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  1. The fact Melee is still getting nerfed instead of bringing Primaries and Secondaries to the same level just makes every single one of these posts pointless to read no matter the content they have. I don't even wanna think what's gonna be of people who bother using Hammers, 2 H Swords or any slower weapon with the changes to Berserker, good luck if you even bother playing after all these changes hit. Berserker will basically be dead and people will just move to Primed Fury, the nerfs to mods are pointless and will do nothing in the long run but the fact you're making the game's combat even more uncomfortable instead of, for example, adding a cap to Attack Speed to prevent animation break just shows that your methods for game balancing never seem to progress. But anyway... I seem to be one of those that also doesn't learn, this kind of thing has been happening for years and I still pop up on the forums to say my piece while believing it'll never amount to anything.
  2. The problem has always been that melee mods scale better with enemy level than any other mod type in the game, it'd produce a better result if you just went over the mods for primaries and secondaries to just improve them in general. I'm not even mad at the nerf mentality of DE nerfing the one thing that deals consistent damage in Steel Path content, I'm just honestly disappointed cuz every time they go to try and fix a problem they just take a wrong left and enter "What?????" territory. Why are the supposed new mods a Steel Path only reward? How the heck does this logic even pop up in your meetings: You nerf melee which is the viable way to kill enemies in SP, you add new mods to fix the unbalanced fest we have in our arsenal, and how do we obtain them? By killing enemies in Steel Path... What? I dunno, why not just increase mod capacity on guns in general to avoid the same build over and over? Let me add Argon Scope as an extra mod for example, make Reload Speed and other utilities "Exilus mods" - TAKE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE and make it viable. Why are we still putting on bandaids that ultimately fix nothing and just create more problems? Has anybody looked at the cost of those new mods? I mean, melee weapons take 1-2 forma to become viable while guns in general still take 4-5 and now it'll not be enough again, I'ma have to add another possibly to fit everything. TL;DR: Add more capacity and mod slots to guns and improve the mods we have already, don't do whatever you think this is, whatever this dev workshop post is intended to announce honestly falls flat on its intended goal.
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