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  1. is it going to be removed from my inventory and will i need to go earn it. I really don't mind but i'm curious. i had no idea that was a bug lmao
  2. hey thanks, still shouldn't need a mod to not get 1 shot by my own gun. some damage is fine, and death is fine if i'm already hurt.
  3. I finally sat down and messed with the tysis changes, noticed it wasn't preforming well in the sortie yesterday so i went into the simulacrum to experiment with it. I have a riven for it that gives it punch through and multishot, not amazing, i want to roll it but it's good and i like the idea of punch through on this gun. I tried 2 builds, then went to the third config to learn how the dot works. put on a couple mods to get a second elemental damage from corrosive and shot an enemy once, found that the dot can proc corrosive and the second elemental i put on (viral in testing to keep number clutter to a minimum) I went back to the other builds, which were ok at best, and watched for the procs and noticed i wasn't seeing any corrosive anymore. I tried lower the amount of gas in the one build to see if maybe the gas was outweighing it too much, and also to see if less IPS would help (since the viral build had maim to bring slash above puncture and impact) but i still wasn't seeing any corrosive procs. I took some screenshots and was about to come here to make a post when i looked up tysis and found someone claiming punch through broke the corrosive dot, Seeing this i went back into the simulacrum and removed my riven mod which has punch through, and also multishot, and the corrosive came back on the 2 builds i was testing, and the third config, when i put the riven on that build i no longer saw any corrosive procs, just the viral. My slash viral build went from killing the enemy in maybe 2 clips to less than 1, the gas build that took 5 clips now only took 1 if i let the dots run their course. Removing a riven that has no negative and gives me multishot is making the weapon better, way way better. This is counter intuitive and I want to be able to run punch through on it so i can get through crowds, but i can't now. Included pictures of me testing the gun and various builds, first my riven to show the punch through, then the C config to show me learning how the DoT works and how it should work in my other builds, short descriptions as i go through testing. https://imgur.com/gallery/7MlPMwS Please DE i want my riven to work properly
  4. bumping this to confirm this. it's happening to me, really sucks since punch through is part of my riven. A good riven is making the weapon worse.
  5. spoiler because quoting that whole post is huge. basically this guy has some of my concerns about this already. A few points i want to expand on though with my own thoughts; The rivens might be a bit expensive but they do need to strike a balance here so they don't just flood inventories faster than stuff from the sortie would. Given the changes i think it's more likely we will see slightly longer runs, or at least people trying to go longer, in pub missions since death won't be as huge a deal. BUT i'm worried the missions are now much more difficult than before with normal enemy scaling instead of half enemy scaling, the enemies start at a medium-high level, if you have to spend twice as long in the mission to hit C rotation than normal the enemies can get pretty serious, on top of that the arbitration drones are extremely powerful and annoying making everything they affect completely immune, not just to damage but also to warframe powers including CC (aside from a wall like frost or gara) not to mention they are very small and difficult to hit if you don't have an aoe weapon. I'm worried that since the enemies will scale faster (or normally i guess) along with the fact they get this invulnerability they will hit a point where you can't beat them quicker. If you look at endurance runs of survivals what you end up seeing is high scaling damage along with some sort of cheese or stealth to not just avoid damage but avoid aggro entirely, this is because at a certain point enemies will just instantly kill you no matter who you are and the frames that tend to have the scaling damage to handle enemies (i'm thinking octavia and saryn, maybe nyx with her mind control but idk i don't play her) are not as tanky as say an oberon or a rhino, even if i can strip armor with oberon or roar with rhino i will reach a point where enemies just have too much health. I don't do endurance runs like this, i've gone an hour into a survival before but not on mot or in a place where enemies start out at level 60 or 80 so i don't know when the enemies scale to a point of absurdity, i just hope that i can reach C rotation without running into absurdity. I like the amount of endo i get as rewards from the arbitrations but i do agree that it's a less than ideal reward for some and sure you might be able to farm a similar amount elsewhere, maybe other rivens in the shop would be good, idk for sure, i'd love to see kuva on the reward tables somewhere or in the shop but w/e
  6. i'd recommend running a helios, or maybe that new sentinel scans stuff. it will make it less painful since you won't have to think about it, he will just do it for you.
  7. i consider myself an ogris enthusiast and i was unable to find the time to get on and try these changes last night. I was a bit concerned about the damage nerf but i'd still like to ask, why was this reverted? was it a bad change overall or was it bugged somehow?
  8. ok but just to make sure you are banning this when it's spam and not just blacklisting the word trap or other such words that, while could, but for some rarely do, have negative connotations are also part of normal speech? also i've heard some rumors and seen a couple deleted messages but i swear to god "owo" better not actually be a blacklisted word now.
  9. Hildryn can't do the power drift challenge on lua. I was hoping she would be like how inaros does hijack missions and it would just eat her shield but she just can't do it since she has no energy to give. I mainly want to confirm this is intended and not a bug that's all.
  10. yay, does that mean rebecca toned down her collection some to help us all out?
  11. amazing data so far but not incredibly useful outside of getting veiled prices and maybe unrolled prices, stats of the mods and such will be important.
  12. I finally got her, she's neat, i do like her to some extent, i'm still leveling and i need to #*!% around with her build some though. The very first thing i noticed though that made me really just hate it is the slow walk nonsense while using bale fire. The gun is ok,i killed a ton of S#&$ on hydron with it just fine, might suffer at sortie content since it's raw damage but it's a fun gun, but god i absolutely despise not being able to move properly while charging and briefly after firing the gun. This goes for all slow walk stuff, give me the ability to at least do an operator tier basic jump with them. If you are that committed to keeping this S#&$ty slow walk on this gun, let me jump at least. I'd also like a small jump for mesa so i can hop up on small containers and ledges (you have no idea how much of a difference even a small height advantage can mean) but i'll work with what i have for that one.
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