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  1. I'm still trying to understand why Ivara is getting 2 new skins with the amount of skins she already has when there are other, who have a lot less attention given to them (Gara, Nezha, Hildryn and Gauss come to mind)... But hey, no question from me on that part, just finding it strange. As for the nerf to Limbo, usual deal, we always find a strat to make content trivial and when somebody shares it somewhere and DE finds out, it then gets nerfed - usual deal. Thankfully I saw this coming from a mile away so I haven't touched Limbo. I'ma be honest here, I'm freaking surprised the Kuva Bramma hasn't been nerfed yet too. I'm pretty sure it will eventually, not seeing what's the hold up.
  2. As a huge fan of Nezha, that augment makes me cringe a little... but at least the team made it an Exilus mod and THANK GOD FOR THAT. BUT I'ma throw this out there, cuz WHY NOT at this point: Call me crazy but WHY not make the slide ONLY available when using Nezha's 1 which has everything to do with him being faster (and not doing much about that part, let's be serious here) and just remove the slide all together from Nezha's regular gameplay without his 1 on? Same result, a lot more emphasis on using his 1 for something other than residual damage and you will actually feel the speed up the skill SHOULD give. At the same time just give him another passive cuz the way current things work, you're basically killing off his passive by using that mod. I honestly like the augment idea mind you, it's a step on the right direction, but I think Fire Walker could be improved by making the current passive part of it and giving Nezha a whole new and (possibly) better passive (not to mention, Nezha Prime is pretty close). PLEASE consider this.
  3. Not sure if it has been posted yet but Rahetalius shared this on Twitter: I just want the same functionality, that's all I ask. I don't care if the new UI is better, more polished, whatever. All I would like to have is the same functionality and information there as I've always had in the game. So long as that's kept I don't give a damn about the looks, beauty is subjective anyway honestly.
  4. I love what you say in this. This is just degrading at this point. I'm currently MR28 myself as well, I'm playing less and less every day because of the latest decisions and I just can't help but wonder what kind of feedback is being taken into account here... Are partners who complain even being listened to? It's always more grind, less fun with DE these days. Why not just massively reduce the build costs and leave the repair kits in? Now you got a furious player base that could have used them and couldn't get an opportunity to and a laughing player base with 200-400 piled on their inventory (or more, honestly who knows how many people stockpiled these past few weeks). Every piece of content is the same lately, right since Fortuna released: it's all padding to hide the shallowness, more and more. It doesn't matter if it's profitable for either end, that doesn't seem to be the priority lately. The priority seems to literally be about keeping the player inside the game on an endless grind that will take weeks. I remember a Warframe game that I could play in the middle of my study sessions from college, had an exam soon, needed a 30mins break (sometimes a bit more), I would go crack a few relics and see what I got and THAT was the worst RNG we had at the time. Now, as a worker, how the heck am I gonna make my time worth it? Farming any standing in Fortuna or Cetus takes time that I can't skip. Killing a Lich takes hours cuz of all the Murmur farm, I could always try and go for the kill but I got a FRIGGIN' "MasterMind" game barring me from sticking a shiv on my Lich's head! Why the heck is a boss that's supposedly to be about testing a player's skill suddenly all about guessing a mod combination?! Who the heck thought this was a good idea? People are straight up abandoning this game! Of course, new players will always come, sure. They come, they play, they spend, they leave. But the older players? The ones that have been here since the beginning are still waiting on issues like "armor scaling", scalable rewards, RECYCLABLE content and not just the stuff that's been releasing that's basically all like: Play Content > Check Rewards > Get Rewards > Got everything? > Yes > Never Play This Content Again ^ Quite sincerely this is the biggest problem in the whole game. For an MMO it's pretty bad at recycling its own content. There's literally a player base focused on long runs complaining about how longer time should equal better rewards, making it so that it would only affect the 1 hour mark at least wouldn't damage the community. How hard would it be to add veiled rivens, fully built forma, orokin reactors or catalysts (only to name a few examples) at the 30 min mark for example? Would it be so damaging? Instead of that I end up farming plat by running relics and selling the products so at least that way I'd be running the actual game content. It would improve on recycling the game's content for one and it would keep players inside the game with just a small change like that. But what do I know, I've just been playing the game for 5 years. We're all here screaming into the void for you to actually look at these major problems for YEARS. But no, we get more unfinished systems, more skins, more grind but we have to make sure we don't grind fast enough cuz DE will nerf our fast methods cuz we can't grind too fast... it's maddening for both sides.
