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  1. FuzzyRamen

    Kuva node bug

    Sometimes when entering a Kuva Siphon becomes a Kuva Flood instead and results in no Kuva when completing. Please fix, this has been going on since the beginning of Saturn Six.
  2. I am trying to make the new player experience a living hell. Watching them do all the work, ignoring revives and laugh if they abort missions since I already have enough to carry.
  3. Proper group means people. And people comes in goes in Warframe. I already seen half the clan kicked out for inactivity. It is better to have a queue in place for those that have the materials and split them with the ones trying to obtain it. There is no reason a MR4 to leech all the profit when they are getting carried.
  4. They can split the queue up for those without until they can make/obtain the blueprint. Razorback was not born yesterday and needs the resources from Archwing mission. This should apply to Plague Star as well.
  5. Please make mixers a requirement for the mission and auto add to the Stage 2/4 like Razorback encounter. Kind of tired of people not bringing their share and filling in.
  6. On some occasion when going from Operator back to Warframe you lose function to all abilities, only able to switch weapons and shoot. DE please fix I never played Fort Nite and I don't want a Warframe version of it.
  7. Too much Dialog and not enough rewards for the missions for Gyromag systems.
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