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  1. If you hold down Banish, you can instantly dispel all Banish timers on enemies which lets Rift Surge proc its Radial Banish without needing any negative duration on him. Rift Surge is too complex for what it does. Its supposed to let Limbo pull enemies in the rift without leaving the rift. Its not as dangerous for Limbo anymore when leaving the rift because of shield gating. Additionally you could always just use Cataclysm if you think its too dangerous or use Banish from behind walls because the "invisible cone" goes through walls. Rift Surge should be reworked to do something else.
  2. Demolysts have this regular pulsing red aura. Technically any cc works on them but when this red pulsing aura pops, it dispels all debuffs they have. You may have been able to put it to sleep but if the aura pops, he'll wake up. What I use is Baruuk's Lull. It creates this lingering creep field that puts things to sleep. If they wake up while that creep field is still there, they'll fall asleep again. The red pulse will negate the sleep it puts on them but it cannot negate the creep field.
  3. People who talk bad about Limbo don't really know how to use him. Observe how they compare him to Frost. Just cause he puts a weird bubble on things doesn't mean he's a defense frame. Sure you can use him that way but that's not his forte. And he was never really a CC frame, either. Before he had Stasis, Limbo had mains and he was still good. Its his Rift Walk that makes him strong. It has no casting time. Its buff has infinite duration. It requires no energy. You can use it as a melee animation cancel. If your shield gate triggers, rift walk. If a nullifiers pulls you out of the rift, ri
  4. I think its a bug. Fire Walker goes through the rift but last time I checked, its augment Pyroclastic Flow doesn't go through the rift.
  5. This doesn't happen. I can make a vid of Limbo locking 20 disruptors in stasis in the simulacrum if you want. This is something most people do not know but Stasis is NOT a debuff on enemies. It is a buff ability on Limbo himself.
  6. I think DE should just improve the specter system instead of adding the echoes of umbra mechanic. Imagine if we can program precepts on specters so we can make them do stuff reliably. Or imagine summoning multiple specters.
  7. What advantage do you get out of it? Right now, stasis lets me shoot bosses in the face while their bullets are stopped in mid air so they can't shoot me in the face.
  8. Yes he does. You can now easily solo Eidolons with any warframe using just operator to kill their shields and void rig's arquebex to kill the weak spots and eidolons themselves. If you use Limbo, he's just there to hide in the rift and hide lures in the rift. No need for Chroma or Volt or whatever META anymore.
  9. I wish all nodes on all focus schools were way bounds so I can mix and match my schools.
  10. Rift Crouch. I like that. I think the only tweak Cataclysm needs is the ability to touch objects like life support or consoles while inside it. You can bypass this by going into operator mode but fictionally, all those objects you can't touch SHOULD be with you inside the rift via Cataclysm. The fact that Cataclysm can stop object interaction gets doubly annoying when its done on a Railjack. To top it off, Limbo's Cataclysm can be cast by anyone via the Railjack tactical panel. And you can't turn it off like a normal Cataclysm.
  11. They didn't say how many souls. Even if its just a dozen, you could slam into a group and mow down a dozen souls. Not a problem in SP since its a constant enemy spam and especially if the shadow form that pops out when Sev is downed is invulnerable.
  12. Yeah. Inaros's passive only works at low levels. That magic beam that comes out of his coffin does not deal enough damage. You can't even mod for it. We didn't see Sev's passive but it sounds way better. When Sev dies, it sounds like he activates his 4 automatically and then you might have a limited time to kill a number of things to revive his main body. If his 4 is that strong, you won't have problems killing things to revive your main body. Edit: I also just realized that Sev is kind of like Equinox that changes power sets depending on her mode and Sev's 4 seems like a better repr
  13. This was why Limbo's Catabomb was disabled. It wasn't because of its damage. It was because of its spam. He gets 10 energy back for each rift kill. So if he kills 10 enemies with Catabomb, he gets all 100 energy back for casting it. Most of the time it killed more than 10 so he got more energy back than he used to cast the ability. Spampalooza. Now imagine that ability on nuke frames. They'll gain more energy back than they used on their nuke ability.
  14. With the removal of the hall rankings and the addition of spawn pads, Is it possible to have any room be the center of the dojo? I plan to have my dry dock be the main room of my dojo and have it be surrounded with the various labs.
  15. This is sad and true. Its also why DE has a hard time adding new things into the game. People don't want to spend time learning them. They just want to do the same old thing over and over again.
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