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  1. still a bunch of visual issues with the Outrider set. The energy appears blue-tinted no matter what (for example green when yellow is selected) and there's some kind of brown discoloration around the neck.
  2. oh thank god. The fashion thing was really bothering me.
  3. Clan name: SMT Bochra Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: "General" (founding warlord) I've got a lot to show, so I made an Imgur album. https://imgur.com/a/67asN9l Not all the rooms feel like they are worth showing, but I'm still very proud of my dojo! I've been working on it for a while now, and it's very nearly solo-built by me. It's intended to be a 'Home Base' for SMT Bochra (Steel Meridian Team, as Grineer aren't the brightest of souls), a clan founded from a team of Steel Meridian members and made up mostly of Grineer defectors. edit: the recent update fixed a lighting issue in one of the rooms. Here's a better shot!
  4. oh man, I've been waiting for something like this! Hype!
  5. As it happens, DE is well aware of @Almighty_Jado 's work! One of the illustrations we worked on together (the sentient Gafralyst) was featured on the last prime time!
  6. The only way I can "populate" my dojo right now is by placing grineer statues and carefully hiding the stands. Any chance of getting something a little better in the future? Why no articulas?
  7. thank you! I'm still super upset I didn't get credited but I've done everything I can now. I - OH GOD SLIME
  8. Hi there! I'm actually a guy, lol. Don't worry, I get that a lot. I don't use twitter very often, but feel free to PM me if you'd like!
  9. Character Name: Donatra ("Nat") Character Type: Tenno Equipment: Mainly valkyr, sometimes harrow/chroma/khora. Javlok, amphis (I like to imagine she just swings the javlok around as a melee weapon but in game I rep that with an amphis) Focus School (Only if Tenno): Madurai (and some Naramon) Bio: before the zariman incident, Donatra and her brother Geordie were colonists on mars. However, with Geordie on a solo mission of his own, she's taking the chance to leave her comfort zone and try not to rely on his help as much. Donatra struggles with sensory overload but has found she can focus that into power when using a warframe. She's not great socially but she does her best. Generally in combat it's best to point her towards the enemies and let her go wild on them.
  10. any plans of finally fixing the notes in the octavia's anthem quest so it isn't playing them in the opposite tones?
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