMonkey are aware that we were picking at each other for fun like two monkeys fooling around but not actually biting or scratching. The content of the thread was pretty hard to be taken "seriously" for us to mean harm anyway. You know I love you Monkey, right? You forgive me?
  5. Are you available for parties too?
  6. Just upvote it. What if someone from DE actually listens this time?? I need to see how this ends 🤣
  7. Unless you are on DE staff and this is their official response I call bs on your statement. Agree on this.
  8. No need to apologize. The point is that good ideas like this get lost in the cauldron of general discussion where devs do thread (I know, it's a pun). Feedback is the subsection you're looking for.
  9. I hardly believe DE is going to lock the sigma interceptor behind a steep farm/materials requirements. It's like saying "yeah the expansion, which is totally based on the new tennoplane btw, is ready to go with a buttload of content but you can't access it yet because you have to pay this insane quota of materials first". People freaked out about Exumbra too and we all got it for free complete with catalyst and slot on top of that. I agree that giving us the chance to trade all mining resources for standing is a good idea. Honestly, once you reach rank 5 and buy all the gear, you only get interested in decorations and those are pretty expensive and I'd rather trade one resource for another instead of running dozens of bounties of 15/20 minutes each only to buy a giant casket of fruits. Just my opinion though. ***edit For whoever is going to question whether is funnier between shooting stuff or mining/fishing the answer is that this option would allow freedom of choice for the same result. Invest time shooting greneer to get standing or sacrifice resources that MIGHT come in handy with next update. PS: why is this not in feedback? It is pointless to post this kind of threads in this section
  10. Following in bungie's footsteps? Those are not footprints Tenno, it's....taste it. I'm sure it's not chocolate. While I thoroughly disapprove of warframe doing the same stuff of other loot shooters I do think the game is extremely unbalanced and favor way too much a certain set of frames. There will always be meta weapons and frames but this is absolutely no excuse for completely ignoring those who cannot keep up or, at very least, taking years only to recognize they are struggling. Totally agree on this. I even have ideas on how this could be done but we know we are ALL wasting our time. DE doens't care about this and is not even reading this. As I wrote, it took them years, literally YEARS, to acknowledge some frames are struggling. What makes any of you think they are going to change a single thing because a bunch of registered loos...users are complaining in a part of the forum they don't even read? Yup, I'm a little bitter today. Maybe tomorrow will be better
  11. Because orokin used kuva to perform the "reincarnation" and they did so with a living host. We know they could do it replacing their soul in the new host while being alive (pretty much like what a certain character wanted to do with.....play war within) but in case of death the service would had to be executed by someone else. When all the orokins where murdered at once there was nobody left to use kuva and bring them back. One could even assume a dedicated and specifically trained orokin was necessary to revive a dead one in case it didn't had the chance to perform the soul transplant while being alive. As a last note we know very little of what actually happened when we killed all the orokins even though some theories are starting to emerge now that the story is slowly progressing revealing more connections and hidden motives of some characters.
  12. My void sense tells me the Tenno might be inquiring about the Umbra statue?
  13. Ahhhh, thanks for the explanation. At this point I can skip NW without remorses
  14. As per title, completed all the elite and weekly challenges the day after intermission went live and got to rank 5 without problems. All standing seems to be accounted for but the catch up lost act doesn't show up. I checked the tune in option and I see the score so far: Series 1 rank 18 and intermission rank 5. All I'm able to do is watch series 1 cutscenes and that's it, nothing else, nada, nisba, zilch, no new challenges. I want to hope it's just me missing something obvious Take care
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