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  1. If memory serves correctly, DE intentionally made it so that certain mods like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds would not be usable on exalted weapons, as well as set mods (excluding the Sacrificial mods) not having their set bonuses for exalted weapons. Although Garuda's talons aren't enabled through the use of an ability like Excalibur's or Valkyr's exalted weapons, it is still considered an exalted weapon and subject to those restrictions. If her talons are still allowing mods like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds to be equipped, that might be an oversight on DE's end.
  2. Maybe I'm just looking at this differently, but wouldn't it make more sense to make it so that the infinite combo duration only applies while we're in the Granum Void instead of having it kill the combo counter when abilities are used universally? You could otherwise have the weapon behave normally like any other weapon outside of the Granum Void while allowing it to have an infinite combo duration inside of the Granum Void, and then you wouldn't have to force it to kill the combo counter whenever an ability is used.
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