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  1. Home Region: Europe; Peak activity is early afternoon to late night, GMT00:00; Fluency Required: English; Minimum Age: 18 (Eighteen) Years--no exceptions; Discord Presence is Required. Microphone use is not. Hello! We're a multi-game, international community looking to expand our presence in Warframe with the addition of warm-hearted, friendly companions who seek a digital adventure with friends. If a growing community is something you'd be interested in, then look no further! Other than the above listed, we have no prerequisites for joining, bar being a decent person. Our doors are open to a wide variety of people, and if you're looking for a kind, laid-back and democratic environment, I cordially invite you to join our Discord to say hello! Whatever your ability, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, etcetera, we readily welcome you aboard should you want to join us. We pride ourselves on diversity and freedom and we'd like you to be a part of that. We're open to players of any skill level or progression--we welcome newbies as well as veterans. We appreciate taking on more experienced players who're intent on helping to grow our in-game presence in any respect - be it to train new players, engage in the PvP environment or to just spend good time among friends. We're also looking for additional officers (moderators); engaging and active people who can expand our roster in particular fields with like-minded players and provide office in our style. For this, you'll need to be interviewed by our leaders, be fluent in English, and a microphone will be a must. Dojo: We try to avoid making a point about our dojo, as we believe it isn't the strong-suit of any given clan in Warframe. The extent of equipment research and interior design doesn't necessarily define the type of people you'll make friends with. That said, our dojo has 99% completion, and thanks to myself and a couple of other oxium and polymer hoarders, we have a good-looking and easily-accessible dojo. How to Join: 1. Join our Discord Server! Say hi (tell us how you joined us)!; 2. Review our #📋-code-of-conduct and see #🔥-start-here-🔥 for verifying your agreement; 3. We'll send you an in-game invitation. More Games We Play: PlanetSide 2 Paladins: Champions of the Realm Starcraft II Guild Wars 2 League of Legends Apex Legends (...and more!) Please note: + We've written a basic code of conduct to be used on top of common sense. We won't ask if you've reviewed it, but we'll assume at all times that you agree to adhere to it. + To uphold server membership, you'll need to be notably active on our server at least once in any given two-week period, or request an extension to this period. We won't ask why, we just want to know you're still interested in our community. Our members will not respond to this thread.
  2. Extract/stay UI is immediately unresponsive during Index runs, forcing the player either to stay (they cannot move nor dismiss the extraction UI) or force-restart the game. The latter option loses all rewards that would have been obtained. Tested only on Index, haven't confirmed it for other optional extraction scenarios. I'm poor now. 😞 Time to break out the nano-spores as my new currency!
  3. If you find my dojo, please... Don't go to Chamber of Sorrows.
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