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  1. The overwhelming majority of games I own I've played less than a couple hours of, because while they seem fun at first, they don't grip me and I lose interest. For me, if I genuinely like a game, it'll see 10+ hours of play. If I *love* a game, it might pass 50+ hours. I've got 2600-ish hours (Warframe time, not steam time which is like 4k and i havent been using the steam version for about a month) into Warframe. A lot of people who feel burnt out on WF have thousands of hours into it. That's a testament to how absurdly good this game is, so yeah I'm pretty satisfied. If it takes 1000+ hours to burn you out, then I really don't know what else you can ask from a game. (hell, if someone is even paying attention to a game (much less it's forums) after 1000 hours, i think that person can call themselves "satisfied" with it).
  2. I like that you can filter the Nightwave "cred offerings" by "hide owned". Howabout a "hide crafted" filter? I'm forever sifting through pages of skins I already have, but the window shows them anyway because I no longer have the actual *blueprint* for it. But it does recognize that I've already crafted them, so a filter for that too doesn't seem like a huge deal. Thanks
  3. Awesome! Hilariously late to the party on this change, but awesome nonetheless.
  4. The Wolf of Saturn Six left without his accomplice.. and she's pissed.
  5. Archwing Survival when? (also, Hydroid Prime trailer when?)
  6. Thanks for the fixes! I'm not super software-engineering-savvy, but why was this patch 500 megs?
  7. Thanks for telling us early and not doing the 'one more hour one more hour' thing. ❤️ Here's hoping for tomorrow! ..which is exactly why they always try and release by Thursday!
  8. Possible, but not terribly likely. Here's what will probably happen: The teaser site will probably go up on Monday. On Wednesday, a forum thread called "Where is Fortuna!?" will show up and it will explain that the they're having last minute issues with a couple of unforseen bugs and they're just testing builds to find 'the one'. "Will update in an hour!" An hour later, another "one more hour!" post will come. This will continue until around 9-10pm-ish at which point they will just decide to deploy the next day. The update will drop sometime Thursday during the day, and by the time you're home from work it will likely have been hotfixed at least once. This is "The Cycle". Learn it. Live it. Love it. (not trying to be negative here, just a vet player trying to prepare ppl for what happens basically every single major update. It's not the team's fault, these things happen.)
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