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  1. My theory is people troll in the game because they don't have an outlet for it. So I had the idea of turning trolling into a game mode. Its called Co-op vs Player controlled environment. You have a regular squad of 4 co-op players vs another player that's controlling the enemies and traps that can activate on a tile set. Mobile Defense too predictable? Try the game mode. Imagine plopping a radiation cloud on top of a Mesa defending a terminal. I bet that'll spice up the mission.
  2. Lol. Just use Limbo. Not only does he have CC but he also comes built in with natural energy regeneration. Its boring but all you do is plop a small cataclysm on the goal where the enemy needs to score then let your team do all the scoring. Even solo with AI, your team will just keep on scoring because all the enemies are caught in your cataclysm and cannot score. Just run the clock with that. Don't worry about energy. Limbo will never run out.
  3. I would rather have a passive augment mod that once equipped, removes the portal that Limbo leaves behind when dashing into the rift and then he gets some unique bonus from it. Something like "rifted enemies have way point indicators on them" or "gains movement and parkour speed while in the rift" or "transition damage enemies take is changed from 300 impact to 10% of enemy's current health."
  4. I would prefer just desaturation effect. Nothing special. Anything in the rift becomes gray scale. If you're in the rift then the environment looks gray scale. Those are the simplest indicators I could think of that instinctively tells the player which plane they or something is in. Its still better than trying to spot the tiny ghost flames on their feet.
  5. This is why I think wf abilities that deal only damage is a waste of ability slot. Weapons have many systems dedicated to them. Rivens, headshots, combo counters, multishots, stealth modifiers, etc... Of course they deserve to clear rooms. Besides, dealing damage is what weapons specialize in. They don't do anything else so they SHOULD be good at the they only thing they do. Warframe abilities that only deal damage are never future proof. Ever.
  6. Yes it was removed. The code affected frozen (from Frost) and crystalized (from Gara) enemies. Once in that state, they can't take any status procs but any status proc they already have before being frozen or crystalized would continue. It was different for Limbo's stasis. It froze the status proc duration timer but didn't prevent enemies from receiving new status procs. I guess it was mostly removed for Frost and Gara's sake.
  7. Its the oldest warframe in your arsenal. Mine defaults to the regular Limbo. He was the first quest frame I built. I didn't want to sell quest frames back then because Simaris didn't sell them in his shop then. If I didn't sell my original starting Excalibur, he probably would be the default but I've sold every non quest frame I got because it was easy to rebuild them if I needed them for some reason.
  8. I tried it. At first I thought it wasn't that bad because I only need to do these things on my list. Then I realized that's for each page. I hardly cared for k drive before because I have archwing. But now that I used it, I hate it now. The controls are bad. My warframe bullet jumping has more control and agility than this board that I use. The grinding is bad. Its not like Ratchet and Clank or Sonic where you magnetize towards the rail. You have this really high chance to fall off of it provided you can land on one in the first place.
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