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  1. DE observe how nobody wants to use the default Oberon prime Model. please consider putting it on a list redesigns. I don't think the yellow/greenish colour on your attachments fit your colour scheme which makes it a little bit off-putting.
  2. Sorry, Titania is the faster than Zephyr. I made this quick video with a incomplete build but you can see her speed at around 30 seconds in.
  3. To be honest, her entire kit needs to go. You've come up with interesting ideas but they still come off as a patchwork fix due to her rather dated kit and limits the ideas you've come up with. I personally feel like her kit should be more like the "Linker" from Tree of Saviour buffing teamates within vicinity and mass debuffing enemies. Here's a video showing off the Linker's abilites so that you hopefully get a better picture of what I'm talking about.
  4. I want no more new frames for next year till they finish balancing the others.
  5. I am grateful and I love DE but it doesn't change the fact they are a lot of the time really bad with deadlines. Also lets not forget its still their job.
  6. I do use Dispatch Overrdrive with a Redeemer Prime to avoid Redline stealing my kills. But I do think that Arcane Phantasm is too awkward to use when you want to go fast.
  7. I chose power strength initially because its the easiest stat to increase and for Gauss its often ignored due to prevalence of duration based Redline builds. At least with Power Strength people wont complain that the speed increase is a detriment to their meta duration builds due to the lack of Power Strength in their builds. It will also increase build variety by giving players more of a reason to build for strength. I do agree that it feels like a crime with the lack of opportunities we have to increase the speed of THE SPEED frame, he's supposed to be "The Runner, the Rapid" -Lotus yet we aren't given the kit to make him feel as such. But I also want to find a way which wont frustrate players who already find it difficult to control his speed as is, creating a way for them to opt out of the speed increase or just outright avoid building for it. I'm not trying to surpass the Queen of speed that is Titania. All I want is a way to get that rush, that EUPHORIC feeling you get when you reach those high speeds. When you're boosted by a Volt or a Wisp you feel fast, on top of the world, untouchable. Those are the speeds I'm after I want to feel unrivalled in speed It feels closer to what Mach Rush should be and once you get a taste you can't go back, it feels like you're running through a bog otherwise. The fact that default Mach Rush is comparable to K-Drives is blasphemous to the Saint of speed as well as the fact that Non Sprint based Warframes such as Saryn can mod herself to the extremes to reach high speeds yet Gauss, the saint of Speed cannot. Absolutely BLASPHEMOUS! Gauss has provided me the most fun I've had in Warframe in a while and that alone was due to his potential in speed. Sure he may be slower than Titania but its far more satisfying to go fast while running across the ground watching everything turn into a blur. But I do think his kit should at least be given a fighting chance against Archwing (with the exception of Itzal blink spam because its literally teleportation) on the Plains/Vallis as a alternative means of travel instead of a purely inferior one. In this case if you truly love something don't let it go. I strongly believe a speed change would be greatly beneficial to the way Gauss plays and feels, I refuse to let DE miss out on such a opportunity.
  8. Alright, how about this. What if we could add a "Gear Shift" to Gauss' Mach Rush for example, Pressing the [Insert Key Here] key While in Mach rush will sacrifice a percentage of Gauss' Battery giving Mach Rush flat bonus (or % Bonus) to his Mach Rush Speed depending on his Power Strength upon the cast of Mach Rush and holding the key brings him back down a gear. The ability may also drain a increased amount of energy from Gauss creating more need for the synergy between Redline and Mach Rush.This would be somewhat similar to the way Titania's [Razorwing Blitz] functions but instead it wont have a cap and be a part of his base kit, he is the "speed" frame after all. If we do this I suggest removing outside speed buffs that isn't produced by Gauss (Not including items such as spectres produced from Gauss) from his Mach Rush. I believe this will keep the players more in control of their Machrush speed due to the potential increase in speed.
  9. Using a RMB combo feels awful especially when you want to channel at the same time since holding RMB brings up your weapon and kicks you out of melee mode. Aim gliding was also a pain, if you wanted to aim glide through a tileset without weapon zoom goodluck. I hate the quick melee system.
  10. Yes. I also don't see a reason to change your mind, for there to be any sort of endgame or challenge the adopted concept of power fantasy has to go.
  11. Realistically when would you ever be up against a level 200+ Nox xD
  12. as long as they haven't nerfed Dispatch Overdrive I'm fine with the removal of channelling.
  13. I Highly doubt DE would allow for inf scaling to his Mach Rush if the proposed boost was that quick to accelerate. They'll be more likely to just give us a fixed boost speed with very minimal scaling if at all which isn't what I'm personally after which is why I suggested a channelled Mach Rush would have its acceleration dependant on both the meter (as a resource) and power strength which would scale up and down Gauss' acceleration when using this channelled Mach Rush. At least this way I think we can avoid having a cap and not have the speed be a detriment to gameplay.
  14. Why even make it a augment? make it a part of the base ability.
  15. Looks like they put something in our Kuva...
  16. Think of it more like a race car switching on the nitros surpassing its speedometer.
  17. I did propose a channelled sprint idea on page 23
  18. I made this video **real** quick. I don't think Zephyr is faster than this and this build isn't even complete. roughly 30sec in I am also fully aware of the sprint speed zephyr \/
  19. If we keep making our voices heard they might throw us a bone and give us we want... Speed! even with a fully buffed Gauss I'm unsure if he's faster than Titania without outside buffs and with outside buffs she eclipses Gauss. Titania is the queen of the skies and speed after all.
  20. So let me get this straight. A mobile defence terminal suddenly pulled out a Lex and threatened to take your lunch money? Dude, you gotta stop getting high on those radiation pockets.
  21. I'm happy to see a fellow Tenno who hasn't lost their need for SPEED!
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