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  1. RottedApples

    Simulor can't equip firestorm.

    i too am unable to equip firestorm which is a damn shame as i was really looking forward to that one. Also i'd like to ask about the simulor in general. looking at the wiki for both simulors the information is inconsistent as the regular simular claims it can proc statuses during the DoT but the synoid one claims it can't (and i've observed it can't) I was really hoping that it would crit during the DoT after the crit boost to the synoid but it can't do that either. I'm just curious what the intended function is during it and also if firestorm will affect it when the firestorm bug get's fixed.
  2. RottedApples

    Staticor charge bug + shot stacking with Mirage doubles

    when you hold the charge on the staticor it will continue to consume ammo to maintain charge. That on it's own is an intended feature and working fine. The mirage thing i find very interesting and i am definitely going to go try that and see just how much lag that creates.That does sound like a bug though.
  3. After doing everything i needed to do today it's late, but i went through and did all the missions anyway, here's what I learned and think about this all. Potential orb fight spoilers i guess, if you haven't fought an orb i guess read at your own risk? It took me 4 attempts to get the first mission going, first time we were stuck unable to get any manifests fishing, second time we got stuck after capturing the base, third time i just got dc'd from the squad while loading into fortuna. So i ended up doing everything before the orb fight solo. What i learned from this? Please for the love of god make these cut-scenes skippable. I think the first one is the longest and i had to watch it 4 times. Once that was sorted the missions themselves went fine. I will say though the time window on doing the satellite disruption was real tight, you gave like less than a minute to cover over 800 meters, i'm not sure if you can go up through the vent and archwing over but still. I managed it with 0 seconds left on the clock. Now for the orb fight, the part that I really didn't like. Also had a weird issue getting into the game, got in, got to the orb, went to pick some dead people up, go knocked back then black screened for a while then i came back to loading into fortuna. So again, make cut-scenes skippable the second time around. Obviously I've only done the fight once so I don't know if there were better ways to do things, but i took my nice tanky oberon boi and went in with heal and armor up. Spent like half the fight knocked down or sent flying, even when i used hallowed ground. Regularly had my health drained to where quick thinking took over and my squad mates died a fair bit, one of them being a chroma. And there were mag procs, and nullifier bubbles everywhere, on the melee enemies that jump to you from halfway across the map. It really just was unfun and a pain in the ass to deal with all of this, to the point where I just didn't ever want to do it again. Pulled out my archwing gun, it was fun to use, i love my fluctus for that reason. But there were problems with it. When i press my switch gun key nothing happens, at the very least i expect it to put the gun away and pull out anything else. There is a long animation when i bring the gun out, i guess this is ok but annoying when the shield keeps going up and down on the orb I ran out of ammo at one point and my archwing gun put itself away, then i was inexplicably unable to use the gun for the entirety of the rest of the fight, which we were already on a time limit on. I tried using an ammo pad then pulling it out again, but nothing. Only when i died after the fight (was curious to see how much damage the self destruct did) and res'd could i use it again. This seems like an incredibly serious bug given the gun is required to kill the orb. Upon defeating the orb i was awarded with a mod, the archwing ammo maximum mod. and a single toroid (2x booster though wewlad) Not worth all the time and effort into fighting the orb, and the build up missions, at all. I know eidolons didn't have a ton of loot on launch so i'll give it a pass for now. I might do the first couple missions a bit more to get some of the other bounty rewards, but i'm not fighting another orb for the foreseeable future Edit: a couple other minor points i realized after the fact from skimming stuff. The amount of damage from so many sources makes me feel like if you aren't playing a big tank you will die constantly. I understand this can happen at high levels but still, it seems disproportionately more of an issue here. You can't solo the fight at all, again i expect soloing it to be much much more difficult when we are talking about a big boss like this, but it should be possible. In this game you cannot expect everyone to be able to squad up all the time, bad internet is a thing, sometimes people don't want to deal with other peoples S#&$. I for one love a few of my archwing guns, namely the fluctus and grattler, but i understand a lot of people don't have these things super kitted out and everything. I want to say it's ok though to require them but i'm unsure if the balance is ok. Also this is all coming from the place of someone who enjoys eidolon fights, it's not like i hate this style of content, I just rarely do the eidolon fights mostly on account of my computer being terrible and therefore me getting terrible fps and often having issues with the open world in squads losing connection to hosts while entering or exiting, thus killing all the loot i earned, although that has gotten better and i should do some more eidolons. I just don't always want to wait for night, I want to do them when i want to do them, but i can't and that's fine.
  4. RottedApples

    List of player grievances (please contribute!)

