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  1. My dear Tenno, I have some bittersweet news about the Warframe team to share. Mike Brennan (aka Mynki) has moved on to other creative ventures after an incredible fourteen year run with Digital Extremes. I’m sad to see him go but I’ve always known that Mynki has more ideas than atoms in the universe so I’m excited to see what he does next… (expectation: “Shut up and take my money!”). I stand in perpetual awe at your vast amount of amazing work! All of us at DE stand behind you Mynki and wish you good luck in your next creation!

    Ouch. And yet, as the sad news spread among our art team, something interesting happened. The team began buzzing about who should assume the role… and they kept landing on the same name. Someone who had known Warframe before it even had a name. Someone who had built its original scifi with inspirations drawn of Eastern and Western influences. Someone who had crafted the ancient trailer that made CNN way back in 2004. Someone who had sat in cafes across from Mynki more than a decade ago, sketching in faint blue pencil the designs of what would eventually become our first Warframe... Excalibur.

    “What?! Are you serious?” Geoff tried to laugh it off, but he could see it in my face, we were serious. After some time to think and plan and build a strategy with the rest of the art team (and some sad puppy dog expressions I gave him) Geoff Crookes has stepped into our Art Director role! Geoff has 2.0’d the art team supported by the incredible leads many of you already know - Mat, Ray, Kary and Lucas to name just a few. Change is scary, but I’m already seeing how well this team is working together on the future of Warframe. Sentients and [redacted] will be stunning!

    I’m sure we’ll feel this loss for some time, but to steal from Herbert: “A person needs new experiences. They jar something deep inside, allowing you to grow.” We are seeing this play out in tandem, with our beloved Mynki off to invent something new while our reformed art team coming together, flush with voices and ideas that had never fully surfaced until now... enough, I dare say, to fill the universe!


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  2. Tenno,

    My last big Dev Workshop was in June and that means time for a follow up. What did I tell you last time? Our summer plans. What we were hoping to achieve with splitting out Updates. Where are we now? What's next? What's going on? Where's the last part of the update, 'The War Within'? How much Bourbon has been consumed?
    You're asking me the same questions I'm asking myself. My team has been stupidly patient as we look back at Second Dream and scream 'we need to repeat that'. The pressure has been on all summer. We've had a summer of content and fixes go out, but the hype for big older brother (which we've hyped a lot) War Within just makes everything we've done feel… just less. Really I'm here to lay out October for you so you can get just excited about what's coming soon on PC.
    This week on PC we bring you 'The Vacuum Within'. To be fair you've been waiting longer for this than the War Within, so maybe this is the real best of the year deploy. No, we're not having 3 Mods make up Vacuum. We changed it. Vacuum is going to be passively built into every Sentinel, no Mods required. It will have a range of 5 meters which in practice looks something like this WIP (pro-Lotus skills hitting an enemy behind the locked door):


    Later in October, The Corpus version of Rathuum is hitting PC. This game mode will be called 'The Index'. With it you'll get glimpse of Nef Anyo again! 'The Index' will feel a bit more classic DE in that it'll have an introduction to a new game mode with an Operation (clans rejoice), some Endless emphasis, and an event weapon!

    On PC, you can look forward to 'The Vacuum Within' this week.
    On PC, you can look forward to  'The Index' in October.
    On PC, you can look forward to War Within more than a month away.  
    And for Console Tenno,
    The Long Shadow Tactical Alert is hopefully coming in October.
    An interim build before The War Within that will include the Corpus style Rathuum.
    Once The War Within is out our crazy 'break apart Updates' to bring you content faster will be heavily analyzed to see what it achieved. Many of our content creators appreciated us breaking things up for coverage purposes, but even that isn't enough to keep them around if the content itself didn't hit the mark.

    So there's a glimpse, an overview, a few paragraphs that explain what's going on here these days. It doesn't do the team's passion justice, but giving you all information is the best way for us to work together. We'll talk more on the Devstream Friday, everyone.




  3. 1 minute ago, PrVonTuckIII said:

    Will there be anything like fouls? Or is everything fair play?

    Currently no fouls, but you can check and knock someone down - but what we found was, that was keeping you out of the passing/scoring play so we didn't bother (yet).

  4. 1 minute ago, (PS4)Kamranos said:

    Is there any chance we might see a Lunaro playing field or practice field available to build in our Dojos? Its been a while since the Dojo got some DE love and I would hate to see the perfect opportunity slip by.

