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  1. Nerfing one of the main movement utilities of the game? I thought this was a joke... what the hell...
  2. I have reached MR 27, maxed every weapon and vehicle EXCEPT for 1 skateboard that I have literally near 0 interest on. I have maxed every focus school, made proper builds on every warframe and near every weapon. I have obtained near everything there is to obtain aside from hidden lore in the game that I absolutely feel no joy in getting due to the devs' complete lack of focus on said lore lately, not to mention all said lore is perfectly covered on youtube if I ever want to check it. So I think I can say, with near absolute certainty, that I have nothing left to do in Warframe. I log in whenever a friend needs help on things, which seems to be the only thing in warframe that gives me any joy, and I'm patiently waiting for DE to stop focusing on dumb shadows, textures and whatever else that barely ever matters and focus on actual content for their players. I'm at the point where I believe we haven't had proper content aside from Fortuna (which was a carbon copy of Cetus but I digress) and the new Disruption game mode in these last few months/years. Though I do understand it takes so much more time to MAKE actual content than to actually CLEAR said content, therefore I usually stay quiet. Consider this post just me venting some frustration out.
  3. Why the heck this thread isn't on feedback is beyond me... I honestly am not bothered by another armor strip element though, just so long as it isn't better than corrosive in its armor stripping ability. Though I have to agree that you can see the lack of imagination on the new effect, everything strips armor nowadays and I dunno if it's cuz DE finally noticed how crazy their armor scaling is or just literally went "screw it" and thought this was a good idea (it's not terrible, just unoriginal) anyway. I was expecting something on the lines of more heat procs = more enemy vulnerability to heat or something... but at this rate I'm seeing, for example, cold will eventually be allowing ya to break armor easier cuz you're freezing the armor... which sounds logical but overall boring in the long run. Just my 2cents
  4. You're gonna farm the relics the same place you've farmed the others. Just look up how to farm Axi, Neo, Meso and Lith relics, there's no specific place for the new relics, unless DE for some reason decides to put the relics on the bounties in Fortuna or Cetus, in which case you'll only know when the PA hits the game.
  5. I still get them relatively frequently so, unless it was a very recent hotfix, I believe they're still part of the pool.
  6. The point still remains that this is just a band-aid. It's not gonna fix anything at all regarding the drop rate AFTER the loot nerf. We're getting this as a sortie reward? Awesome. Who's hyped over a useless booster on the sortie reward to further dillute the reward pool say "tenno scoom". I'm not for sure.
  7. This is just... honestly I'm at a loss for words... I'm sure you can see how happy the community is getting with this "experiment" of yours right? I mean, first you nerf loot frames and its intended behavior, that had been working like that and have been a part of warframe's meta loot farm, for literal years. THEN you go ahead and put another booster, EXCLUSIVE to Prime Access, and you call it an "experiment"? How is this an experiment? How is a 2x booster for mod drop chance gonna help? You know your own drop chances in your own game, you know that any mod that is actually worth the farming is usually 5% or less chance (and I'm upping that number by a LOT), good luck farming Condition Overload with that booster with its 0.02% drop chance. This booster is no experiment, it's not even gonna solve anything, it's just another bad BAND-AID to try and pretend that it fixes something that wasn't broken in the first place. Your game is a loot farming game, the fact that you nerfed the loot farming in a loot farming game is meme worthy but not the "good joke" kind. Like seriously, nobody is even remotely happy with your recent changes for a while now. Why is feedback even a thing in this forum if you're not gonna take it in the end? Is this one thread even being read? For god's sake, be reasonable here, your playerbase is getting fed up at you trying to sugarcoat every bad decision you've been making. This one booster being dropped AFTER the loot nerf just doesn't look anything but an experiment for pay2win in disguise in the long run.
  8. I'm just here to say that I would be 100% OK with this booster if the loot frame synergy (Nekros + Hydroid, etc) wasn't nerfed. Like this it's basically DE creating yet another nerf but trying to sell ya a solution (which isn't really a solution as a 2x Mod chance booster isn't that big of a deal). As a long time player it just seems 2018-2019 is just a very bland year in warframe, this one booster AFTER the loot nerf just looks bad no matter how ya slice it.
  9. The only status effect you need to worry about is Magnetic and there's very cheap arcane sets for that. Assuming proper builds yea, I'd say Trinity + Volt can't be surpassed. Oberon is great but keeping lures alive is a lot easier with a Trin and you can easily discard Harrow's protection + crit buff, it's generally not needed.
  10. There's a discussion about this one mod in this topic The general consensus is that it's basically just not a good mod.
  11. 300 but, as we all noticed so far, Rebecca is the one person who can organize the team to get in front of a camera to talk about stuff with a proper script. Then again, this one devstream probably won't have much, I'm guessing more New War tease, a bit of Railjack/Empyrean which will be here next year (don't tell me it's this year, I don't want to be hopeful) and the cherry on top which will be Atlas Prime, which will be the good thing, but since 70% of the community doesn't like/know how to build Atlas then most will also not care about that. I say postpone it again.
  12. The problem is that we already have more powerful choices than the ones DE keep making up. Anybody can argue that "it's a side grade", it isn't meant to be better than what we already got. You can argue that DE keeps on doing things without the community's input in question, nobody ever asked for these mods to be created: Aerodynamics is useful on maybe Wisp or Titania, maybe also Zephyr; Swift Momentum is useless; I laugh on Shepherd; Combat Discipline was talked about already, it's crap; Melee Guidance is just... I have nothing to say, nobody who plays melee properly will even bother if you bring this, they're already using Naramon themselves; About the arcanes: Primary Charger probably will have some uses but very situational ones; Blade Charger is the same; Pistoleer and Bodyguard are useless; Tanker will probably see some use in Profit Taker but I don't see it being used anywhere else, I could be wrong though; Like seriously, I sometimes wonder who even thinks on most of these and who approves these ideas. They play their own game even so I'm dumbfounded... I'm probably making a bigger fuss than what is worth but this same crap applies to Disruption when it came out, I am yet to see ANYONE that remotely thinks about those Amalgam mods that drop on the Ropalolyst as "useful". The one thing that was actually decent on the new Arbitration changes is that now I can make a ton of Vitus Essences and buy 10k Kuva after 8 waves of whatever I'm doing. It's an ok Kuva farm I guess. Now I'm actually left to wonder what the heck are they gonna have as rewards for Railjack (whenever that actually comes out). Here's hoping it's something like "Arcane Clown: Do an emote for 30% chance of +120% Sniper Damage", I'd probably use that for Eidolons.
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