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  1. Possibly yes, but then the ability wouldn't fit the theme of the frame as well. Mirage's Sleight of Hand with the Explosive Legerdemain augment is a good example of an ability that utilizes loot as ammunition and still works effectively, so the precedent is there. And abilities having mandatory augments isn't exactly new, off the top of my head I can recall Nekro's Despoil and Ember's Exothermic but there's bound to be more. And yes, Absorb could use some tweaks to just make it mobile by default, but it still works alright. What I'm trying to highlight here are her 1st and 2nd abilit
  2. Yeah sounds good, anything to help is welcome.
  3. As many may have realized, with Zephyr's most recent rework, Nyx is now the sole most underused Warframe in the game and for good reason. Her kit is almost unusable in vast majority of gameplay, her theme of "mind control" is done better by other frames and she simply doesn't feel fun to play as in general. In here I will detail my suggestion for a rework to rectify all these issues. I will even provide actual numbers and calculations, as this will be the last rework suggestion I'm posting for some time. Passive Ability: (keep as is) -Nyx' current passive ability is already
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