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  1. lol im still enjoy valls and fortuna and more content is coming for this big area. ofc next year doubt will be new one bcs of 2 next big updates planed ( new war + railjack ) but i vote for me in next 2020 will be positive.
  2. stop complain some of us ( most ) do not spin all time but yes like do sometimes for few group or enemies but not as mandatory.. if u dont like dont use stop try broke other ppl gameplay style.
  3. real..? thats ur basics? like other comentary.. most of them giving feedback ( ty they change things acording with comunity needs)just ppl need to diference btw give feedback andcomplain like a child..
  4. im tired of read every day post abouth ppl cry, angry, or just complains to DE and wf in general.. we all love this game enjoy it. they always fix things very fast, they giving us a great new content in low time range ( try find a game with this features)^^. ofc some things need few tweaks but common overall of game is just perfect and it keep growing. so TY to DE and all WF team for hard work and dont give up bcs of those ppl who want easy things or a game just personalize for them.
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