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  1. 6-7 years and still no Insect frame? C'mon. Latching onto walls, single target poison bites, squad armor buffs, mobility... maybe some wierd if-they-die-from-the-bite-they-spawn-bugs... that sorta thing.
  2. Read through the changes, and am still a but unclear about a couple things. for a shotgun: "Status/ Projectile: 9.6%". Cool. So uhh. How many projectiles are fired by this weapon? Multishot: 13.2 ..k. What does that mean? Thanks
  3. lmao is that all it was?? I'll make the adjustment and see. Thanks for the info!
  4. Occasionally the forward artillery will land a crit or something and do absurd amounts of damage (500k or so) but the crew ship wont take any actual damage.. mean while, weaker shots kill them. Thought this might've been some wierd fluke but it's happened to me 3 times in the last hour.
  5. Thank you for the update! (also thanks for preserving the relative roll-quality of existing reactors, rather than just bumping them up to the minimum)
  6. Not getting any gear drops since new patch. At all. No wreckages, no avionics. None. Resources are scarce. Anyone else seeing this?
  7. Yeah same thing happened to me. Lost some good loot, too. Infact, your name seems vaguely familiar.. I might have been in your squad? lol
  8. There's a weird interaction between the Quellor and Magus Lockdown. I've tested it with other weapons, doesn't seem to happen with them. When an enemy is "magus-lockdowned", it will occasionally take *MASSIVE* damage from one of the regular rapid fire Quellor bullets... and when I say massive damage, i mean like half of a lvl 160 heavy gunner's health. First, i didn't think the "unaware" state applied to guns. Even if it does, it's only the occasional bullet, not all of them. It's not related to head shots, and i can't figure out if it's related to crits, or maybe status procs... don't think so tho... and it's not every bullet. just.. once in a while. You'll be shooting it for small amounts of damage.. and then seemingly randomly... BAM! half of the health bar vanishes. Hope this helps.
  9. It sounds like Empyrean will finally realize what seems to be the original vision for Warframe. Does mean that with its release, we are finally at Warframe 1.0?
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