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  1. I've been told by the grapevine that this is apparently 'fixed'. As of build 2019. it is not. Still can't use any abilities. Edit: fixed. Know what it really was? It was this. Please stop resetting config' information.
  2. Pretty simple request. I don't see any reason for my configurations to be altered every few updates, so please don't do that. I can't imagine why bringing back Plaguestar or changing an alias requires making all of my settings default values.
  3. Two issues I've so far found of uncommon occurrence. UI becomes partially unresponsive when jumping to the navigation console via Esc > Navigation in the orbiter. Pressing Esc won't exit this console - you are forced to click the top-left icon and use its menu to jump to another console. Second issue requires a forced game close to work around. When exiting the Syndicate Offerings UI, all window prompts disappear and leave the UI background. This still pans around as normal, but it cannot be dismissed. The normal Esc menu to fast-travel around the orbiter cannot be called. You can use chat and therefore linked items (including Dojo) but these links cannot be used to work around the crashed UI.
  4. Extract/stay UI is immediately unresponsive during Index runs, forcing the player either to stay (they cannot move nor dismiss the extraction UI) or force-restart the game. The latter option loses all rewards that would have been obtained. Tested only on Index, haven't confirmed it for other optional extraction scenarios. I'm poor now. 😞 Time to break out the nano-spores as my new currency!
  5. My suggestion would require bulk work to put into action, but would mean less need for additional moderation manpower. I think we still need some focus on automation so that there isn't a need for more people to sit there moderating, and not a need to constantly upgrade a simple bot with ever-more complicated wildcards. Eventually wildcards start to interrupt normal use, and exact matches are only so helpful. Like you say, people will always find ways around it. The best way forward in my opinion is to better cater to the needs that the excessive uses are outlining.
  6. I have a suggestion for the social UI. ------- In my mind, the chat system has a spam problem that other games have dealt with far more efficiently, in some cases with even better support for the likes of trade or group-finding. At the moment, you have several separate channels in which you want to segregate certain topics. It's a good start, but I think Warframe needs a new UI 'search tool', if you will. Here's the idea: ditch the LFG and trading channels. They're both cumbersome, difficult to keep up with and spammed endlessly. During prime time, the spam sometimes inhibits the usability of these channels. Instead, replace the buttons that link these chat options with links to separate in-game windows - one for trading and one for LFG. Label them clearly so that even the newest players will know to 'click here for X' - they won't be tempted to raid region and be kicked for not knowing. I know there is a warning on joining the channel, but it's not the boldest set of instructions going. The LFG window could provide a simple sheet for filling out what your group is doing - so the call title, and possibly an additional section for adding requirements/preferences for newcomers to the party. Submitting the sheet should then display the call in an LFG section. For an example of this kind of feature working as proof-of-concept (and I'm by no means insinuating it should be ripped-off), see Guild Wars 2's LFG system. It works, it's fit for purpose and it removes a hell of a lot of spam out of the equation. Moreover, a big button on the chat screen saying Groups and Clans is much more obvious as to what the button is for. After all, a huge part of the issue behind the social spam in Warframe I feel is the ambiguity of some of the UI. It's definitely functional, it's just it could be far better. The rest of the LFG UI would be as follows - a 'recent' tab for viewing groups that have momentarily listed, an 'all' (maybe), and then a few more sections that relate to certain mission types - you could use the top-right mission-type box as a basis for making new LFG sections: i.e, Sorties, Void Fissures, Farming, Clan Recruitment - whatever. The bonus for group-finding is that the calls could be modifiable. The Trading window could operate almost exactly the same way, featuring a similar sheet for describing briefly what the player is selling, what section it fits in, and for how much. The linking system could help for predetermining what post is displayed in what section - if it's the sales/seeking of relics, then it could go straight to a relic section, for example. You could have similar sections for modifications and prime parts. Yes, the system could still technically be spammed, but with separate search sections, players will feel less like they need to do that. At the moment, it happens because there are just far too many players at any one time looking for this, that and the other in one small section. ------- I know this might seem like a huge overhaul, but a part of the strain I think for newer players is the pointless learning curve that is just knowing where they can speak. It would help the bots be more helpful as fewer players overall are warned about posting in the wrong areas, and it'll help everyone in general for having a far more organised system to cater to whatever they're looking for - be it groups, clans or trading. To be clear on the trading, I'm not suggesting something like Guild Wars 2's - no. If you've played GW2, you'll know that the downside of the trading in that game is the sluggish nature of the application used in-game. Warframe doesn't have to contend with that because of warframe.market and other sites. Plus, in the end, at some point the best of these third-party websites could be mentioned in-game by DE because they're extremely useful. Warframe.market itself is outstanding and doesn't deserve to be ignored for the service it's effectively putting into the game that development haven't. I don't mean that in a negative way - it's a testament to the strength of Warframe and its community.
  7. If you find my dojo, please... Don't go to Chamber of Sorrows.
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