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  1. Hey guys, i wonder is there a option to move my warframe from view because i can't even see what i'm aiming at. im tried to change field of view and nothing work still same result. i can remove shoulder armor but fasion frame xD and i can use option to move frame from left to right but moving on this camera is really annoying.


    and when i change frame possition to the right i looks ok but can't stand moving on this camera


    Any ideas?

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  2. I just checked and my atmosphere version of velocitus does around 3x less damage than space one. So that will be the deal but you have a point KingOfRisen i will try buy electric damage for archgun and go for radiation.

  3. hmm i tried go to the heavy gun stats of my velocitus but it shows same stats so i started asking people ingame and googling but can't find how to check archgun damage on atmosphere. But i suppose it might be it. Thank you for answer

  4. Hey guys the problem is i can't get my velocitus power do decent damage on eidolons. I mean my ferrox shows a lot less damage with nearly same crit chance and crit multiplier but practicaly do more damage on eidolons. And my question is WHY? 



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