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  1. Again i really apreciate the hard work DE put in big updates, but sometimes litle things are the one who make the diference, easy example: we need more mod slots ( like the special new mods for gliding, jump and so can be like exilus, special extra slot for special extra things ) im sure 95 % of players wont use them on final build, sorry i dont going to change my reach, flow or something to do something " special " while jump.
  2. Like in all others game, if you want the best you have to lvl up, why WF should be diferent. just get some decent mods, builds, WF, weapons,, torodis wont move from there anyway.
  3. Mag is great and powerfull WF, she maybe hate it before the great rework
  4. dam they shoudl release primes earlier ( iknow i know business move ) but in that list im only interested in Gara and foward frames xD
  5. Restrictions just ruin the game.. why you want the best of the best equip if you cant use on hardher lvls? it makes no sense really, also ofc we need more enemies like Nox just DE pls ignore people who cry bcs Wolf " is hard " .
  6. The thing is.. there no another game like Warframe or nearly closer.. i dont think it will closed in years, with the tec we got today they can upgrade the actual system from graphics to mechanics soo... Long live to WF !!
  7. We like some challenge, these enemies give us just that, so whats the problem? i know they can be really anoying in some cases but thats why we got alot of weapons, movement options and others frames in team who can help.
  8. Please add any chance to make these misions on plains and orb any kind of survival, excavation something to give more game to these great big maps.
  9. Woh.. how do you guys meet him many times? im still dont see him never.
  10. So.. where is the problem? game is easy or too dificulty? common tanky enemies its what we need. At least you have meet him...
  11. A new warframe and weapons for sure plus maybe any sentinel, mods, " kavat " ?
  12. Please stay on topic. Any post like " this mode, weapon frame item " are bad, useles etc etc.. are just subjetive words.. it should be I think " complain then " Im dont like "more complain". People really need to stop thinking all things go around them.
  13. Just one word... new augments are " meh " for you. Not all players think like you.
  14. Dam.. im only interesed on Gara and next primed version... too long way.. they should release primes more frequent xD
  15. No story. he just scared to spawn where i am xD Haven´t see him one time.. i supect the rates of spawn go high if you go with any lower lvls frame or team.
  16. No sorry, but i have notice this bug on all melee i use also, but with tipedo it jump at first lvls when used for first time.
  17. Since tipedo prime are affected with " that melee bug " too, i can test correctly. The bug: When you still ataking multiples enemies with melee it does the dmg supose to do, but at certain time some strange hapend it does not more than 200 dmg normally lower on same enemies same atacks.
  18. It´s like stalker with their blueprints... random encounter ++ random loot
  19. Not learn the beggining of game, just run too fast into all misions, imagine till MR 10 dint know you can bullet jump, how mods works how to use WF ( was using the mmorp`g style , full vit, armor, shield only ) xD
  20. It is fair. it motive new players to reach new " lvl´s " get futher on game. like in any other game lol common what happend with this comunity. This game is way easy and fast to get " the last lvl things " while you actually can spend years to get same in any others games.
  21. I really love this update, no bugs found, all figth go really fluid and epic. Thanks for hard work DE.
  22. Yes there is a story and only the begining xD and still great as introduction
  23. WE kill for cassowar or guando prime for melee, zatki for secondary then ignis prime xD
  24. the 75 % is good.. just the finisher atack need to be faster.
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