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  1. I've been told by the grapevine that this is apparently 'fixed'. As of build 2019. it is not. Still can't use any abilities. Edit: fixed. Know what it really was? It was this. Please stop resetting config' information.
  2. Pretty simple request. I don't see any reason for my configurations to be altered every few updates, so please don't do that. I can't imagine why bringing back Plaguestar or changing an alias requires making all of my settings default values.
  3. Two issues I've so far found of uncommon occurrence. UI becomes partially unresponsive when jumping to the navigation console via Esc > Navigation in the orbiter. Pressing Esc won't exit this console - you are forced to click the top-left icon and use its menu to jump to another console. Second issue requires a forced game close to work around. When exiting the Syndicate Offerings UI, all window prompts disappear and leave the UI background. This still pans around as normal, but it cannot be dismissed. The normal Esc menu to fast-travel around the orbiter cannot be called. You can use chat and therefore linked items (including Dojo) but these links cannot be used to work around the crashed UI.
  4. Extract/stay UI is immediately unresponsive during Index runs, forcing the player either to stay (they cannot move nor dismiss the extraction UI) or force-restart the game. The latter option loses all rewards that would have been obtained. Tested only on Index, haven't confirmed it for other optional extraction scenarios. I'm poor now. 😞 Time to break out the nano-spores as my new currency!
  5. If you find my dojo, please... Don't go to Chamber of Sorrows.
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