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  1. what i am talking about i mean really
  2. so recently while in prowl my ivara starts losing body parts while invisible like head/chest (even hole body but prime parts) are gone like the shade bug usually going out of prowl will fix but its annoying plz fix this issue, heck even my melee goes sometimes
  3. some attachments not look right either they clip through as well
  4. my issue/idk if this counts as a bugg is: when i am in prowl if i am on primary and switch to melee my melee is invisible (not in hands star effect just nothing like she is swinging air), i have found if you go into prowl with melee it shows up but goes back to swinging nothing if i switch to primary.
  5. just want to add i can't buy plat via steam idk why this is happening and i guess i losing my 50% off thing >.> plz fix
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