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  1. I noticed her skirt not reflecting the fashion I chose. Is this a bug or an unintended change?
  2. 6%... this is turning into a gacha game tbh... In later weeks he should be 20% at least, get him to 6% after nightwave. Personal opinion here, I'm working full time for about 3 weeks now and I saw the wolf like... 3 times. The current percentage is sad and you're increasing it to just 6%? I'ma buy the Hammer I guess...
  3. Already slightly burned tbh... I'm done with Nightwave though so I'm giving my PS4 some attention. Bought the whole Uncharted series to play and I'm heading to Bloodborne again after that. Also playing Borderlands 2 on PC from time to time.
  4. Happened yesterday. Made me log off for the day. I actually think they're fun fights but I lose all motivation when they just vanish like that.
  5. Lately I prefer https://rivenmarket.com/, can also be open through steam without any compatibility issues.
  6. I want a zanuka companion
  7. I don't really complain over syndicate levelling being hard. Syndicate gating though I do complain. I hate that as a concept, I understand why DE does it but it's a lame move and I would love to see some way for it to go away. Fortuna itself is a big example with warframe parts being locked behind 2 syndicates. I'd rather see more short quests like the one with Revenant in their place.
  8. I just had the same exact situation on my side
  9. I would like to be able to actually choose who leads me on the missions. I don't care if it's Teshin, Konzu, Ordis (he would be awesome though, I love him, people hate him after a while but I always loved this lil guy), or whoever it is. I'm just pretty tired from the Lotus. Here's hoping our operator actually grows up and actually gives up on Holo Lotus after "The New War". That's my opinion though.
  10. Zephyr is intended to be a mobile gliding warframe, the warframe presented here simply "floats" which could be as simple as Hildryn's class of floating... which doesn't undermine Zephyr in anyway. As for the concept, I'm actually interested. I like the concept of an angel warframe but I would instead go for a buffer/heal style instead of a heal/dmg reduction style on her abilities, we already got Trinity for that and a lot of other warframes emulate her with or without augments (Oberon, Gara, Nezha in a way, etc are some that come to mind). I would also say she needs a better passive, double jumping to open her wings just seems ... a waste. I would suggest a tweak on her passive like... assuming this angel warframe has 6 wings (like in your picture), pressing 1 could open the first pair of wings, pressing 2 would be the second pair, 3 would open the, last, third pair and every skill could get a boost so long as you had all 6 wings open. I could see some tactical sense on that and would make for a much more complex, tactical and interesting warframe I think. Of course this is just my opinion, I did like the concept though.
  11. Will spare ya the confirmation time: Every warframe in the game will have a prime version. Save the formas. And I'm not ever using mine until I got at least 3, I don't want to ruin my builds. Assuming I got the right amount, it's either going for my Chroma or my Inaros when there's a prime... assuming I don't say "F it" and put it on my Valkyr instead since she'll be able to fully use those forma.
  12. I don't know what's sadder, a player that on 2019 still insults Limbo or the fact the player has never seen a good Limbo.
  13. I felt like asking this question because he's very random. He also has that same habit as stalker of spawning when you don't take any proper gear. Yesterday I got him while I was running for Simaris targets, didn't have any proper equipment but I managed to tank him, was a slow fight but I managed to win. The point of this thread was to pinpoint some weapons you could bring as a safe bet to kill him if he ever pops up. I usually kill him with my Zaw but considering status procs don't stay on him this is not a great thing to use. Hopefully this thread helps out some people.
  14. Hildryn doesn't have any energy so the energy orbs you get when playing her restore her shields instead. This happens because of her passive. (source: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hildryn#Shield Energize)
  15. Definitely reroll. It's a fun, powerful weapon too. if you enjoy it then invest on it.
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