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  1. if i think of a kuva stug, i think: more power! and a cool gimmick :)
  2. qeust: new lotus after completing new lotus you can have a temporary lotus for the time being. every 'temporary lotus' has a bonus -maroo +50% extra endo +10% endo drop chance +50% extra endo (100% total) for 20 seconds when a teamate picks up a atyan star (time stacks 5 times) -little ducky +10% team overshield cap (agianst corpus) +5% team shield cap -25% enemy shields -darvo +1 clem +20% team armor (survival missions) -10% enemy armor -ki'teer (800 ducats + 1.750.000 credits) +15% void status chance +10% void damage +5% v
  3. thats not a bad idea, is it okay to you if i take this idea into another idea? just asking cuzz maybe some wont agree
  4. thanks for the reply! i think mailing DE is indeed a good idea (but im to lazy)
  5. magic hands on multishot: +40% multishot while aiming 3 levels primary common dark sense of humor on crit: +120% toxin damage while aiming 5 levels secondary uncommon open fire on every second kill: +200% damage on the next bullet 5 levels arch-gun uncommon aimed combo +36% critical chance and damage on headshot stacks with every headshot resets on reload 5 levels sniper uncommon CHARGE! on slide: +90% chance on infinit punch trough while aiming for 3 seconds - exilus - 5 levels shotgun rare physical wonders +55% physical typ
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