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  1. Same here good to know its not a computer problem.
  2. Not sure when it started exactly but sometime this month I noticed my frame rate was really bad. I could be playing the game 60 fps and then it decides to drop down to 10fps and back to 60fps constantly. I have turned off gpu particles and that did nothing so then I started to 1 by 1 turn down all my settings till I was running at the lowest settings which also did nothing to fix it besides fix my fps from dropping to 5fps. The setting that did fix that was shutting off dynamic lighting so now it only drops to 10fps I also turned of vertical sync which has made it slightly more stable. I use a asus rogue g752 gaming notebook. with 16gbs of ram a geforce gtx 965m graphics card and a intel core I7 2.60GHz. I am not sure if I just need higher specs now that Warframe has had all of these updates or if it is on warframes end. When the open world for Venus came out I noticed some fps drop but it was nothing major only 4 to 2 fps lost. Now however I can even be in my own ship and the fps will drop to 10fps then back to 60 or in missions and it does the same thing.I have also optimized the game and checked stuff on my end playing other games without a issue which makes me sorta believe this is on Warframes end. I have heard Warframe dropped a new lighting system in the latest update which makes me wonder if that just has bugs at the moment that are being worked our or just require higher specs to run properly. New maps give me a constant 6fps just tested that out no matter what my settings are.
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