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  1. problem is, the riven buffs a significant % of the time still dont make the weapons viable and the nerfs are usually to what is popular but popular also doesnt mean strong. eg arca plasmor is popular but past a certain level it falls off hard and is more of a utility weapon plus they already nerfed it by stopping it from getting damage from headshot multipliers so its really like kicking a dead horse. weapons like kohm and detron though, they are popular and strong but dont get nerfed cuz rivens make them strong.
  2. imo this is already the case. how many years now have they dropped hints or promised difficult content and when they drop it theres some catch or its nothing like they said. - Plains of eidolon, remember how in all those streams and interviews they sayin it gets much more dangerous at night newbies beware. - Void onslaught - turned sanctuary onslaught turned and split into regular SO and Elite SO but with the drain mechanics ramping up drastically around round 8 + other factors that make it not worth it to continue past round 8. - arbitrations - real challenge, one life only - seems to have random death bugs, arb drones are much more annoying than challenging and they removed the one life thing infavour of revives. its been going on for so long now and theres so much examples that for me that credibility is long gone.
  3. Offer if your interested, willing to haggle though looking for around 750
  4. 5500 according to steam but there were times i did fresh installs without steam so i doubt they tracted my account during that period so im inclinded to say close to 6k hours.
  5. at the same time, the negative things are usually because of the players being unhappy with x thing in the game, unless its fixed they likely wont stop. positive stuff is fleeting, theres no reason to continue harping on it as the good will from what act contributed that praise can easily be eroded by x bad scenario occuring.
  6. just delete conclave, or rework it, theres only like 5 people who actually enjoy it as is. conclave has pretty nice weapon skins etc as rewards but even those dont entice people to play that trash.
  7. the fissures appear in the old orokin ships and towers in the void ^ the void also seems to be somewhat alive so whos to say its not making the fissures itself sometimes rather than only the neural sentries doing it.
  8. omg that scene 😄 i loved this movie so much, really made my day with the explanation and this as the icing on the cake
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