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  1. Dunno. The gameplay is very cumbersome. I would switch up between my warframe, operator and the necramech and its not very fluid. Sometimes I'd lose track of where I left my warframe and sometimes the necramech. I wish the necramech was just a vehicle your warfrme would ride in like the Kdrive. Or let it be an Ed209 body guard that follows you around. Switching controls between 3 characters was not fun. I'd imagine its even worse if it was client side.
  2. If I cast Cataclysm, I put the whole map in the rift. There's no way to escape it. Everyone is in the same plane now so nothing stops anything from shooting anything. I keep Stasis off and only press use it if I need to. Instead of interdimensional damaging, I'd prefer more benefits to squad members in the rift. Limbo gains 10 energy per kill in the rift. Why not make it so that anyone who kills something in the rift gives them 10 energy? What about extending the effects of Rift Torrent to squad members? Ever thought of that?
  3. The arena should be as big as an inspiration hall. And it should have simulacrum rules like Grendel eating people. The fights shouldn't be serious. Just a bunch of people screwing around.
  4. I wonder if we'll be able to install precepts in these things.The other necramechs walk around on their own. When I summon mine, I want it to follow me around like a body guard and fight on its own. If I need to control it directly then that's the only time I transfer into it. But would be nice if we can summon it like a specter.
  5. Some abilities have secrets to them based on how they're used. Mind Control is instant specter. Hyldrin Mind Control on a Shield Osprey means infinite shield recharge for example. Terrify is used in Steel Path Interceptions where you don't want to kill things but want said things off a certain area. Some powers are more efficient but weaker versions of others. Radial Blind is 50 energy at AoE compared to Desiccate that uses 25 energy but casts as a cone. Of course not all the powers are useful. Decoy is dumb. Its only use is Savior Decoy but why waste an ability slot if you just want surv
  6. Well, its nice to know they said they're buffing things and not nerfing things that are "fun." I have a lot to suggest mostly from the Helminth abilities but I keep thinking I just haven't found the right combination yet. Decoy. I can't find a use for this. Even Mind Control can hijack shield ospreys and it really helps Hyldren. Maybe remove the Decoy's health and let it be duration based. Let it absorb damage and when its duration expires, it explodes dealing AoE blast damage based on how much it absorbed. Ice Wave. I wish it did more than just cold damage. Maybe it could knock enem
  7. I did not know that. I based the idea off of Octavia's Resonator, which is the superior Decoy right now. If Resonator exists, then why not bring back the original Decoy?
  8. I'm no Loki main but I do have a suggestion to "modernize" some parts of his kit. Particularly, reworking Decoy. - Decoy should no longer have a hitbox (or health.) The description says "hologram" so why does it have a hitbox? Only duration will determine when the Decoy dies. - Loki can still Switch Teleport with it but when enemies try to damage the Decoy, their bullets and their attacks will just go through it. - The Decoy will no longer shoot with a fake Lato but instead will have a 15m AoE that forces enemies to aggro to it similar to how Guardian Derision works. This NOT el
  9. Whatever happened to the modular archwings? I remember they showed art of it. If they're removing old archwing missions, I guess they just gave up on it. I thought they could have at least given it new modular tile sets that are randomly generated like our regular missions. All missions run through the same tile set as corpus and is just empty space mostly for grineer.
  10. I think this was already fixed in the PC version but we don't have that patch yet.
  11. It would be something needed for a long time now. Some players would even intentionally die just to revive their sentinel. Its not even for the vacuum. Imagine wanting to revive Helios for scanning the rest of the mission.
  12. I heard it actually did revive companions. Just not sentinels.
  13. They are the default out of box stuff. Why would you ever use Rebuild Shields after you get Condemn or Pillage? They're just starter stuff you can ignore after you donate more warframes in there.
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