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  1. I revive you.
  2. I just don't like... he doesn't have a loincloth for a plain looking frame.
  3. Open the flags
  4. DE is a business, any opportunity to make money is a good avenue if it ensures the company to a better future in some ways. Logically, people will like the frame more if he is "better" which is subjective but determining the skill level will depend on the player perfoming in the situation. It's not the frames being more powerful but more so the enemies in other aspects like them needing to be smarter if you want to show skill. Being better won't make him Saitaman from One Punch Man if they are careful.
  5. Can we talk about it now?
  6. Does he need to be better? Better usually equates to quality and quality usually equates to sales.
  7. I thought of this. Genius minds strike again, I mean great minds think alike. I wouldn't be surprised if Sentients can shapeshift.
  8. What are your thoughts? Probably not the first one to say this but it will keep both people happy, the people who like the start chart system and the people who liked the void system.
  9. Good spots can still be cleaned and improved
  10. Btw guys. This might be my first Prime Access on PC, these syndana's won't be able to obtained other than the limited prime access?
  11. He looks so edgey... I like it! The minotarur guardian of the labyrinth
  12. Bleach Gestuga Tensho...? It's hardly original.
  13. Yes? Unless the Tenno at the time weren't strapped to the Warframes like they were from beginning of the game till SD because they didn't know who they were. Like. Were they able to go outside of their Warframes in the Orokin era? Even not, there's different Tenno for each Warframes and what they did during the Orokin war.
  14. You're kinda confusing me. I never said Volt Prime had to be currently alive.
  15. Rhino is one of the best Warframes and you can get him quite early