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  1. I'm honestly a little apprehensive about this one. I feel like there'd be a lot of people complaining about this if they're not very skilled at playing the game in Operator mode or haven't really worked on unlocking everything for the Operator. It might give more incentive to actually work on unlocking things for the Operator, but it might also push people away if they don't have the time to actually work on grinding that out. If the idea of making this less of a grind is the intention, you're kind of forcing more of a grind into this as well for some players with a challenge like this. I'm also not so sure about the K-Drive race challenge being a good idea. As someone else pointed out earlier, not everyone is familiar with where the races are at; this isn't exactly helped by the fact that there's also some people who legitimately don't care for using their K-Drives at all and/or refuse to use them, so they won't really want to bother with memorizing where the races are located. An alternative that would probably work out better is having players capture certain outposts in the Orb Vallis (i.e., clearing out The Pearl area and making it safe to grab bounties from first, followed by clearing out the Temple Fabrication area and making it safe to grab bounties from afterwards). The Kuva siphon challenge seems like a nice addition, though I'm hoping that includes floods as well since they tend to be more rewarding. I'm sure some folks would still do the siphons regardless, but the floods basically operate the same as the bounties, so it would make sense to have them count towards that challenge as well.
  2. I don't think it would cause an imbalance. People would still have to buy the riven mod slots to have more space for them. Just as well, the whole "supply and demand" issue and people hoarding rivens just to sell them later like you mentioned is already a pre-existing factor, so that wouldn't really be any more of an issue if the cap were removed than it is now. I could see that working as an alternative approach, but at the same time, I highly doubt that DE would implement a new riven mod section specifically for archgun rivens when rivens as a whole is all lumped into one section; as it stands now, we currently have all primary, secondary, melee, and even sentinel weapon rivens all lumped under the riven mods category, so I don't think they'll be making a separate mod category for archgun rivens.
  3. If you're going to be adding archgun rivens into the mix, would you consider at least raising the maximum riven mod slot cap as well (if not remove the cap entirely)? As much content as there is in the game at this point in time and with more of it on the way, having a max cap of 90 riven mod slots seems restrictive for anyone that actually doesn't go off on a selling spree with the rivens they acquire. I'd personally like to get my hands on some archgun rivens when they become available, but I already have 90 riven mod slots and sitting very close to the maximum limit for riven mods, and I really don't want to have to axe a few of my rivens that I currently have just to make sure I have enough space for the archgun rivens.
  4. Honestly, I'd just like to see Mesa's 2 and 3 not instantly stop what momentum she has on the ground in order to actually cast them. They might be castable mid-air, but it still feels kind of weird having to bullet-jump into the air to maintain some of your momentum, and then slowly glide as you cast both abilities just to stay mobile while you active her 2 and/or 3 around enemies.
  5. If I might make a suggestion (assuming this isn't already the plan), an improvement for the fissures that I'd recommend is speeding up the process in which the fissures are closed. As it is now, the process is very slow for what can be seen as a pseudo mobile defense procedure.
  6. DE said they would have it as a reoccurring event in the same fashion as the Ghoul Purge events, so it'll likely be the same wait time that we have in between each of the Ghoul Purge events. It's not going to be the once-in-a-blue-moon Plague Star levels of a reoccurring event.
  7. While I can say that I do enjoy the Nightwave system, I can't say I'm fully on board with it as a complete replacement for the old random alerts that came up. It's a nice system to have, but I've noticed that certain resource grinds like Nitain Extract have basically come to an almost complete halt for a number of players (both old and new). Instead of having Nightwave completely replace the old random alerts and effectively slowing down the rate in which players able to get resources, why not have it as a way of supplementing the old random alerts and have both systems running together instead? By doing this, it would allow newer players to still be able to work on the Nightwave challenges while still allowing them to also work on gathering specific resources in a relatively more accessible manner. I understand that this new system is meant to help alleviate some of the issues with people missing random alerts all the time, but it doesn't exactly seem beneficial to implement a new system that allows them to get the resources at their own leisure while also removing any other methods of getting those resources in the process.