  5. I'm sorry, and this is not directed at you but at this particular comment about "playing something else until DE has time to do X or Y" thing, people are doing it already. Warframe isn't even frequently on Steam's top 10 anymore, most players are already playing Destiny 2 for a while now or, hey, I'm playing Witcher 3 cuz everybody's talking about it again. Warframe is still BETA but quite honestly it's a useless tag at this point when the game has been out for this many years. DE isn't a baby company in the business anymore and, quite frankly, Empyrean was only released that early so that DE could do a big boy's move and say "our update is out right now!" right on the Game Awards to get bigger exposition and it ended up being a huge shot in the foot considering the inumerous (and mostly negative) implications on said update that you can hear or read about in any video or post that talks about the subject - topics about it being buggy, unplayable, a chore to grind among other things are so common that you can't really miss them. I'm not pointing a gun at DE here, everybody makes mistakes but we have been waiting for this update for 2 Tennocons, not 1, 2. The community could have perfectly waited another 2 months for something more stable. Releasing it early with that many bugs is just difficult to express. And honestly... how many companies say "we got this NEW update for ya to try out while we go on vacation!" ? I mean... seriously? OK, sure. They're people too and it's Christmas but YET ANOTHER REASON it shouldn't have come out. The update NEEDED hotfixes, it needed more cooking time and don't get me started on the "Rush Repair Drones" which was a clear way to cash in on any player who wants to skip the endless grind for resources in the case of the higher level weapons on this new system. The "Rush Repair Drones are something I'm comparing to the Mod boosters fiasco from a few months ago at this point. I personally think the game has been going downhill since Fortuna. For the sake of comparison the Plains of Eidolon was an impressive update at the time with multiple new systems, new bosses and incredible rewards for the experienced player in the form of Eidolon hunting. Eidolon Hunting is something that always has a use in Warframe, be it to farm standing, focus or even Arcanes to use or sell to other players - Fortuna has nothing like this and instead rewards players with a measly resource after beating what's probably the most annoying boss in the whole game for the unprepared player - Profit Taker. The whole grind for standing, to waste on the various NPCs to get stuff, only to wait for the next day so I can get more standing due to daily cap, only so that I can then go to the back to farm standing again for yet ANOTHER syndicate which happens to have 2 warframes locked on the highest level? My problem here is that our time isn't valued anymore. I'm wasting days of grind here so I can grind for what I'm interested in - in this particular case it was the new Warframes from the update - I have to grind 2 separate syndicates over the course of MULTIPLE DAYS in order to play the new Warframes just because "the update is new and you can't rush it"? OK, sure but then what's this padding without any substance? Why is every update lately like this? You grind something you don't give a damn about in order to grind something you care about. Back when I started playing I would grind for what I wanted to grind. I would get told "get on this mission and do it til it drops". Now to get said behavior from the same game I need to first grind intrinsics up to level 7 at least cuz the best stuff for my Railjack is on the highest level, AND THEN EVEN IF I GET IT, RNG can make it weaker than a regular variant. But sure, it'll be addressed eventually... The one update that was actually good this year was Wisp's. The new mode was fun, straightforward and getting Wisp was like the old days: A BOSS. You run it, kill it, get part, repeat. Same thing happened with Gauss. Hildryn was put beside Baruuk for some reason, farm 2 syndicates so you can reach her, gg (sarcasm implied). It's frustrating because a LOT of what the partners are saying lately is right. A lot is also an exaggeration sure, but a LOT of it is also correct. And I know people are people and they need rest but Empyrean is looking more and more like a mobile game considering all the grind for the same weapon with different stats and the whole rush mechanic.
  6. How anybody can consider Valkyr to be perfect is beyond rational thinking when there are warframes like Excalibur, Wukong and even Gauss who do what she does but a lot better. Heck I love Valkyr as well, she was the first warframe I ever built and I clocked a considerable amount of hours to the point I put every Umbral forma so far on her Prime version. She needs a revision. And be honest here, save for some very specific cases, her 1 and her 3 are useless. The fact anybody would use her 1 to move around when parkour is an option and the Operator is a thing is just plain laughable, I'm sorry. Her 3, assuming standard build (no range) ends up with no use, and even without a standard build, I can't see anybody using it to proc finishers or stun enemies when they can just kill them. Her 4 needs a buff, later in levels it's just a chore to kill anything without a higher status value, it is perfectly doable, yes but still a chore. Comparing this exalted to any other one in the game just makes me sad though. Quite honestly, and this isn't a recommendation but more like a prediction, I can see DE switching the stats on this exalted weapon, changing how the combos work and switching the whole invincibility thing to a 90% reduction while also killing off the extra energy expense that, sincerely, we should never have gotten added on this warframe. I have no problem with her 2 though, it's downright the one ability she has that I have near 0 problems with and the one ability that helps with her scaling in higher levels. Either way, I can see her 1 and 3 being nuked into oblivion OR 1 being changed and 3 being nuked. I think 4 will probably get something along the changes I mentioned above and that should be it for this "revision" of hers. I honestly feel she would do better with a rework on the level of Wukong so she would shine like when I got her but I don't feel like it's "needed". Just my 2cents.
  7. Can we please get rid of that Refine button on the Railjack foundry? People have been failing missions over players pressing that button every time we get new resources. At best this button should only be accessible to the current Railjack's owner and nobody else.
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