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  1. I have the riven for you,
  2. Do you mind for 2nd stats to be status chance?
  3. Also post your Price on my private messages or in comments so i can see them easly ^^
  4. Hello,today i would like to sell my Riven mods up bellow. <--- gammacor <------ Soma <------ stravadar<---- Torid <------ Sobek P.S: Rumors are that torid is getting buffed ;)
  5. Hello so i am selling my riven mod today! Comment your price :)
  6. Sword of the lost rose is here! Let me know what you guys think aobut it :).
  7. UP
  8. UP
  9. <-- Kohm <-- Torid <-- Kunai PC. Ign : NightKillZ Send me a message on warframe with price you want to buy it for
  10. Still no feedback on my creation :(
  11. Some of the creations i saw on the creation forums so far are litreaully such a copy from another creator
  12. A little sneak peak (I cant draw ) I have to make the rest what i tough i will make
  13. This thing is hard to create,spented over 10 days trying to figure out what iwant and the style,type and everything. I am finnaly at the finish off the story,stats and desing. Just need the type of the weapon. Full melee wil lcome out maybe in 1 day :)
  14. Right now as we speak i am drawing my weapon and i am pretty sure DE's should make the rule to draw them because its more authentic than using MS paint or krita because there are certant programs which you mark the weapon,the weapon transfers on MS paint/krita and then they draw a sh**tier version of it and put watermark at bottom as theirs