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  1. Heyo DE, when inviting friends or random people into your orbiter they can't go in the Headquarter room, or the other 2 rooms. Sometimes it works but most of the time I ask them and they just see another door once they look through the closed door. Just letting you know, and thanks!

  2. Heyo, here's another bug just to let you in on. So for the Kronen Prime, if you were to equip it in arsenal and rotate it left and right along with your warframe the two blades would just kind of dissapear and re-appear. Just letting you know. 

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    When using Umbra and his sword, if you were to get a stealth kill and get invisibility for a short time, the invisibility goes away (sometimes) when doing another stealth kill, also once the invisibility goes away the sounds are muffled (say footsteps etc...) for the entire mission once the invisibility goes away. Just letting you know.


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