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  1. wow! It's almost as if adding a mass or weapon at the end of a staff makes it... a polearm... halberd = polearm, halberd with no head= staff
  2. Well, it's every 50 days. I don't really mind it being almost two month between choices, PLUS it's a 33% chance of it happening, so it's gonna be closer to 5 months (around 150 days) between rivens. I don't mind receiving three at once every 5 months tbh.
  3. there are not as many shotguns as rifles. I'd change it to resources. 100k nanospores, 50k plastids, 50k polymer bundles... dojo decorations are expensive 😛 Also randomizing to a point the three riflle rivens to guarantee at least one shotgun riven, and possibility to have two.
  4. Could we get more clan roles? The current selection is oddly limiting for bigger clans who want to have specialised positions, like mentors or chat moderators. When you have a big clan those ranks start becoming an issue. Also, could we get more dojo colors? The current palette is somewhat lacking. Gib variety pls! And over anything else, thanks for making this game great!
  5. Some bugs are harmless; however, there's a good reason for Cert before console builds. A memory leak is easier to endure on a PC, for example. Bugs with ingame emchanics are not of interest, gamebreakers are.
  6. Consoles. We on PC are the bugtesters, consoles can't endure the amount of errors we get on new releases here.
  7. thanks for the hotfix! However, can we expect any changes over the next week to nyx abilities? maybe more revenant changes, or that melee 3.0 dev workshop you talked about a couple devstreams ago?
  8. the prova augment is just that weak tbh, not bugged, just not worth it.
  9. DON'T TEASE US LIKE THAT! I thought we were finally gonna get content.
  10. Hello! If I made a grineer character, would there be any problem in having a dargyn? I was thinking of a backstory for a rogue Grineer Air Commander, but want to make sure before I apply. I don't mind waiting for a free spot on the discord server too.
  11. That avatar picture from the thicc lobster of health tricked me.
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