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  1. it literally makes some players sick (the dedicated archwing levels, its fineish in the open world, honestly they should remove that auto orientate thing that happens that makes it so your flying upside down etc in relation to the background.
  2. sorry but no one uses this augment at all and this change wont change that, frankly given my status as one of the few zephyr mains it would be much better if the augment was changed entirely. to clarify for you guys - zephyr needs duration -high duration means tailwind takes you further - most tiles are tight corridors with a few open but not very big rooms - high duration tailwind isnt useful due to how much stuff you will crash into - low duration tailwind can possibly work but -duration likely wont affect this augment well. my suggestions - 50% less tailwind distance/ immediate stop + let it knock down enemies she collides into or stops near to in an area (imagine her divebomb but horizontal) (imagine rwby where they were having the food fight and the move ruby used to beat everyone). or - let zephyr pull and knock down enemies she flies past in an area around her along her flightpath.
  3. whats useless about 20k kuva, cosmetics, reactor, catalyst formas etc. your getting stuff for free lol be thankful your even getting something at all.
  4. except that its an exploit as in any other tile enemies knocked or thrown off a map into an out of bounds zone is placed back onto the tile sometimes right near where they fell off, other times in a completely different area. thus the enemy never coming back is a bug as they stated and has now been fixed. maybe next time theyll work hard smart and fair instead of cheating thier asses to the top.
  5. i dont play ember alot anymore and frankly shes a frame that was quite the nuisance when i was a new player which led me to solo play but even i have to admit she kinda sucks right now. embers current flaws - her passive is dated and frankly useless due to how rare fire based enemies are, heatprocs wont ever happen in the void or with the infested thus she wont ever be able to use her passive with them and with scorches napalms and hyekka masters shes so squishy that shed die if she gets hit by a decent level one of these. - her 1 has a useless charge mechanic that has no place in such a fast paced game, even in higher content where players generally turtle themselves at choke points where she could use it, does such meager damage its not worth considering. -the change to her 4 while a step in the right direction of trying to make her less brain dead was not very good as she can still do what people hated her for doing but shes also worse in higher end content. -for her passive i would just change it to where heat procs on enemies within a certain range of her causes her to regenerate health and energy based on the amount of enemies affected by heat procs. - for her 1 i would change it from a charge to a hold, short tap to shoot a fire ball that explodes and procs heat while knocking down enemies in a small area or hold to release a fire wave in a cone infront of her like an ignis or make it a long tap that can knock down and slow enemies. for her 4, have her send out a wave of fire (imagine mass vitrify but bigger and fire but wont go around doors and walls) that expands and procs heat but it melts armor letting enemies take more damage while dealing damage based on a % of health and armor, armored enemies also leave a trail of slag behind that cools and hardens then the abilitiy ends, holding enemies that were on it in place, shielded enemies get radiation procs. taking a page out of league of legends book here, i think this version of a 4th ability will let her do well in highend content while also not being a pain in lowlevel content due to the % enemy scalings while also giving her some sustain and lots of ways to facilitate that sustain.
  6. tbh based on how well riven.market and warframe market works and auction house kinda thing might not be that bad but, hopefully its alot better than those sites if its ever done.
  7. i doubt that a bane of everything riven should be considered junk, faction damage is actually quite strong, just not used much due to having to swap and the investment costs however on a riven with all 3 its alot less costly and it has the benefit of never needing to be swapped removing all bad aspects of it. you were right with utility stats being hightier in some cases like exergis is best with mag cap (50%) damage or multi and either reload or status chance with a neg. price based on stats is not bad but what happens to off meta rivens that not everyone realises is good eg at one point long ago when i started playing it was almost impossible to sell a -impact riven and now -ips is everywhere cuz a certain youtuber showed how good it was, look last night i had a clan mate say strun wraith isnt worth a crit hybrid build, till they saw me 2 shotting 145s with mine, heck at one point cuz i saw everyone selling crit astilla rivens i thought crit was the way to go, ppff i got a full status one and never looked back, it was by far stronger than my dual crit riven. about the prices, i feel like people should be able to put whatever prices they like but just have a max cap of like 4k i guess. its probs obvious given i started a certain thread about super inflated riven prices but i honestly believe no riven is worth 10k hell even 4k is a stretch.
  8. Asking price is 1-1.5K price is negotiable and was valued via folrens
  9. dont worry jeez they said they we joking around and werent actually going to nerf it more than likely they gonna make changes to put more stuff at its level
  10. hi can we get a fix for the catchmoon not hitting enemies at close ranges which is usually made much worse if you have extra fightspeed via turbulence or a riven
  11. thats dumb as staticor isnt a throwing weapon
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