  8. Looks like grouping up with others (either for trading or doing missions) seems to be a bit broken after this update. My hardware and internet connection is fine, but after today's update, people are showing up as offline when they aren't whenever I send invites to them, and I keep getting 'Host not found' errors when trying to connect to others.
  9. Well, that's going to make finding them incredibly more difficult for me. I have a hard time seeing them as it is, and my Helios Prime scanning them when I was close enough was actually helpful for that.
  10. I just noticed that Carrier/Carrier Prime equipped with the Ammo Case mod doesn't seem to have the ability to convert random ammo pickups into heavy ammo for the archwing weapons equipped with a Gravimag, nor does it seem to increase the total ammo capacity for them. Is this supposed to be intended, or is it a bug? Because if it's intended, that kind of makes it pointless to even bring Carrier/Carrier Prime to try and have more ammo to fight the Profit-Taker Orb.
  11. Still no fixes for the Kinetic Ricochet mod?
  12. Still no fixes for the Kinetic Ricochet mod?
  13. There seems to be a bit of a problem with riven challenges again. Currently, the challenge that has us killing 5 Dargyn pilots while sliding before they hit the ground doesn't seem to be registering any of the kills made. I just spent the last half an hour trying to do this riven challenge, and even though I've more than fulfilled the requirements for the challenge, it's still not registering any of the kills.
  14. Could you guys maybe look into some of the still-ongoing issues with the Kinetic Ricochet mod? That mod's been broken for a while now, and it's reached the point that it's basically pointless to even use it since it doesn't work as intended (or even as described in the mod's description). This thread here actually sheds a bit of insight on the problem, so hopefully that can be looked into. That aside, there's really only a few things I'd like to actually ask about that I'm hoping might be discussed at some point in the future: - Would there be any chance of setting up another endless kuva mission on the Kuva Fortress? While the Kuva Survival mission is great for kuva farming, I can't help but feel that the the defense mission (Tamu) also has some great potential for being an endless kuva farming spot. - Would there be any chance of restoring some of the old legacy weapon skins that were updated in update 19.10 as separate skins for their associated weapons? I understand that there are some existing skins that already do that (such as the Day of the Dead, Forest, and Conclave skins), but having the option to use the original legacy weapon skins without any of the aforementioned skins applied to them would be nice. - Would there be any chance of making some updates to the Plains of Eidolon to introduce the option to pick up new bounties while you're still out and about in the Plains, like what you've shown in previous devstreams for Fortuna/Orb Valis? The Plains of Eidolon are enjoyable, but having the ability to access bounties from out in the Plains as well honestly seems like it would be beneficial. - Would there be any chance of also expanding the playable area of the Plains of Eidolon a bit more to include more areas for the player to visit, along with more activities to do in that area as well? The plains are a decent size as it is, but some of the inaccessible areas that we can see from the borders of the Plains really seems like they'd be interesting areas to check out. Just as well, having more activities in the Plains while we wait for Fortuna would be great; while fishing, mining, and hunting Eidolons can be fun, it feels like there's still more potential to look into for the Plains, and Fortuna's already looking like it's going to cast a major shadow over the Plains because of how much more it seems to offer. - While I know we just received a couple of new weapons recently, could we maybe get some more Sentient-related weapons at some point? We've got plenty weapons related to the Grineer, Corpus, and Tenno, as well as a decent amount of Infested weaponry, but we've only got 4 weapons related to the Sentients (War, Broken War, Amps (barring variations as separate Amps, of course), and Phantasma). It honestly feels like there's a lot of potential to work with for Sentient-related weapons, and it might be worth looking into further.
  15. It seems like the defection mission for the Yursa node at Neptune is broken in a way that makes it impossible to complete. The escort targets are finding their way to the area just before extract just fine, but instead of following the ramp up and heading to the extraction zone, they're walking off a ledge and getting trapped in a spot that they can't get out of. That same spot that they get stuck in also appears to be bugged, as it used to be a "death" zone; normally, it should teleport the player (and any non-hostile NPCs) back to the platform they were on before, but now it doesn't do that at all.
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