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  1. Funny iron phoenix bug/glitch

  2. Funny iron phoenix bug/glitch

    I used the gatling gun thingy while I had the Iron pheonix buff
  3. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    I hope the waterfell was a hint for Umbra and not the Harrow update
  4. Wukong's Iron Jab

    I feel like this ability should be opt out for an ability that brings more use and maybe instead Iron Jab should actually be apart of his staff. Wukong has a lot of abilities from Journey to the West as far as I know so I can definitely see something you can take inspiration from.
  5. Doing void missions in the void

    Some ideas that may give the void more merit to play -When you do void missions and get all fissure, you get double void traces than you normally get -A selected item when opening a relic, you get double of the chosen reward so you get x2 instead of x1 I'm not sure if the second idea is good. Anyway, leave your own suggestions.
  6. Silva & Aegis Prime visual

    I just want where you can put a skin of the old silva and aegis
  7. Excalibur Hate

    I just don't like... he doesn't have a loincloth for a plain looking frame.
  8. Oberon Auxillery Slot Request

    Open the flags
  9. DE is a business, any opportunity to make money is a good avenue if it ensures the company to a better future in some ways. Logically, people will like the frame more if he is "better" which is subjective but determining the skill level will depend on the player perfoming in the situation. It's not the frames being more powerful but more so the enemies in other aspects like them needing to be smarter if you want to show skill. Being better won't make him Saitaman from One Punch Man if they are careful.
  10. Oberon Auxillery Slot Request

    Can we talk about it now?
  11. Does he need to be better? Better usually equates to quality and quality usually equates to sales.
  12. Lotus' true form

    I thought of this. Genius minds strike again, I mean great minds think alike. I wouldn't be surprised if Sentients can shapeshift.
  13. Good spots can still be cleaned and improved
  14. Oberon Prime Access begins May 30!

    Btw guys. This might be my first Prime Access on PC, these syndana's won't be able to obtained other than the limited prime access?
  15. Oberon Prime Access begins May 30!

    He looks so edgey... I like it! The minotarur guardian of the labyrinth