    Great idea, like a half-court for rallies in your dojo.

  5. 7 minutes ago, ChubbysCurryMcToastKing said:

    It would be cool if we have a seperate loaout section (like for pvp and AW) with 2 slots (one for team moon and one for team sun) where we can color our frames in Sun and moon colors (maybe from pre determined color palettes).

    depending which team we are on, it will pick either the moon or sun loadout.

    This way you can easily tell who is on your team and your oponents team.


    ps. sry if this is too early, but thats just an idea that came to me. damn I am hyped to try it out 

    Smart. I will bring this up. Team visibility does come up as a concern currently.

  6. 1 minute ago, notlamprey said:

    Awesome stuff, gang!

    As a longtime fan of Unreal Tournament's Bombing Run mode, I'm pretty dingdang excited to give Lunaro a try. Small question: are there currently any plans to allow for private, invitation-only matches? Friends, clans and alliances might find a lot to love if it was possible to arrange for planned games.

    Nice! I do believe private and invite-only is already working for today's release.

  7. 14 minutes ago, -Amaterasu- said:

    Since all mods are disabled for this are there plans for Lunaro specific mods in the future? I could see mods that are corrupted in nature (Gain something, lose something) working for a game like this

    I think so, but I'm a bit gunshy on that right now. A few missteps and the meta is blown up. Tradeoffs would def be the way to approach it though.

  8. 10 minutes ago, Ibro156 said:

    Quick question.

    Are their any fouls in the game? So can I fly kick the enemy team?


    You can shoulder check and smack each other around! Currently we don't penalize this (but you are basically trading your attention on passing/scoring to take someone out). I have seen a few matches where an unstoppable goal tender pisses off the other team so much they come in and start playing more aggressively to try and tip the scoring in their favor.

  9. Just now, Evanescent said:


    What do you mean by the defender's zone must be cleared before play resumes? Do we murder them with out bats or something? >:D

    No, the Lunaro will drop in defenders zone after ... 4 seconds (I think) but your Lunaro launcher (Arcata) is disabled until you clear out of their zone. If the defenders are being sloppy you could clear the zone quick and try to jet back in for possession again, but it tends to have a basketball rhythm to it.

  10. 1 minute ago, Kh3l said:

    @DE_Steve First thank you for your hard work and your awesome ideas. You and the team made babyframe growing up.

    My question about Lunaros is: Can we expect an Geoff Excalibur helmet skin as a reward ?

    We tried to 3D scan Geoff for this but his swol muscles broke the lasers.

  11. 5 minutes ago, Prime said:

    I am guessing only windows based systems hm? I do have some pretty beefy Linux servers around here that I could offer


    omg o..o

    Windows at first yes :( But it is headless so its not completely out of the realm of possibility.

  12. 9 minutes ago, B_R_A_B_U_S-v12 said:

    Also i would like to now, should we expect a clan tournaments in Lunaro for the future or not? . My idea for Clan tournaments in Lunaro ( So we have seasons in Lunaro ,  and every month there we should except Clan Tournamens and Prize must be cup and exclusive emblems with an inscription  ---Lunaro winner of the 1 season---, so our clan won in the first season and took Cup.For the second season we already have more  powerful clans who  ready to take away our Cup and and win 2 season ,so they are training  and preparing for this. So at the end, their clan takes away our cup and and becomes the winner Of the second Season )

    DROOL. Yes, we wanted to get the mode out ASAP and get feedback on it, but I am dying for this Clan tourney idea.

  13. 9 minutes ago, -Amaterasu- said:

    When you say you get a bonus point for the Lunaro being unstable when you get a goal does that mean you let it explode on you and it happens to make a goal (since it says it flys off in a random direction) or is there some way of guiding it?

    Unstable goals would be from shoulder checking it out of the air and into the net. Or leaping up and smashing the ball with your Arcata instead of catching it and launching it in. Much harder, but purple-cool!

  14. 10 minutes ago, God_is_a_Cat_Girl said:

    But will it still behave like Conclave and give XP to the Frames? I guess that only the frames would get XP since there's no weapons, though I'd say that a very small percentage of XP going to gear would be a nice way to get at least a few levels while having fun and have a head start instead of just feeling like we might be losing time because we are not power levelling gear.

