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  1. I'm not sure if 6 Forma builds should be the main consideration regarding changes to Gaze. I agree the ability has great power and potential, but I think some minor quality of life changes (for me personally, a bit of extra range and faster cast speed, maybe one more on the target cap) would go a long way. An additional synergy that would be nice is increased vulnerability to void damage, to combo with Xata's Whisper. As for Accuse, I don't think you should hold back on the re-cast because of the other changes. Right now, re-casting feels like a must for the same reason you implemented a re
  2. Right now, the value/exchange rate of tokens aside from Mother's feels bad. It makes Cambion drift feel like bounties are the only way to realistically progress. Some ways to fix this are as follows: 1. Make other token recipes (aside from Grandmother's) cheaper to obtain (ie lower resource costs) 2. Make other token recipes (aside from Grandmother's) reward more tokens per purchase (ie more than just 1, 2, or 3 for most of them) 3. Increase the redemption value of other tokens (this would result in a rebalancing of Grandmother's token costs, of course) Any combination of the above w
  3. So far, aside from numbers tuning which I noticed others have mentioned, there are two quality of life changes that I think would improve the feel/flow of Xaku's gameplay. 1. Recastability for Grasp of Lohk and Accuse (recasting can reset the old cast if necessary, but the inability to recast if you don't get a successful cast feels bad at the moment) 2. Removing the movement-locking whenever using Accuse, Deny, or Gaze (the rest of their kit can be cast on the move, but using any of these three slows their momentum) If anything else comes to mind while playing, I'll be sure to give mo
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