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  1. Don't worry, actually there are already quite a few threads about this, so you're not the only one.

    I can't login in tonight to mess around with it, but so you're telling me you receive less when you pick up the item?

    So in this case, it would be best to not touch it, until it's hot-fixed presumably tomorrow, correct?


    Wait, I just realized you're talking about the booster from the marketplace and not the new item lol. Nevermind then xD


    EDIT: Wait a second, how in the world you get 50K affinity for Focus, without a booster and only two rounds of interception? I mean, I've only played that node very few times, so I don't exactly know how the farming strategies work, but the one or so times I've done it without a booster, I would receive roughly 8K to 12K? Boosters on average yield me 15K to 20K, assuming I'm spanning the hell out of my abilities lol.

    If this is true, I must be doing some wrong then haha.

    Focus points gain does not apply until convergence is in place, which means post patch you get percentage on kill no matter what because you can gain focus with just killing in general with boosters. Now you need the new booster and convergence to even get focus points.

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