    I mean, it would be a nice bonus but by no means required. I'm not a fan of PvP at all (any PvP game really, only Overwatch seems interesting to me since team play actually seems to matter there, but can't play it anyway), but this game mode looks really fun. I really like the look of UI, different from our usual UI, but looks good and fitting. Great Job!

    Oh, and I wonder if any inspiration came from Unreal Tournament's Bombing Run mode. It is a different game mode that still allows weapons and killing, but is all around carrying a ball (well, a bomb) and put it in a "goal". It was a really fun and different mode in those games and it was pretty great (didn't DE worked at some degree in the Unreal games as well?).

    Yep, you gain XP/conclave standing from Lunaro! And yes, DE did Bombing Run way back in the day, I wrote some of the code and did some FX for it :P (shakes cane)

  15. 5 minutes ago, Mormodes said:

    Will there be dedicated servers or are we at the mercy of the player that's hosting?

    There are no dedicated servers for this release. However... we have been working on our dedicated server code solid for weeks now. We are planning to start small by releasing an experimental launcher option soon for generous Tenno willing to volunteer their beast PC/spares as dedicated server to be used by our matching system. This is coming soon for Lunaro (week(s)?). If we get enough momentum we'll be looking at expanding this as 'first come first server' for official tourneys and the like.

  16. 10 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

    Oh Steve, I'm so thrilled about this now. May I ask when are you guys aiming to release this? (I mean, did you schedule it for today or tomorrow?)

    Also, thanks to Reddit I must say this reminds me of Kolhii more than Rocket league, hmm...

    TODAY is the goal. Yeah I was afraid it would come off as RL rip off but I'm happy to say it is not playing like RL at all IMO. Its our most relaxed competitive mode, but its still very "Warframe".

  17. Just now, Zoracraft said:

    Sounds fun.


    2 questions though.

    1: Does the lunaro respawn if it explodes? If it does, where? What happens to the ball carrier when it explodes (knockdown, death?).

    2: what warframe stats matter? Is our frame just a cosmetic choice in lunaro, or does it use the mobility stats from regular conclave? I'm assuming that warframe powers are disabled, as lunaro isn't a blood sport.

    Let me edit the main post, great questions

  18. Do you like the double entendre title? Lunaro's release on PC is imminent. I wanted to share with you Teshin's rule book, which is also accessible in the game when activating the Lunaro 'Practice' button in the UI (which is a great way to get a feel for launching the Lunaro with your Arcata).



    sst: here is how to access Lunaro & 'Practice' mode:



    We've iterated on this mode quite a bit, aiming for a slightly less frantic pace, a mode that demands teamwork and coordinated plays and actively discourages one-man-army hogging the ball. To that end, there are few rules you'll need to get accustomed to when you begin your Lunaro career. Here is Teshin's rule book...

    Lunaro. Ancient sport of the lost Orokin era. Here, on this abandoned field, Tenno will come together in the spirit of honor and teamwork to resurrect this forgotten tradition. Let me explain how it works...

    The Objective
    Lunaro is a team game, played on a field divided into two halves: Sun and Moon. The objective is simple: get the ball, called a ‘Lunaro’, through the opponent’s goal at the opposite end of the arena. The team with the most points by the end of the match wins the game.

    Arcata (Launcher)
    To get possession of the Lunaro, you simply touch it. It will pull into your arm-mounted launcher, called your ‘Arcata’. Launch the Lunaro by tapping the fire button. Holding the fire button for the duration of the throw will launch it further. Your Arcata is also equipped with a range-limited attractor. Hold the aim button to attract the Lunaro when it is near. Catching, interceptions and guarding your team’s goal rely on this.

    Clearing the Zone
    Each team’s goal has a semi-circle area on the field around it, called the Zone. After scoring the attacking team must clear the defender’s zone. Attackers within the zone will have their Arcatas disabled until they clear out. Play resumes with the Lunaro dropping from the defender’s zone. Only the beginning and half-time Lunaro drops occur at center field.

    Carrying The Lunaro
    The Lunaro contains an ancient and unstable energy. This creates a few carrying rules for the Lunaro. First, you cannot carry the Lunaro for more than 5 seconds, or it will explode. Second, you cannot Bullet Jump with the Lunaro. Doing so drops the Lunaro immediately. These rules encourage teamwork, passing and rebounds to attain victory.

    Use your melee attack and/or Arcata strikes to check other players. Checking the ball carrier will jar the Lunaro loose. Repeated checking of a player will knock them down for a short time. The Lunaro itself can also be struck, making it dangerous and unstable for a few seconds. Being hit by an unstable Lunaro will knock you down.

