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  1. つまりDEのみなさんはあのシーズン2ワークショップをなんのリリース準備も整っていないまま発表し、シーズン1終了後アラートもnightwaveもない空っぽの期間を三週間も放置した此の期に及んでもnightwaveシーズン2が完成していないと仰りたいんですね 日フォーラムまともに見てるかどうかわかりませんけど、本当こんな欠陥だらけの苦行のためにアラートは死んだのだと思うと残念でなりません ニタンやオーラの入手手段がないまま三週間もほったらかしておいて今更シーズン2作ってないから幕間やりますは正直遅すぎます 去年のテンノコンで発表した要素がフォーチュナー以外未だに完成しておらず普段のコンテンツ供給まで疎かな今の運営には全く期待も信用もできません カッコいい!すごい!ものを作るのは勝手ですけどまず既存の未整備のコンテンツだったり明らかに置いていかれてるフレームのリワークだったり遅れまくっている近接リワークだったりそういう普段の遊びをもっとちゃんとしてからにしてくださいよ
  2. soooo you have unfinished season2 working yet,DE? you released that workshop without ready to ship at all? since end of season1, we get no alerts or no nightwave for 3weeks until now, and everyone need to get nitain, aura, potatoes regularly. recently DE working more and more delaying for overhype contents against what we really want melee 3.0, good frame rework, bugfix, etc. im afraid that next downtime will be 2month or more between season2 and season3.
  3. defenders: if you hate nightwave acts, just ignore and dont do it! DE: hold my umbra formWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *WOLF INTERRUPTS*
  4. some “nightwave is too grindy! pls stop! im burned out by this! no fun at all!” other “haha im here enjoyed nightwave dont blame us. you dont have to do all acts. if you hate, just leave :)” many people are complaining each other, but you should be kind for other opinions. im sure all hating or defending people have love for warframe. me? oh i really hate nightwave and i cant understand defend it idk
  5. im very sad to say farewell for arbitration this update makes it worse...
  6. people says: we hate “with friends or clanmates” acts! pls fix! DE: we are sorry, then we will do this 🙂 Clan Acts will also include Alliance members. are you serious ??? you dont understand why people complain about this act.
  7. if that rhino stomp will be superhero landing its more and more awesome
  8. I think nyx is still weak and useless even after this rework. there are no synergy of abilities mind control can affect just only 1 target,with small damage bonus no change about chaos absorb’s change is only damage type these are not enough. for example,i think mind control can be used 3 enemies, absorb is more interesting and strong to change with growing critical and status chance by incoming dameges i’m sorry to say, nyx is boring and weak warframe now in my opinion please think about her seriously more
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