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  1. Oh yeah i also forgot to add, use warframe.market to sell stuff. It's pretty easy to get buyers on there.
  2. What if they can't afford to buy plat? I am just giving ways to earn plat without spending money. Also it really isn't a lot of work.
  3. Yeah if they let you buy kuva directly then it's a direct route to riven rolling. Most people with gambling issues don't like to put in work to gamble.
  4. Don't be rude. If he/she doesn't want to spend money they don't have to.
  5. You should look up some trading guides on Youtube and guides on how to earn plat. It honestly is a bit of a struggle starting out if you don't know what you are doing. opening relics is a good and probably the easiest way to earn items to sell for plat. Try to go for newer parts and look up easy ways to acquire the relics. It is actually pretty easy to get a bit of plat. There are almost always people in the ingame recruiting chat that will help farm, and people in region chat to give advice.
  6. They will never add kuva buying because it will basically end up like the old kubrows and turn into a slot machine and they don't want to feed peoples gambling addictions.
  7. Maybe posting in Suggestions instead of in General will have a response.
  8. I am aware of this but people always seem to jump the gun about little things instead of thinking about it and or going to the suggestions and they just go complain in general i am also aware of criticism being necessary for refinement (i do agree her 4th is out of place)
  9. Why do you even play warframe if all you do is complain about it and add pointless stuff to conversation?
  10. i wasn't saying you specifically i should have also added "It's *mainly the people..."
  11. I do agree her 4th is out of place would be cool if it summoned actual orb like wisps to float around and zap stuff with you but then it makes one of her 1 abilities useless... maybe they should change that one to giving shields or ammo or something
  12. I personally love baruuk and hildryn i just feel it's the people that "main" frames that complain about everything just because they don't like it
  13. That has nothing to do with it. People could just act more civil about the whole situation instead of lashing out
  14. ofc they can criticize but people are seeming overly angry and they could just sound a little more civil about it
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