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  1. whats useless about 20k kuva, cosmetics, reactor, catalyst formas etc. your getting stuff for free lol be thankful your even getting something at all.
  2. except that its an exploit as in any other tile enemies knocked or thrown off a map into an out of bounds zone is placed back onto the tile sometimes right near where they fell off, other times in a completely different area. thus the enemy never coming back is a bug as they stated and has now been fixed. maybe next time theyll work hard smart and fair instead of cheating thier asses to the top.
  3. So with the release of disruption it has become apparent that a level designer has forgotten to put a reset boundary oh certain gas city tiles. This bug is related to enemies being teleported off of the map which kills them instead of reseting them on the ground nearby or elsewhere on the map when they fall off Other tiles in the Gas CIty dont seem to have this issue leading me to believe it is a bug which is being currently being exploited by players. to use this bug the players teleport the demolysts and other enemies out of the map, instantly killing them regardless of level or HP as opposed to having said enemies reappear as they would in other tiles.
  4. i dont play ember alot anymore and frankly shes a frame that was quite the nuisance when i was a new player which led me to solo play but even i have to admit she kinda sucks right now. embers current flaws - her passive is dated and frankly useless due to how rare fire based enemies are, heatprocs wont ever happen in the void or with the infested thus she wont ever be able to use her passive with them and with scorches napalms and hyekka masters shes so squishy that shed die if she gets hit by a decent level one of these. - her 1 has a useless charge mechanic that has no place in such a fast paced game, even in higher content where players generally turtle themselves at choke points where she could use it, does such meager damage its not worth considering. -the change to her 4 while a step in the right direction of trying to make her less brain dead was not very good as she can still do what people hated her for doing but shes also worse in higher end content. -for her passive i would just change it to where heat procs on enemies within a certain range of her causes her to regenerate health and energy based on the amount of enemies affected by heat procs. - for her 1 i would change it from a charge to a hold, short tap to shoot a fire ball that explodes and procs heat while knocking down enemies in a small area or hold to release a fire wave in a cone infront of her like an ignis or make it a long tap that can knock down and slow enemies. for her 4, have her send out a wave of fire (imagine mass vitrify but bigger and fire but wont go around doors and walls) that expands and procs heat but it melts armor letting enemies take more damage while dealing damage based on a % of health and armor, armored enemies also leave a trail of slag behind that cools and hardens then the abilitiy ends, holding enemies that were on it in place, shielded enemies get radiation procs. taking a page out of league of legends book here, i think this version of a 4th ability will let her do well in highend content while also not being a pain in lowlevel content due to the % enemy scalings while also giving her some sustain and lots of ways to facilitate that sustain.
  5. @George_PPS make it harder to grind kuva? kuva farming as is already isnt worth it(even ksillisab the youtuber has admitted it) and is part of why riven prices are so hilariously inflated, kuva grind should be decreased with bigger payouts per siphon/flood/filter making it easier to roll, making it easier to possibly get a good roll making it easier to either sell the riven or get the one you wanted for your build or give us a way to lock in a stats like what brozime suggested but de said they werent for this as they were afraid of the impact it can have on balance.... you know the same thing frames like octavia or rivens as is are already destroying. also you dont seem to get that most of the wealthier riven traders just snipe good but cheap rivens from trade chat for say 100p and re sell them for like 10k right. that whole riven mafia fiasco was partially involving that same thing and look at the outcry that followed.
  6. ive been playing this game for 2 going on 3 years now, always had lowspec laptops, never had any kinda issues till recently aside from if i was doing endurance runs really, nowadays, after that lighting and gpu particles stuff came out, its gotten pretty bad, imo they need to optimize more, i can run plains just fine even orb vallas, getting close to a thermia fracture and standing on it will drop fps a bit, standing next to an octavia with her 3 on will do so, they changed the opticor explosion fx and staticor projectile now i cant use either of those and its aids whenever a team mate has them and is spamming it, dont even get me started on the now much worse simulor, and as you might imagine, im having "fun" with this wolf hunt event as the napalm patches being spammed everywhere just work wonders for my fps you arent alone tenno
  7. @Blexander unlike ember mag is good though, so idk what you mean by the "new mag" as that implies she was bad at some point
  8. tbh based on how well riven.market and warframe market works and auction house kinda thing might not be that bad but, hopefully its alot better than those sites if its ever done.
  9. i doubt that a bane of everything riven should be considered junk, faction damage is actually quite strong, just not used much due to having to swap and the investment costs however on a riven with all 3 its alot less costly and it has the benefit of never needing to be swapped removing all bad aspects of it. you were right with utility stats being hightier in some cases like exergis is best with mag cap (50%) damage or multi and either reload or status chance with a neg. price based on stats is not bad but what happens to off meta rivens that not everyone realises is good eg at one point long ago when i started playing it was almost impossible to sell a -impact riven and now -ips is everywhere cuz a certain youtuber showed how good it was, look last night i had a clan mate say strun wraith isnt worth a crit hybrid build, till they saw me 2 shotting 145s with mine, heck at one point cuz i saw everyone selling crit astilla rivens i thought crit was the way to go, ppff i got a full status one and never looked back, it was by far stronger than my dual crit riven. about the prices, i feel like people should be able to put whatever prices they like but just have a max cap of like 4k i guess. its probs obvious given i started a certain thread about super inflated riven prices but i honestly believe no riven is worth 10k hell even 4k is a stretch.