    One that i've had for a while; Some way to see buff icons on npc allies such as operatives or drones or spectres. I play a lot of oberon and in a way that i activate my heal and armor as a sort of set and forget thing for the team. I want to tag everyone with it but outside of the 3 allies i have that i can see their buff bars it's hard sometimes to know if i've hit npc allies with it. The heal itself has a sort of pulsating vfx on it but it is a bit subtle (which might be for the best) so you can miss it, especially if i'm with a nekros for example and he has an energy color that makes it blend with his shadows. The armor buff i have no clue if it has a VFX at all and i have no clue if it even applies to some npc's (particularly drones or lures on the plains) My suggested way to do this would be to miniaturize the buff icons and apply them on npc health bars like debuff icons are on enemies. then they would only show up when you hover on or near the ally and wouldn't clutter your screen. Also perhaps for important targets like the operative in a sortie mission for example where their healthbar is on my ui add the buffs as well. I mostly view this from the scope of me as an oberon player, but i could also see it as an issue for other frames like trinity (although her buff range is big for bless) maybe limbo in regards to operatives, even frames with readily apparent vfx like a gara in the case of say a growing power or energy conversion proc where the value of the buff would change (though that might be a bit much)
  5. RottedApples

    Fortuna: Hotfix

    hey it's not during night at least.
  6. RottedApples

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    damage reflection will never be useful unless it includes damage reduction as well, and even then 50% isn't enough for someone like titania who is squishy, at some point if doesn't matter if you take half damage if the enemy still has enough to just instantly kill you. Accuracy reduction is kinda similar but it will prove much more useful and save your life a lot more. Even if you are fighting level 1000 enemies if you #*!% up you have a 50% chance the attack will just miss when it should have killed you and that will save you. I've been tempted to work on a razorwing build for titania for a while but i haven't. If she is less clunky as far as her auras and lantern go maybe i'll give her another go but i'll probably just do razorwing. Nyx looks interesting though and i really want to try like mind controlling a bombard, then stuffing him full of tigris prime shots and seeing what happens. Might have to finish getting nyx prime finally, been 1 piece away for ages.
  7. RottedApples

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    petition to rename warframe to furframe and replace every warframe with khora and valkyr. uwu
  8. RottedApples

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    i shouldn't need a mod with a downside to not die instantly because i am still in the last pixel of my own explosives. Not saying i shouldn't be damaged or i shouldn't be able to die, because i should, but not from full health and this feels like a really bad way to "fix" it
  9. RottedApples

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #117!

    the corpus fighter concept looks like a tempest from starcraft. I really like it Also in all fairness they got side tracked after getting the kit gun. but reb did use it some outside on venus
  10. RottedApples

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    look i'm willing to give the warding halo the benefit of the doubt here, although if you ever do something similar to rhino you best think about removing the "do x riven challenge without taking damage" thing. But i absolutely beg of you above all else please please PLEASE, DO NOT make the first ability duration based. PLEASE! This feels like a massive step backwards to me. It'd be like if wukong's cloud was a channeled ability like it probably should be, and it just got arbitrarily changed to what it is currently, which people hate. At the very least leave fire walker like it is now and let people mess with rage/hunter's adrenaline first before changing it. I'm not going to disagree that new nezha might have energy issues if fire walker was still a channeled ability, but with warding halo being damage reduction and not a shield if you have one of those mods you might not have energy issues.
  11. RottedApples

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I appreciate the higher daily endo greatly. I should be getting somewhere between 200-250 every day which will be nice. I don't often need copious amounts of endo right now but when it builds up and boom a new prime mod drops, or more umbra mods, i'll have it ready to go, and i can sell more sculptures i guess. I still want milestones to be decreased, that was the main issue with the current system was how it takes 700 days to get every weapon or 800 to get all the primed mods, which is an obscene amount, even if it's just loading the game logging in and closing again. I'm glad i have the sigma and octantis, but i know other people who started today would appreciate it if they can get it sooner, or all the weapons sooner rather (since i guess you can pick and choose now which is super nice) I don't have some sort of superiority complex about my prestige or whatever just because i'm here with most of the things at my 700 some odd days like apparently some people are. Get this stuff out into the player base sooner, don't make them wait on it.
  12. RottedApples

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    I was wondering if you guys could ever do a buff bar on allied npc units like hostages or drones on the plains. I play a lot of oberon and while it's easy enough to know when i've put the heal on an ally because i know what the VFX is, I don't know what/if there is a VFX for the armor buff and i'd really like to be able to keep track of that. This would also be useful for stuff like trinity ults and maybe other buffs. It doesn't have to be a large icon either. Just like when you inflict a proc on an enemy, but instead of the small red icon it's like a small white icon for the buff.
  13. RottedApples

    The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

    cool i guess. lots of people will appreciate this, even i will like the fact it is a shorter mission. not gonna lie though i'm slightly sad since i liked the 3 rounds for impromptu affinity/focus farming
  14. RottedApples

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.8

  15. Ok so i'm incredibly excited about limbo's stasis not freezing bullets anymore as an ally of limbo. But i'm wondering if limbo could still stop his own bullets. I mean not like that matters that much, it's mainly just because i want to still cheese the 3 headshots in a single aimglide.