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  1. Ash definitely needs some love. I love his concept but I can't play anything besides a build based on his 1. His 2 lasts a very small amount of time, his 3 is situational, his 4 is only usable when soloing and, even so, it's faster to just use my melee weapon. I have no major troubles personally with any of his skills BESIDES his 4, I can tolerate the ups and downs, but that's an opinion coming from someone who just doesn't play him as much. His 4 feels slow, works slow and I would honestly just prefer DE to simply take it out and replace it with 4 teleporting ninjas that would just go anyw
  2. This is that one topic about the game being hard or not, what needs to be nerfed or not, this topic already popped up numerous times in these past years. I have no doubts the OP is correct on some things but it won't matter because warframe is a cesspool that can never be balanced at this point. We have hundreds of weapons (in which 90% in the grand scheme of things don't matter), 70 warframes (prime and non prime included) give or take 1 cuz I don't care about the number anymore and to top if off DE cannot for their life make proper difficulty because everything can be 2-3 shot aside fr
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