  10. the way i see it is that they had x thing in mind at first but that wasnt well recieved by the community and so an alternative was added based on feedback. Eg plains and then fortuna. lots of people complained about the costs of things from POE then we get fortuna and woopteedoo costs arent nearly as much of an issue in fortuna yet theres still a time investment. to be specific arcanes in this case, i remember seeing the cetus arcanes cost and i was like ehh ill do without it gotta get standing and all this other stuff to that i could use for other things, fortuna comes, im happy cuz i get standing and i can now buy an arcane and i dont have to craft it afterward and even better they said they were adjusting plains to suit fortuna based on the feedback, adding more conveniences like being able to do bounties without passing through the gates which can be a long wait if your on a potato and thumpers which are an ok challenge and honestly something i prefer doing for resources than all that mining and fishing though id still do fishing as mining is really rng, needless to say now i have much more of the cetus arcanes cuz of how much easier they are to get. im sorry that you had to work so hard and that grind is now meaningless but this was done for the sake of others who probs like me didnt have that much time to invest in getting these things or plat to buy them at the prices that they were at due to the grind behind them.
  11. yeaaa it def sucks when you have a really good riven and dispochanges nerf it to oblivion, i had a arca plasmor riven i loved and arca plasmors dispo got the wet work twice in a row which made the riven much less effective (damage multi and reload since i like having some utility but the changes made the reload speed boost so minimal started off with 2.0 with the riven then i ended up with 2.5 and then i sold it)
  12. does he have a riven on that and was this before the update that made his levels higher cuz my catchmoon doesnt do anywhere near that much damage
  13. IMPORTANT: changing/lowering settings does nothing to mitigate or atleast significantly mitigate this, its been tried. Ever since they changed the visuals of the staticors shots a while back it has been causing sizeable fps drops whenever the weapon is fired, the effect being much worse if its a shot from the alt fire and worse still if you happen to get caught inside the shot of the alt fire. this also seems to happen when the AOE part of an opticors shot goes off but its not as bad, i would say mid way between an uncharged and charged staticor shot. naturally this is much worse with mirage and with certain energy colours it also becomes a little blinding though new simulor is much worse imo now i know that my pc is pretty much a potato but this stuff wasnt happening before at all, matter of fact i used to love using the staticor but i cant anymore and its a really bad time whenever a squad mate has it on and is just running around spamming charged shots i lose like 10 or 15 fps each time a shot goes off, in missions i have to acitvely avoid these people as if your far enough away theres no real impact but on small maps like corpus and grineer ships this can be difficult. lastly id like to ask that people be a little considerate if theyr spamming staticor blasts chances are for some of your squadmates its pretty bad given that ive seen a few posts about this both here and on reddit, some of which are below.
  14. looking at this as well, gara is a defensive frame, she can do damage but shes no dps so obviously she wont have much kills, trin is a support so much the same saryn is a dps and she had an AOE weapon so naturally even with just her weapon she would still outkill the others significantly. different frames different roles, this is like comparing apples and oranges.
  15. i see what you mean but i hope you realise the stupidity of the statement as well. Saryn is strong in ESO and other content because she fits the niche of said content, she happens to have skill sets that are exceptionally well suited to the conditions of the content she is used for. to illustrate interms of gameplay saryn is good but only within her niche, alternate builds can also be used to allow her to compete in other niches. with survivals for example, saryn has a niche as a team DPS, franky she cannot survive very long by herself, aside from molt and its aug and some cc from her 4 she feels like paper thus she works best with a squad, nidus or octavia on the other hand, they are as good as saryn and do compete but they have a separate niche which saryn cant be a part of, they can do solo runs almost indefinitly due to immortality, tankiness, scaling damage, cc and invisibility in octavias case. its really just a matter of who has the more ideal tools for the job. with ESO ive seen volts do as well as saryns hell ive gone past wave 8 solo with my zephyr easily with just my dokrham zaw and arca plasmor it wasnt easy as zephyr has pretty much no damage and has to rely on having strong weapons but she has it easier in that she has a shield that blocks all manner of ranged BS and alot of mobility letting her kill one group of enemies and quickly travel to the next to keep up the kills per second. saryn struggles in wide open maps which is why you dont see her in open worlds too much and her spore builds are no where near as effective in low level content as enemies die too quickly before the spores can spread, having multiple saryns is also bad as theres a spore cap on enemies so if one saryn is fast enough in an eso they can spread spores and stop other saryns from doing so either via faster kills or said spore cap. For stealth misions there is no choice especially spy missions, ivara is hands down the best stealth frame due to her augment and her kit having only one real draw back which is the reduced movement speed and that her cloak breaks with noisy weapons though her 4 which does alot of damage can make up for this in droves. look just because a frame is good at something it doesnt mean they should be nerfed, this is just like with the whole itzal discussion. instead of changing the frame, why not change the rules of the game mode or better yet make other game modes that will give other frames thier own niches. i mean should excal valkyr titania and ivara be nerfed because thier exalted weapons and kits are more relevant than wukongs? should saryn be given even more range because she cant do much in open worlds, tiles or maps due to how spread out everything is?
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