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  1. without numbers and testing on some of this i'm not going to voice anything more than mild concern, but i will retain a cautious optimism. Overall i'm very interested in what this will do and mean and i can't wait.
  2. i had a plasmor riven that did everything i wanted in a plasmor riven, but it got nerfed yet again, i'm just gonna dissolve it, this ain't worth my time. i don't use the weapon all that much anyway. Also feeling that with the catchmoon. #*!% this S#&$ i'm out. truth be told though i understand why it's happening, i do think it's a little unfair though that some other things aren't getting buffs if these are getting nerfed, sobek and vulkar come to mind for example
  3. when you guys get around to augments for gauss can you make an augment for his 1 that just turns him into tron, ie a wall of death spawns behind him as he runs
  4. lots of nice stuff to see. I echo some thoughts on certain things being quality of life changes that shouldn't be part of augments but rather the ability themselves, like recasting or energy drain for moving etc. But even that stuff aside it's still nice changes and i'm interested now in the 1 augments for the frames like saryn and oberon and such, augments i would have never considered because i wasn't sure they would be easy to use or even worthwhile, but as an aoe buff they sound nice.
  5. Volt 2: Not so electric boogalooo Question: Do you think we could get a buff bar for NPC allies even if it's small and only visible on hover like debuffs on enemies. As an oberon player it'd be really helpful to know what targets my armor buff is applied to beyond just fellow tenno (mostly rescue/defense targets and eidolon drones for example)
  6. leave stores open for a couple days after the end thanks
  7. ay free stuff. i'll take it. stop complaining guys. Also request; leave the credit shop up a week after the end of a series/intermission. when the wolf ended i kinda expected to be able to wait til the end and spend whatever i had left on whatever i deemed i needed. To me that's just the standard really...
  8. at least make it so when i'm carrying something with a primary and a melee but no secondary that i won't drop it and switch to primary when i try to aim glide. I'm tired of dropping batteries and datamass off cliffs
  9. i second this, please fix. Also if you could take a look at some stuff regarding weapon swapping. when you pull out a synthesis scanner you can't press f to swap to a weapon. you need to go into your gear wheel and swap back. Also a bit ago you fixed dropping items (such as batteries/datamass) when you had only melee weapons equipped and tried to aim glide. This is great but it still happens when you have a primary weapon in your loadout, or more specifically when you have a primary and a melee but no secondary weapon. I do this sometimes to level specific bits of gear and it'd be nice if i didn't drop batteries/datamass into the void of nothingness.
  10. is it going to be removed from my inventory and will i need to go earn it. I really don't mind but i'm curious. i had no idea that was a bug lmao
  11. hey thanks, still shouldn't need a mod to not get 1 shot by my own gun. some damage is fine, and death is fine if i'm already hurt.
  12. spoiler because quoting that whole post is huge. basically this guy has some of my concerns about this already. A few points i want to expand on though with my own thoughts; The rivens might be a bit expensive but they do need to strike a balance here so they don't just flood inventories faster than stuff from the sortie would. Given the changes i think it's more likely we will see slightly longer runs, or at least people trying to go longer, in pub missions since death won't be as huge a deal. BUT i'm worried the missions are now much more difficult than before with normal enemy scaling instead of half enemy scaling, the enemies start at a medium-high level, if you have to spend twice as long in the mission to hit C rotation than normal the enemies can get pretty serious, on top of that the arbitration drones are extremely powerful and annoying making everything they affect completely immune, not just to damage but also to warframe powers including CC (aside from a wall like frost or gara) not to mention they are very small and difficult to hit if you don't have an aoe weapon. I'm worried that since the enemies will scale faster (or normally i guess) along with the fact they get this invulnerability they will hit a point where you can't beat them quicker. If you look at endurance runs of survivals what you end up seeing is high scaling damage along with some sort of cheese or stealth to not just avoid damage but avoid aggro entirely, this is because at a certain point enemies will just instantly kill you no matter who you are and the frames that tend to have the scaling damage to handle enemies (i'm thinking octavia and saryn, maybe nyx with her mind control but idk i don't play her) are not as tanky as say an oberon or a rhino, even if i can strip armor with oberon or roar with rhino i will reach a point where enemies just have too much health. I don't do endurance runs like this, i've gone an hour into a survival before but not on mot or in a place where enemies start out at level 60 or 80 so i don't know when the enemies scale to a point of absurdity, i just hope that i can reach C rotation without running into absurdity. I like the amount of endo i get as rewards from the arbitrations but i do agree that it's a less than ideal reward for some and sure you might be able to farm a similar amount elsewhere, maybe other rivens in the shop would be good, idk for sure, i'd love to see kuva on the reward tables somewhere or in the shop but w/e
  13. i'd recommend running a helios, or maybe that new sentinel scans stuff. it will make it less painful since you won't have to think about it, he will just do it for you.
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