    Good passing is crucial to winning Lunaro. When aiming near a teammate you will see a chevron appear over them. Tapping fire with this chevron up will automatically pass to that player. Keep in mind it is still possible to intercept a pass, but a passed Lunaro moves faster and more accurately to a receiver than a standard launch.

    Getting the Lunaro through the opponents goal is worth one point. If the goal is scored from outside the defender’s zone, an additional point is given. If the Lunaro is unstable during the goal, an extra point is also awarded.

    Now... practice in this empty arena. Familiarize yourself with the Arcata’s launching and attracting modes. Practice scoring, rebounding and checking. Prepare yourself, Tenno, for the glory of the Lunaro!

    Thanks Teshin, you stern-stud, you!

    The only thing I'd add to this is good teams don't clump on the Lunaro, instead they assign roles, one guarding the goal and the others looking to make plays off of a pass.


    Bonus QA

    What happens to the Lunaro when it explodes? It knocks the carrier down and ejects in a random direction, a short distance away on the field.

    How do Warframe Powers/Stats/Passive and my Mods affect it? They don't. We are trying out Lunaro as 'pure' and simple as we could stand. No powers, mods are disabled, all Warframe stats are the same... you'll still look cool as hell though!

    Bullet Jump drops the Lunaro, what about Double Jump, Sliding, etc? Only Bullet Jump and over-long carry will force the Lunaro out of your Arcata (dropping it). You receive a pass after Bullet Jumping by activating Aim Glide, and slam dunk it into the goal. Instigated the Bullet Jump is the drop trigger. Again: You can Bullet Jump with the Lunaro in your hand, but it will leave the ball behind.

    EDIT: I clarifying Bullet Jump catches - you must activate Aim Glide to receive it in air, if you're still playing the Bullet Jump animation you can't catch it.

  19. Hello my lovely Tenno. How are you? Genji, amirite?

    I’m here to share some news on your next major update. We’re going to split up the huge mega update into chunks. Less wait, more update!

    We’ve aimed very high for this War Within quest and its related systems, tying the release of awesome new features into a codependent web of code and content. One feature slipping meant they all got held back. One script tweak meant yet-another-delay for everything else awesome we’ve been building for you.

    This month we decided we should unravel the web. Instead of all-or-nothing mega-updates we’re going to be staging our major features into successive releases, culminating in the mind-blowing, life-altering, existential crisis that is the War Within cinematic quest. This approach harkens a return to the exciting evolution you’ve come to expect from us. It gives breathing room for awesome content that otherwise gets lost in the noise of mega-updates. By chunking up these features I hope to make the lives of our incredible content creators a little bit easier.

    RELEASE PLAN (Fingers crossed behind my back)

    Part I: Lunaro
    Part one will be called LUNARO. This team sport promises to reinvigorate the Conclave for those Tenno that didn’t have a taste for Tenno blood. We are releasing Lunaro later this week on PC! 

    Part II: Specters of the Rail
    Part two will be called SPECTERS OF THE RAIL. This is the Solar Map 3.0 update and we’re planning for release just a couple weeks after Lunaro. It’s why I wake up in a cold sweat most nights. This update contains a redesigned navigation system, a redesign of the Void/Key system (your collection still matters, earning wll be a bit different but there is no 'content lock out'), Kavats and a few interesting surprises for old and new Tenno alike. Pray for me.

    Part III: War Within
    Part three will be called WAR WITHIN. This update will be dropped in and around TennoCon and contain our next ambitious cinematic quest. We’re excited for Tenno to face up against the Grineer Queens, learning more of their mysterious past… but be warned: as in the Second Dream, we intend to grow and alter the game mechanics in surprising ways with War Within. We want to surprise and delight you.

    If you’re one of our beloved console Tenno, our hope is this this staging will also see new features making it your way sooner and with the quality benefits of iteration we do with our PC Tenno.

    I’m hoping you will find some unique fun in Lunaro, it turned out great and I can’t wait to add more to it based on your feedback and passion as we continue, together, our crazy gaming experiment known as Warframe :).


    Ninja Edit: Specters update is also coming with some new tech: an all new immersive sound occlusion system, new graphics quality options (like temporal AA) and an experimental 'Tenno crowd-sourced' system for generous Tenno to add dedicated conclave servers to the system.

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