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  1. I'll try the new auras for sure, but I gotta say... the main reason I don't play it anymore is that the forced revive burden was massively unappealing for me. And while I can play it solo if I choose, it would be nice to play publicly without the revive mechanic. I do want to ask, why are there no dedicated servers for missions like Arbitrations and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught? The revive mechanic was supposed to end host migrations, but it felt like a band-aid solution. Of course, I understand if dedicated servers for those mission types are beyond your resources, but surely there has to be a better solution than the revive mechanic that was implemented.
  2. Overall, I'm looking forward to the changes I think! If I have any feedback to give, it is going to be related to Defy. Part of me wants to see total durations (such as how long we can taunt to build armor for example and how long the armor buff lasts). Secondly, will the staff attack at the end use similar base statistics to the Iron Staff (mostly thinking status here, but I won't say no to crit either). Finally, I also will need to feel out how much the slow affects him. As this ability is going to be the one most people resist changes to, I'm hoping the new version feels good enough to assuage people's fears. I, for one, can't wait to try it when it reaches console however 🙂
  3. Hello! It is I, one of the smeeta kavat fans, here to say that some of us do enjoy the smeeta 🙂 that is all. And considering all five of the possible passives cheat death (and you're guaranteed three per mission), there is way less RNG involved compared to the smeeta.
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