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  1. Alright, yeah, you fixed the problem with the sharing of Lich Stabbing murmur by rolling it back to how it was before you messed it up, fantastic job. If only you'd also reduce the murmur required from the "average 180 total" to maybe a straight 100 total? Just to save some of the grind and avoid being burned out of the game entirely and quitting. And while you're at it, also reduce the Forma required to max Kuva Weapon from 5 to 2 (at 5 levels added per forma) for the same reason as above. It was cute when Paracesis did it, it's an insult when a whole series of 16 (and still growing
  2. Well, Rev's ability has very crisp turning, also since it's a mod, you can opt out of it. You're not forced like with Wukong's 3.
  3. This thread will detail an augment suggestion for Revenant's 3rd ability "Reave". I've been using Revenant more intently recently, and I really can't see why people dislike him so much. He looks cool, he works well in missions and his kit is fully utilized (an argument can be made for the Passive, but that's not what's being discussed now). In short, I really like the frame and its "ghost" themeing in his kit. Ever since they added the steering function to his Reave ability I haven't gone a mission without using it more than half the time. But I feel it needs something else to it, so this
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