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  1. Real life it´s not a game, most of players using games to disconect a bit from real life things for a while, thats not hurt anyway.
  2. The ember 3 rd ability should work ( like rhino 4 th ) with any debbufs for enemies.
  3. An enemy with lvl 100 can literally 1 hit then kill you easy.., anyway the Warframes are not that powerfull than it seems...
  4. 1) Frost, speed nova, also limbo are really helpfull if you play with some fair players ( yes there alot of these kind ) 2) Matchmaking need any kind of " filter or also personalize options " like: MR range, all weapons equiped, timelimit ( this is very important, im really tired of enter in sanctuary then host leave at 1st round. 3) Not many people using maiming all the time, but macros are for " reatr mode " agree. 4) Range is really low and these skill wich have long range normally lose alot of strong in the way. 5 ) Agree totally. 6) Need choose dificulty on maps ( scaling with rewards ) but this is more complicated because a WF for real can die in one shot at certain lvls... need the armor, vit, shield system a better rework and balance with enemies dmg, resist. 7) Boses, is more than above.. one hit you die and most of time you cant dmg them.
  5. Just buffs the " less used / less power " weapons but pls stop nerf the " strong / favourites " ones...
  6. Such a negativity around.. you guys remember plains or orb valls? they said " we will launch this year " and we got them... im personally cant wait for real melee 3.
  7. This ... also Android actually got better quality than " famous " iphone lol long live to Huawei !
  8. Railjack for sure this year, new war next year... where is the joke lol
  9. All rivens should be dispo 3 and untouchable, enougth dispo the get strong and not too OP riven and not so weak to avoid..
  10. Easy fix DE can just post a poll abouth changes, tweaks, addongs etc comunity wants to decide, also...with few default options ( once one is choose can be changed a little if need).
  11. We can expect railjack in december then new war march/april next year...
  12. Dont tell theres not challenge, when i see all player dying on 1 hit at certain enemies lvl...another thing is players dont want/like feel weak, for me point of view the problem still on rewards and the need of meta and usable these " meta items "
  13. Add more items will be great, but maybe more that 1 per R, or some drops just from enemies?, or X 2 loot each X time/rounds..?
  14. Mr 45 like umbra thing... any new way/method to get it maybe... wish MR inflict on " stats " like in all mmorpg
  15. the posibility to make your "own dungeon " mean choosse start enemies lvl, fisure type, map, maybe time cap?
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